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Roblox is a game that lets you build a game and play other peoples games.If you hate LEGOs You might dislike Roblox.Roblox uses block in there games.But the blocks form to guns,tanks,and other stuff. Roblox is free. To play and make games you need to download Roblox. For more,try it! OR go to and watch the video.

Rumble Fighter
I think this is a good game.This game is an online game. In this game you can customize you avatar, fight with up to 8 players at a time, and choose your fighting style. You can wear more that one accesory at a time! You will need to download The game and the OgPlanet Launcher. The game is fun and i recommend this to all fighting game lovers. Download game Here ... well how about you LOOK IT UP!or you could try finding out at the web site. Anyways the game is awesome and I recommend it to you guys!

M.U.G.E.N is a 2d fighting game engine that of course, lets you create your own 2d fighting game and just about everything is customizable, from the amout of character slots, the looks of screens, music, font, and you can even create your own characters and stages! of course you can create more things like screenpacks and healthbars but if you don't know how to download or install it, Robloxians, send me a message and i'll reply about it. If you aren't a roblox user, then click here to watch a tutorail video from YouTube by ShanaAndHaruhiRulz.

Minecraft is a building game that you can play by youself or with your friends online if you buy it for about $20 at You can also play the Minecraft Classic witch is free and browser based. The only thing about the browser based version, is that it doesn't have ALOT of things that the downloadable version has like most of the bricks and items like the bucket and the gold block. Basicly the browser version is build only and yea its multiplayer but you have very few tools, infact, you have NO tools, only your hands. if you think that maybe you should just try the browser one and then think thats how minecraft is, your wrong cuz minecraft is much better that the browser one. ANYWAY if you want to try it free, you can at Minecraft For Free. Here you dont have to download it and you can play it on your browser. I have it, but i can't play multiplayer because my brother's friend copied it on a flash drive and then we put it on our computer, but because we didn't buy the game, we didn't have a premium account, in fact, we didn't have an account. You need a premium account to play multiplayer.

If you get this i'm suer you'll have fun, but you might get bored sometimes...unless of course you bought it and go online :D

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