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Funniest Survey Ever!!! Blog - Chat Log-What the Characters have been saying!!!
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Welcome to the Chat Log!!!
Here the characters of Funniest Survey Ever!!! post some comments! You can watch them argue, fight, make jokes, and more! Enjoy the Chat Log!
Message from:Hans

Hey everyone! Cool Chat Log! Anyone wanna reply? How 'bout mai sweet EMB? *EMB punches him in the nose* OW!!!
Message From: EMB
Title: GROSS
The more you talk about me, the more annoyed I get. When I get annoyed, I tend to punch people on the nose.
This is just a heads up, but keep hitting on me, because I like punching you on the nose, Hans So....

Good to know!

to our randomly awesome blog!!
Message from:Freddy Fartso

Well said, EMB! Oh, and there is now a forum where you can post comments and an awesome, funny visitor survey! Here are the links:
The Survey!!!
The Forum!!!
I hope you like these!!!

Message from:Hair-Eater
Title:Hans! EMB! QUIT IT!!

Hey! Hans, you already know you're getting nowhere! Its no use trying to make EMB your GF.
EMB, you're making Hans get bad nosebleeds! Ew! STOP!!
*Hans thinks for a moment**while he thinks, HE tries to leap onto his head and eat his hair**Hans disappears**HE lands in the mud*


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