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Pakistan - Convinced You 2 go?

A Bloggers Plan To go on Holiday to Pakistan.
What is the weather like?
What are the Rules and Law?
Where will I live?
What will my address be?
Do any of my family friends members etc live in Pakistan?

Muslim Baby wearing CUTE Headscarf.

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When I went Pakistan I lived in my grandparents homes. It was MASSIVE! 3 floors A flat Roof and a very nice BIG basement. A open Car park and Sadly No Garden On ground level but a beautiful on top of the roof decoration of millions of plants. Our Area was safe because it had guards grading the top and the bottom of the road whereas We had to be SOOO careful of road because cars go here there with motorbikes driving between them and Rickshaws and large trucks. Cycles in the middle and donkeys too!!! Horses and wagons in the country a large peaceful background to a landscape. The sun is high in winter. Gran Mamas freezing!!! I'm Boiling. I have 20 odd cousins. :)
How am I going to get there?
By the PIA Plane. PIA stands for Pakistan International Airline.

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