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One of the well known games around the world is Call Of Duty.Call Of Duty is an all out war game and is a action packed adventure with tons of shooting witch is a real pleasure to hard core gamers.Call Of Duty is such a great success that the makers keep deciding to make new ones.Many love Call Of Duty because it involves skill to play.Call Of Duty is an easy game for some,but a hard and intense game for others.

Currently Halo is one of the most popular games of the U.S.A..Its an awesome shooting game with a great story line.This game is well known for its creative use of weapons,and its stunning use of the evil monsters,and the action packed fun! Halo is a game for hard core gamers,and is very difficult at times.Halo is a wonderfully successful game that is loved by many.

An excellent game of the USA is all the Just Dance games.There games that teach beginning dancers how to dance,and also introduces some people to new songs that they never heard of.The Just Dance games can be played with up to 4 people witch makes it even more fun.If your a couple the Just Dance games always have a special two people song that you might enjoy.There are songs that suit almost everyone in the Just Dance games.Just Dance games are fun and filled with exercise.Dancing is a great workout to keep you fit.Just Dance 1 2 3 and 4 are all excellent games to play.

Lego Batman DC heros is another well known game by many.Its filled with tons of action,lego building fun,with all your favorite super heros like Batman,Superman,Green Lantern,and much more! Its a very exciting lego game to play.In the game you get to explore Gotham City and fight all your favorite bad guys,like Joker,Mad Hater,Man Bat,Catwoman and much more!

To me I think this game needs no introduction,MINECRAFT! Minecraft is a hit among so many! Minecraft gives people a chance to express there vivid imagination,and to let loose.Its a building block game,so you can build whatever you want,whenever you want,no rules,no limit,its all your world.

Gears Of War is a cold blooded all out war game,that is enjoyed by millions of hard core gamers! Its an action bloody adventure filled with weapons of all kinds like, shotgun, boomer, sniper and many others. In gears of war you get to battle and kill many vicious monsters that get harder to defeat each time. Up to 4 people can play local, but about 20 people can play together online. This game is one of Americas top games because gamers love it. Gears Of War is for hard core gamers so those of you that like to play shooting games or like violence then Gears Of War is the perfect game for you.

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