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Welcome. It has many names! England, Great Britain and The United Kingdom. If you think we are posh, we really aren't! Infact, some people speak cockney! Like, this for example eg. ain't right mate! that's what it is like! The only posh voices that actually speak posh are the upper class and middle- class, so for example the royal family! Next to this box is the Parliment! Where the Goverment holds all the arguments and disscussions etc... I hope you enjoy my tour of where I live! If you are planning to vist England, I will show some tourist areas and places that you should vist! but first let's see what England has to offer!

The Big Ben & Parliment next to it
The Capital city is London. We have lots of attractions in London! Buckingham Palace, The London Eye, a lot of historical museums! & my country is split up into Scotland, Wales and Northen Ireland plus England it's self. So lets see two kinds of maps of Britain!

The London Eye Close Up

The London Eye Quite Far Back

Scotland, Wales and Northen Ireland

Map of Britain

This is Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke

This is Kate Mddleton and Prince William they are going to get married on April 29 2011!
Prince William is the Queen's Son by the way!

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