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Hi! Almost new year!

Today is 22.12.2010

and I have just been on stardoll, I haven't been on in a long while, and it has changed a lot and i find it quite hard to use, now only a few years ago I was on stardoll 24/7!!

Tell me what you think by e-mail if you think its easy of hard to use and if you can, compare it to the good old days when it was simple

Thank you very much, will update soon!

Love, Jess

I don't think that this 'elite' club is very fair this club isn't for people who have been hand picked, it is simply for people who are mad enough to spend their money on being a superstar for 12 months straight!

and it also makes people who aren't in the club feel bad about them selves, and if you're in this club you get a little blue diamond by your picture.

Tell me what you think in the questionnaire

thank you :)


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