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Welcome to Singapore - A Tiny Red Dot
Intro To This Red Dot...

Life in a tiny red dot like Singapore. You might think that this might be terribly boring and there would be no fun in such a place but actually, there are loads of surprises around the corner! There are lots of lovely parks and beaches for all to enjoy. There are also the two zoological gardens that we are famous for but first, you might not have seen a Singapore flag before so here is a picture of it taken from Wikipedia on top. The red symbolises "universal brotherhood and equality of man" while the white represents "pervading and everlasting purity and virtue". The waxing crescent moon represents "a young nation on the ascendant" while the five stars represents "the nation's ideals of democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality".

So hop on board and learn about the "dot" I live in!
Map Of Singapore

Oops, I forgot to tell you just how small Singapore is. Still, a picture paints a thousand words and seeing is believing so here it is: A map of the world in contrast to Singapore(the continent Singapore is in).

Legend Of Ancient Singapore

This is a legend of how Singapore was actually found... ...

Once, there was a prince of Sumatra named Sang Nila Utama. He wanted to find a suitable place to build a city so he set sail from a city in Jakarta named Palembang with a few other ships. Soon, they reached Riau Island and were being greeted by the local queen.

A few days later, the prince went hunting with his men on the nearby islands. While hunting, he spotted a deer and started chasing it. Soon, he came to a large rock and decided to climb in the hope that the deer might be hiding behind it. However, there was no deer in sight but this brought an island over the sea into view. He inquired with his men about the island and found out that it was called Temasek. The prince thought that it might be a good place to build a city and left for the island.

However, a storm was brewing and no sooner was the ship taking in water. The prince and his men could not do anything but to throw any heavy objects on the ship overboard. Still, the situation did not improve. In desperation, the prince threw his heavy crown overboard. This calmed the storm immediately and the ship did not capsize. Then, one of the prince's man spotted an animal that resembled a lion. He thought that this was a good omen and thought that this country will flourish.

Founding of Modern Singapore

You must now be doubting what I said about Singapore having two zoological gardens and everything in my intro after that legend above. Relax, that was in the 1800s. Besides, there have been many changes to Singapore since its ancient founding. However, if I were to write all of that down into the blog, you will close this window at once and cry that you will never read this blog again. I wouldn't blame you then because it is really like a history lesson(I've been through it). All I'll say is that a very handsome man named Raffles dropped by Singapore and colonised and put us under British rule. However, the Japanese came and we were being captured in World War II. It was two and a half years of pure suffering. Our ancestors were always living in fear of being shot by a gun or beheaded. Luckily, they realised that they had to surrender due to food shortage and a host of other difficulties so the Brits came back but they couldn't restore confidence in our ancestors due to their inability to defend us from the Japanese so we became independent and went under our neighbour, Malaysia's rule. However, a few years later, we were independent again.

This is Raffles if you must know how handsome he is and the place where he landed and came to have a look at Singapore:


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