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Q: "I was recently admitted to the hospital and wasn't at school for two weeks. A lot of people have been asking me why I haven't been at school. It's personal. I'm not sure how to reply without giving the 'bad attitude.' What can I say/do to get my point across without making it sound snobbish? Help?"

A: If you do not want to disclose the reason for your hospitalization, then you do not have to. If you don't want them to continue asking questions, you could say "It's personal," in a tone that would not cause the other person to regret asking. You could say it in a tone that merely informs them; answer in a way that answers the question and does not evoke a "Back off!" tone. You could look them in the eye, and just say it, without a tone. Just say it like an answer to a question, because that is what it is. You could also say that you don't want to talk about it if they still ask after that. Also be aware that there are some people who may want to help, and be there to listen; don't misjudge these for prying people.

Q: I have trouble in school with texting and procrastination. I always put my work off until the next day. Also, texting is a major distraction while I am at school. I am always tempted to text while i get bored in school.

A: Why do people text in class anyway? Not only is it disrespectful to the teacher, but also, you really aren't paying attention to fully receive everything the class has to offer. Don't sit in class and text, leave the class, and complain of having a "bad teacher who does not know how to teach." Never accuse the teacher without examining your own behavior, as a student, in the class.
In class, to avoid checking your phone, either 1) Don't bring it to class or 2) Turn it off and secure it in a pocket in your bag or keep it out of your sight. Remind yourself that the class is not that long and you can check it as soon as the class is officially over. Plus, there were people before our generation who sat in a classroom without texting. I'm sure that's still possible today.
I know that having a phone with Internet, as a knowledge-seeking student, is tremendously beneficial, but nevertheless, the texting/Facebook/Twitter/Snapchat/Instagram apps do not need to be used at all times.

As for procrastination, just imagine those words that you tell people, those words that are stringed together a little like this: "I procrastinate too much. I really need to stop." Imagine if you no longer had to say that. What if it were: "I used to procrastinate. But now, I'm on my way to a procrastination-free life!" C'mon, say it with me...(repeat previous sentence)
Every time you feel your mind about to form the thought "Eh, I'll do it later--" Halt. Remember, you have that emblazoned P on your chest for procrastination. The only way to rid of it is to stare that assignment right in the eye, and say "You! You are coming off of my To-Do List!!" All you have to do is allocate a few minutes a day to focus your mind on it.

Any questions? Message me or leave a comment in the blog Forum!
Read This and tell me what you think and how you reacted. Thanks.
There was a draft in the room. No one else but I felt it. I knew this because I can read minds.
I was on a school trip to the local museum and I felt a draft where I was standing. Suddenly someone knocked into me. And then they were cowering under me as I had them in a lock.
"Hey, look I said I was sorry, ok? I'm sorry. Please don't hurt me." I released my grip, letting my attacker go.
I should inform you that this was the first time I had been in public wearing my new body. I sensed that the majority of the crowd around me cowered in my presence. However, one person confronted me with the words, "Clarise! I'll bet you can't beat me in a race to the entrance!" Another, supposedly the comrade to the first said,"Joey! What are you thinking, don't bother with the beast." Then they laughed. The feeling called anger swelled up in me.
"You want to laugh? Go ahead, laugh. In fact, go ahead and BURST into laughter." I slightly willed my fingers to stretch their internal guts at an abnormal pace until the two males exploded. I walked away.
I rejoined the group of young humans and the instructor and found they were learning about the famous Monet. I remember him well. He invited our kind to his home to watch as he depicted lily pads on a pond. Apparently, that is called "art." He taught us much about art.
I picked up the thoughts of those near to me.
"When are we leaving? Why does this man have to keep talking? My stomach is empty."
"Ugh, this is boring! I want to go to sleep."
"I want to go and talk to Sarah, my beloved."
"Oh my gosh, my phone is vibrating in my pants. I need to go tend to it. Please give us a break, Dude-who-talks-like-there's-no-tomorrow!"
It seemed that most were not enjoying hearing about art.
Click, click, click. I saw someone making that sound from their thumbs using a little device. They were transfixed on the little screen. The item greatly resembled the tracking device our enemies used to locate our kind. I hauled myself onto the unsuspecting being.
"Give me that! You have no right using that here!"
"Clarise," exclaimed the instructor. "Texting is not allowed, that's true, but that does not mean you can go around attacking your fellow classmates because of it!"
I was on the verge of annihilating the head when a huge force separated us. I looked up to see a hefty black-clad human gripping us by our collars. He was not there to harm us, just to enforce control.
"Sorry about that, security dude. I know I shouldn't have been texting but I did it anyway," muttered the boy.
"And, Clarise what do you have to say for yourself?" the instructor inquired.
"I, too, apologize for my behavior. You will not catch me in the act again."
"Haha, funny girl," laughed the instructor uneasily to the guard. The guard put us down gently. Well, I thought, that's one difference my planet has to this one; guards are NOT so lenient on the home planet.

Note: There is no ending to this story, so stop looking for one. If you have an idea of how to end it or continue it, feel free to tell me. Thanks for reading!
Dear readers,
Sorry I have not been writing much. :( Sad, I know. Anyway, I would still like to open up my blog to fellow writers. I will post some questions on the forum to get the conversation started. In the forum, we may discuss anything from our favorite words to extraordinary reads to individual writing styles. I look forward to reading what you have to say. Yes, I will check my SOTW mail frequently for those who want to communicate with me privately. Enjoy my blog!

Also, if you readers have come across any recently published teen novels, feel free to inform me about them.
Thank you. Write on!
The author, Kristen
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Welcome to my blog, newcomers. My blog features a story as well as tips and things for writers. If you enjoy reading, it is also a place for you to take in all of the words here. I would greatly appreciate if you comment. Thanks again for visiting! Come back soon! Write on!

Sincerely, the author,
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