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Prototype 2 Review
Is it necessary for a sequel to be better ?

Redsteel 2 (Wii) Review
Redsteel this time in the west......

Sonic Generations Review
Prayer to the Gaming gods that Sonics suckage stretch is over?

Need For Speed:Shift 2
EA's sim racer has a bit of a different flavour this time........

Try Playing Slender
Nerve wracking thrill!!

Where did the speed go ?
Notices something missing in recent bunch of game releases? We (including a friend of mine) analyse why racing games are vanishing

As you know me , I love games.
I will die without my Nintendo Wii , I will die without any game.
My top 10 games are :

My Rating out of 10
Mass Effect 2
Xbox 360
Red Dead Redemption
Legend of Zelda : Twightlight Princess
Need For Speed Hot Pursuit
Burnout Paradise
Xbox 360
Spiderman 2
Redsteel 2
de Blob
Forza 2
Xbox 360
Need For Speed Most Wanted

UPDATE: I may not review any PC games anymore because it has become severly incapable of running any kid of graphics. But now since many of my friends have cool consoles , oh , And even better PCs so I will now review mostly console games. I also changed to a new layout & I will be posting liks along with the review showing the games gameplay. Here is my New rating scale & its explaination :
10 : Near perfect
These games are near to perfect. Not perfect because a game is perfect when it has everything in the world. But these games will not let you feel that anything is missing. But these games are really rare.

9.5-9.9 : Outrageous
The games which get these ratings have something missing in them , a very minor thing maybe that stops it from getting 10. But there wont be any complaints from gamers.

9.0-9.4 : Outstanding
These games may obtain very few complaints. But still the mistakes are very less , the gameplay has to be extremely fun & have one of the qualities a fun game has to have.

8.5-8.9 : Awesome
These games are less fun to play but still it has a lot of qualities to make you say "what a rush" after you play the game.

8.0-8.4 : Great
These games have some blemishes but in the end you would enjoy it , these games are the games which are still really fun to play.

7.5-7.9 : Impressive
As the title explains it , these games have the quality to impress despite the number of mistakes. Or in other words , the good outweighs the bad.

7.0-7.4 : Good
The game is just adequately fun because of its blemishes or it just lacks something. But still you will have fun in small quantities.

6.5-6.9 : Decent
These games have a few good bits & lesser bad bits , these games are fairly fun , but held back by the bad bits

6.0-6.4 : Satisfactory
The games that fall in this category isnt fun enough to get the good stuff , though after playing it you would get the feeling that youve played something good.

5.0-5.9 : Mediocre
Over here the bad bits are equal to the good bits , they keep coming in when you are having fun , they just wont rest , you may want to try these type of games before you buy them.

4.0-4.9 : Poor
There are either no good qualities but the game is just not that bad ( rather bland ) or a few good ones but more bad ones. These games are playable but you probably wont enjoy them.

3.0-3.9 : Bad
These games probably have no good qualities marred with an atrocious camera system , bad controls or stupid difficulty level . Maybe even a pathetic AI system.

2.0-2.9 : Horrendous
These games are not recommended by anyone because they may have some severe technical probles , horrendous controls & something severely lacking.

1.0-1.9 : Abysmal
Now these games are unplayable , nothing , the controls , camera or the level design would let you play these type of games.

0.0-0.9 : %*&)&*
These kind of games are unrealistically bad but the developers have achieved it. Expect pathetic mistakes that even 2 years olds wont do.

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