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National Bird of India

The peacock
It only spreads its feathers when it is about to rain.
The white peacock is much more rare than the blue peacock because people have killed many for their beautiful feathers. The peacocks' feet are protected from snake bites. So if a snake does bite its feet the peacock is unharmed.
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Blue Peacock
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White Peacock
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National Animal of India

The Indian tiger

Bengal Tiger

The Bengal Tiger is one of the largest memeber of the cat family.

White Bengal Tiger

The White Bengal Tiger is the most numerous in population than any other tiger species.

The National Flower of India

The Lotus

The National Flower of India

The Lotus
Indian Sweets/Mithai -- Yum
Alot of Indian sweets ( also known as Mithai ) are made with milk , sugar and flour confectioneries. They have a lot of sugar and takes a long time to prepare. They come in many shapes , sizes and colors.


Gulam Jamun


Pal Kova


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