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Pre-Teen Advice for ages 10-12 - The Real You

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This Advice of the Month is: The Real you

We all come in different shapes, sizes, and how we look. We also come in different taste of style and fashion. Also, some of us have a special talent among ourselves that we were born to be or to do. That is how Mother Nature made us. :) However, many people think it's funny because of how we look, when it's not funny at all. Just because many people are making fun of you, there is NO reason to change among yourself. Somebody will even laugh at you because you have dyslexia, deaf, or even disability. That is NOT cool at all, because that is how Mother Nature made us. Some teens get bullied or get picked on so badly, they decided to form a gang that can lead into trouble.

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Pre-Teen Advice for ages 10-12 - The Real You (Daily life)    -    Author : Callie - USA

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