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We present here... in as un-spoilt a from as possible, the history of Henry's first spore planet: Noogia.
Cell and Creature stage
Noogia is a lush, Terrascore 15 planet along the upper left arm of the universe. The Noogians start on Cell Stage, on Easy difficulty: Here is the Noogians Cell evolution:

By the end of Cell Phase, the Noogians are omnivores, but have a Herbivore trait. They evolve legs and step onto land.
Noogian Evolution

Noogian Biology and Phycology
At the end of Cell Stage, the Noogians evolved a brain. When early creatures, the Noogians still had the same sized brain, however, pushing there intelligence to compete against rival creatures, they evolve a bigger brain, and allow a pack member of one. Eventualy they are allowed three pack-members. At the end of creature stage, there brain is that of a Homo Sapien, clever enough to manufacture a small tribe. However, as intelligence increases, they built cities, vechiles, and in the end, spaceships and other colonies. In Tribal Stage and beyond, the Noogians are not content with running around nude, and adopt outfits.

The Noogain Biology changes as they evolve. At first they resemble a krill on land with stalk-eyes. They then evolve a suprizingly humanoid bodily structure, with pincers and all social behavior pattersns. The Noogains appearence changes rapidly then, with the Noogains evolving somewhat creepy, with insect-like wings. Before becoming tribal, they swap these for dragon-like wings.
Behavior and Mating
Noogains have very-unsual sexual organs to perform intercourse. The female has a sort of jelly-button on the non-visible part of there body. The males have a small-pinecomb like shape. The mateing is sort of like a dnace, in which the two sexual organs must touch 5 times. The cell-forms mated in a similar way. They call for a mate by doing a high-pitched howl, which is recievd by the mate. Noogains lay eggs, not live young.

The Noogains behaviour is unusaul. They are social creatures, but sometimes kill of hazordous species. They hunt in packs of up to three, not inviting other species into there groups. Noogians dig up skeletons to conceal new parts for evolution. The species are adventurous, and every member, if not in a pack, practises abilities, picks up curious objects and wander of to explore.
Noogian Nesting
Noogains migrate to new nests frequently. They ahve 3 different nests in all. One along the coast, one in the middle of there continent, and one near another coast-line. Each nest brings new apperaeances, new parts, new species, epics, rouges, U.F.O's, more rouges and a meteor-shower. Noogain nests are made up of grass, hay, sticks, sea-shells and rocks which they gather from the surrounding area.
Noogian Tribal Stage

The noogains have now formed a bundling tribe of 3. The Noogians live a long and succisessfull tribe history, so get back for a long story. The Noogians start of with a tribe of 3. They quickly adopt an ouitfit(above.)
The residents are: Klon, Frek and Chief Anklor, reconised by the ram-skull tipped staff he lugs around with him. The Noogians, being omnivores, quickly gather sufficient food( Fruit from trees and meat from the Duck-monster species). This food enables them to purchase two babies, filling the current maximum space of tribe members: 6. The babies are entitled: Gron and Doob. They also buy the Blowhorns item and equip all village members with them. The Pink Village do a raid, and the Noogians are forced to attack back, makeing the pink village a sworn enemy, howver, the social creature ability: Fireworks, makes the Pink Village a freind. Music is then played to them to make an ally and jump fowards on the progress bar. When the other villages appear, one isn't as freindly as hoped, so the Noogians use fireworks and then ally it. Soon, all villages becoming allies! Considering the Lavender VIII village were attacked by an epic flying Al Packa!! Luckily, we helped them destroy it! The Noogains choose to possess all the social huts, but no others. Allying all villages got them an achivement. Despite, there tribal successs, the Noogains have never had any other species in there pack or farm. plus they got the general cluster achivement in Creature Stage for leading 30 members of there species to there deaths, but it was worth it when the species they were attacking died. At every adavancement, the Noogains always added the then applicable maximum of tribal members to thee village. The Noogains Village colour was Brown. The Noogains did not change there costume(Outfit) throughout the Tribal Stage. (Apart from in the tutorial) There wre two reasons for this: A: I coudn't be arsed. B: The Noogains were to busy in there friendly business. They only used the ability: Raincloud once. Which just rained off a nest of Toon. Join us next time, for Noogia Civiliastion!! (Stage)

Noogain Civiliastion Stage

The Noogians start of with a city-hall, then one vechile, and a city. With that one city the Noogians will attempt to take over the whole globe of Noogia. They quickly take over all spice-geizers on the planet. Quickly a secound city appears, which is converted, the Noogians being religious. Dozens of other cities are founded in the mean-while. The Noogains destroy a tribe and get a militatry vechile, which they use to destoy one city. The Noogians then build there first-sea vechiles. They then convert all other cities on there continent. They then start manufacturing air-vechiles. They use air and sea to convert all blue-nation cities on another continent. They choose to attack them military, because the Blue Nation, attacked a coastal Noogian City at least 10 failed times. The Green Nation covert the only surviving Pink-nation city, so the Noogians and the Forest Nation are the only nations left. The Forest-nation then offer to be converted as they are the only nations left. This gives the Noogians the boost they need to leap into Space-Stage.





Small but deadly
Noogian Space-Stage
The Noogains have taken to the big-leap into space-stage. They quickly discover the Flying Monkey empire and launch a new-colony ona near-by solar-system. The Noogains find obatining badges an easy-job and quicly get tital of commander, then commodore.

The Noogian-peacebringer.
The Noogians get a badge for finding two rare galactic formations, two blackholes: GR3456 and BR4356. They also find a solar-system with two suns: Cirebus A and Cirebus B. The Shaman ability: Return Ticket proves to be extrmelely usefull when the Noogain peace-bringer is attcaked by Pirates, and it only has 300 health. The Noogains discover the Cyantron and Blob the Builder empire. The Noogain sare allowed space for other ship to join there fleet, but have yet to fill that gap.
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