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Baku: capital of three pogroms - XIX century

XIX century

B A K U :
capital of three pogroms

Armenians in Baku underwent the progroms and massacres three times during the XX century.
These pogroms were unprecedented both by their atrocity and consequences.

The end of XIX - beginning of XX centuries

At the end of the XIX century and at the beginning of the XX, Baku was largely inhabited by Armenians. Two third of Armenian community of Baku was formed of peasants, artisans or labourers emigrated from different parts of Transcaucasis (mainly from Artsakh, Syunik) and Iranian provinces, who moved to newly developing industrial city to find a job. Armenians of Baku developed into an unique community with a new mode of life and new customs. Traditional Armenian lifestyle yielded to the set of values appropriate to European culture. Thus, formation of a new kind of family relationships stimulated increase of the Armenian females’ educational level, which in its turn contributed to the women’s involvement into cultural and social life. Within a short period of time Armenians of Baku formed a prosperous community which played an important and unique role in the life of the city.

Important sources concerning the lifestyle and customs of the Armenians of Baku are the numerous family photos, which we have due to the profound Armenian photographers’ work.

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