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Love and other thoughts
Lisa Olsson...!

Smile.The life is beatiful.Laught with your friends.Live the life.Sing.If the people talk about you,don't worry,you are better than them.The life are two days and if one is raining don't take your umbrella,Go to the street and dance under the rain.If you cry,cry of happiness.Love your friends.Look the sun and think that the life is beatiful.

Yes, probably I'm alone,I haven't got anybody to my side,anybody that say to me good morning with a kiss,anybody who calls me every day because he needs to listen to my voice,anybody who smiles for see me to smile,anybody that when we are together the time go quickly and when he goes away say goodbye to me slowly, anobody who when he kiss me feels that tickle that we always feel when we fall in love,and yes,I would to have with someone like that,that worries for me,that he loves me,that it makes me happy,but sometimes, in the life it isn't possible to have that one wants, and what I am going to do?to get angry, or to shut in myself in house?So not,I am going to go out of house, with the head well high, and a im going to think that I am happy,that i don't need anybody,I am going to amuse, to fulfilling my dreams,to going to parties until the next day,to dancing until the ankles weigh me,to laught until the belly hurts me,to sing until to remaining without voice,but first of all;Smile!Because I'll never know who will fall in love with my smile...!

When you loose the time at the telephone.When the minutes pass without you noticing,When the words hasen't got sense,When you think that if someone was listening to you he think that you are crazy,When no one of the two wants to hang,When after he has hung you verify that he did it really,Then you are lost.Or rather,you are in love,what in reality,it's a bit the same thing...

Sing under the rain,
Smile under the sunshine,
Laught under the snow,
and kiss me under the moonlight.

I'm gonna write to you the most beatiful song in the world...
I'm gonna catch our story in only one second.

And I want tell to all the world that it's your life that I want,and you are my half...!

I am like this,and y can change this.I am who in the morning her mother awakes a lot of times shoutting because she has fallen sleep.I am who is almost always is punctual,that makes it possible to draw the attention of others,which often ashamed of the nonsense he says, that never had a best friend, or so he thinks, which sings like crazy in the shower, I am every time I go I go, I go to sleep, I I kiss my mother.which says goodnight and until are told it will not, and repeats again and again ...Which I can not sleep without having read or seen a movie or a series, I'm hating smelly dogs, young children heavy, snakes and insects.I passed the day dreaming, thinking about his future, about love, I am that this whole time complaining that no kid wants, that is ugly because it made ​​him compliments, and, in general I complain all or most todo.Soy I who spend hours in silent love that kid that did not even know I exist.I'm the fool when he sees someone who cries all you can do because they cry and cry if you do not get it as well. And if I am one that will not change nor will it allow the change, or anything, or anyone.

The destiny is wrotten but I have tippex,so laught and enjoy with your friends!

Maybe I'm not the pretiest, maybe I haven't got the most fantastic body, or the most perfect smile. Maybe I sometimes be absurd and I seem stupid.Maybe you ksnow me very good Or maybe it's possible that is I make you understand.Maybe I sometimes be capricious,Obsessive and ridiculous. Maybe I cry without reason or maybe not. Maybe It's impossible not to smile when I have you next to me or maybe I prefer to think that it is better this way. Maybe I'm crazy lost, But maybe that is my charm.

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