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The Naomi File - Intro

Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Naomi and I am 11 years old. Some of my intrests include: soccer, reading, rollerblading, photography, origami, and judo.
Some things You Should Know About Me
I hate it when people use letters or numbers in the place of words (like "gr8" or "r u there?")
I am seriously crazy about photography. I have my camera with me 24/7.
I am Homeschooled
I am a dead seriuos tomboy. The only time you will catch me wearing even a skirt is a funeral or a wedding.
I only wear jeans when its 30 degrees (ferenheit) outside or for church
My favorite temperature is 70 degrees ferenheit
I ahve read all the books in my house, and I can go to the library and look at the shelves and say I have read 80% of it (which I have).
I am looking for a penpal! Please email me at
10 Things I <3
1. Jesus
2. My Family
3. My Pets
4. My Sports (Soccer and Judo)
5. Good Books
6. My Laptop
7. My Camera
8. The Colors Red and Black Together
9. Movies (Narnia, Napoleon Dynamite, Nacho Libre)
10. Cargo Pants
Some good books:
-The House of Scorpiens By Nancy Farmer
-All the Harry Potter books By J.K.Rowling
-The Septimus Heap Series By Angie Sage
-Sherlock Holmes Books By Aurther Conan Doyle
My Bucket List
Go to Belize (or Africa)
Get on a game show
Learn ASL (American Sign Language)
Get one of my photographs published somewhere
Win a judo tournament
Become the star player on a soccer team
This is my Flickr photostream (You can view my pictures there):
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