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”°HanFu”±---Chinese traditional costume - Intro

About Han Ethnic Group:

Han Ethnic Group is the essential component of the present Chinese people, which is originated from the Huaxia Group 5,000 years ago, and was called as Han since the Han Dynasty(202 B.C--220 A.D.) till now. The Han People takes more than 95% of Chinese people historically, even till today it still takes 93% of all Chinese. During its evolution, the Han people created one of the greatest culture in the world, and has influenced the whole culture in east Asia. According to its size and its history, it is a natural conclusion to say that the Han culture represents the Chinese culture.
HanFu: costume of Han nationality

HanFu has a rich histroy.It last from the HuangDi dynasty(about 5000 years ago) to the end of the Ming dynasty(about 360 years ago).

HanFu had different style in different dynasty,but the basic form of HanFu had never changed during the course of several thousand years.

Now follow me,to appreciate the different styles of HanFu!


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”°HanFu”±---Chinese traditional costume - Intro (Countries of the World)    -    Author : ĒļŃ©Jill - China

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