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Sudan, Darfur : urgence !!! Just for a smile, just for 6 million lives ...
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2007-04-29 seruni, 17 yrs (indonesia)
1 I think its a good idea to show people and try to encourage them to be care wid others.

2007-05-10 Sindhuri (Sri Lanka)
2 hi lucile, it's me your penpal Sindhuri.... like every other blog of yours, this one is GREAT! and it's wonderful to know that you care so much for the Sudanese people and want to help them so much....

2007-06-10 Mirjam, 15 yrs (Austria)
3 hey i really admire you, Lucile! it's great what you've done!!!! . . . but it really shockes me that any politicians do something for these pooooor people . . . horrible . . . is there anything WE can do??? (even if we haven't got amounts of money?)

2007-06-17 suneth (sri lanka)
4 good lucie u hav made a point

2007-06-19 Dephny (Vanuatu)
5 Hey Lucile you are an angel, for being such a caring

2007-06-20 Kate, 13 yrs (Uk)
6 This site shows so many true pictures! what can we do to help? i have no money to donate though! i wish i did! well done and 10/10 this is brilliant.

2007-07-05 barbra (uganda)
7 it's been critical times before, now and with such trends what the future holds elsewhere can't suprise us, unless blood runs no more in our veins.

2007-07-28 cleve , 24 yrs (philippines)
8 it breaks my heart to know there are people ESPECIALLY the greedy powerful ones who are very negligent in caring for dying people in africa...

2007-08-21 Al (USA)
9 You are doing a great thing here. People need to take a stand and help others. One person CAN make a difference. What more can we do to help? Not all of us can make donations. What else can we do?

2008-04-20 anonymous (India/Canada)
10 hey!! i think by doing this u r makin a huge difference to our world!! i am a grade 8 student and in my class we have got into groups and we are trying to support a and another 5 people picked this topic of Sudan and Chad. anyways, this is a great thin to do and i hope people will finally decide to make a difference

2008-04-21 Chris, 26 yrs (England)
11 Hey Lucile. Great blog. This is a really serious issue. If only there were more people like you who care enough to speak out. I am a photography student and I'm working on some photomontages to highlight the issues you've raised. I've been having trouble finding suitable images and I was wondering if you could let me know where you got the images on that appear on your blog from. They are really powerful and would be great for my work. Thanks for your time. Chris

2008-07-17 Ammar, 32 yrs (Sudan)
12 Well done >>> Go ahead ... God bless you realy great work

2009-05-18 Bechir, 32 yrs (Tchad)
13 Assieges par un blocus depuis des mois, les Darfurients vivent une situation plus que jamais dramatique. Les bombardements De Djandjawid ont provoque des incendies et detruit de nombreuses habitations, laissant des familles a la rue. La situation humanitaire a Darfur est tres deterioree.

2009-09-30 Girija (India)
14 This should go as a RED ALET! to every one. everyday we crib upon many things, inspite of having every thing at our service. look at them, you will know, how difficult it is to survive. i really appreciate your efforts for this step.

2009-12-07 Verite, 20 yrs (Earth)
15 Read 'The Dark Sahara' it is a great book, you will learn a lot about Sudan and other things.

2010-01-22 Tim (USA)
16 thats sad

2010-02-05 Chibili, 24 yrs (Zambia)
17 The sorrow of Sudan is very eloquently expressed.These pictures will inspire me to write more poetry.Great work, please do keep it up!

2010-05-26 Chantel, 15 yrs (Australia)
18 As I read About these poor people it made me very emotional. I think very highly of these poor people! :( Lucile you nake excellent point and i hope everyone that reads this feels for them too!

2010-05-26 Chantel, 15 yrs (Australia)
19 As I read About these poor people it made me very emotional. I think very highly of these poor people! :( Lucile you nake excellent point and i hope everyone that reads this feels for them too!

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