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At the forum, you will see comments posted by me, maybe giving you a hint or two about all the updates I'm planning for this blog. You can ask me questions, and I will answer them. Even if you don't want to post a comment or question, please read the the posts I have posted for updates. Or you could post a comment/question without reading my posts. Or you could do both. It's your decision. I'm always checking for new comments to read and answer, since this blog is mostly going to be about making new friends and Abigail, those are really interesting to read. I will answer any question, make sure to ask! But I recommend you go to the forum, even if you aren't going to post, all the latest updates are up-to-date. You can also find out more about Abigail! I delete old messages that no longer apply regulary.

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My survey, it's new and updated! PLEASE visit it!

Please PLEASE visit the survey! I want to know what you think of this blog! It's updated, with questions about what YOU think about Abigail's story and her friends. Better see it, maybe it will include what you think about the characters (which is does now! Let's see what you think about Abigail's closest friends!)! Make sure to answer all the questions!

Abigail's story is continuing into middle school! I plan to finish this 5th grade story before school starts. Her new encounters will be called Abigail in Middle School! I'm thinking of doing another character and her encounters much MUCH later, but it helps to think of a name now (which you can help partcipate in the survey or even tell me the name in the forum)!
Abigail's Story is about a 5th grade girl who has just moved, and meets very friendly twins (Emily and Rose), and an interesting boy (Derek). Her other classmates are kind, but sometimes she has trouble fitting in with the rest of them. One girl (Willa), is always teasing her about something, but what ?? Good thing Rose and Emily seem to know, and they defend her like the loyal friends they are. Her friends always help her along, and she does the same for them. Her teacher Mrs. Ferring, is very aware, very , that new students need help. She does try to make everyone smile and be happy, even when Derek discovers his sister has cancer on Abigail's first day at school. You can take sometimes a path that you want to choose, but you will always join up and follow one path some of the time. Or you could take both ways, and continue the story. This is really fun to write, as I hope it is to read.

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Abigail's Story

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