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Hello you!
Welcome to my blog!
To help you know more about this curious and different country, with a lot of problems but, for sure, with so much people trying to make the best and help the others. I'll try to show you that we are not only samba and 'futebol'.
Thanks for visiting! Any doubt, email me!

Division = south region (3 states- i live in the state of Parana, in the capital , Curitiba), south-east (4 states), center-west ( 2 states + the capital, Brasilia), north-east ( 9 states), and north ( 7 states).

The male team of volleyball. They are the best team of male volleyball of the world ( according to

Female team of volleyball. The have one big title too, as the best women team in the world (according to:

Christmas in Curitiba : It's a tradition in this town one amazing apresentation on the nights of december.

In each window, there's one orphan children that sing Christmas songs, one spetacular show, with one great fireworks in the end.

Elis Regina. She will sing her songs forever.

Aguas de Marco, one of the biggest sucess, don't miss this nice video, to watch it, check out on:

Wonderful song!!! Thanks Elis!!

The National Congress in Brasi­lia, the capital of Brazil.

Reveillon in Copacabana, Rio.

Christmas in Curitiba.

Salvador, Bahia

Lacerda's Elevator, Salvador, Bahia

Tropical climate in Cabedelo, Paraiba (Northeast).

Snow in Sao Joaquim, Santa Catarina (South)

Luz Station, Sao Paulo

Beach of Boa Viagem, Recife, Brazil

Situated in the middle of the country ->

The capital of the country, Brasilia.


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