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This blog is all about Greek Mythology.
It's about their ancient culture, their history, and of course, their gods.

Here is are some facts that will give you an idea of what kind of people the Ancient Greeks were.

1) They were Polytheists. Meaning that they worshiped for then one god.
Unlike, for example, the Jews who worship one god. They are called Monotheists.

2) The Ancient Greeks were famous for their architecture.
They made the Parthenon, a temple built for Athena, goddess of war.
Its ruins still stand in the city of Athens (Greece), on a hill called the Acropolis.

3) There were two main cities in Ancient Greece. One was Athens and the other was Sparta. These two cities were very different.
Athens was the birthplace of democracy. Everyone except foreigners, slaves and women, enjoyed voting and arguing about why and why not this idea or person would not do as much good as it would do bad. It was a place of knowledge and ideas, and it was also the leading city-state. It controlled the seas and a number of colonies abroad. In fact, many cities paid Athens for her protection and trading advantages.
Now Sparta was very different from Athens.
They had a large army and taught young boys to be proper soldiers. Life for the Spartans was much harsher and less civilized then the cultured Athenians. The Spartan men were renowned for their courage, dedication and strength.

And yet, for all their differences they had two major things in common. Their language and their belief. They both believed in the same gods and spoke the same language--Greek.


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