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Hi people of cyberspace:) in this blog I will be posting snippets of stories and poems!:) I am 11 and love to write. I write at random and have trouble sticking with one story at a time:) This is all my work. I have written all these stories and poems with my own hands and thoughts:) I love to read and get inspiration out of books.

Painting pictures with my words:) here's a poem called slipping through time:) enjoy:)

slipping through the fingers
the fingers of time
hiding in the misery
the depths of his crime

the poor old soul
slid through the holes
lost his way
in the world
the world with only one day

for too long
no one listened to his song
as he crept
crept into the depths of despair
if only the world was not harsh but fair.
Painting pictures with my words:) Here is another poem about the war god Ares:) enjoy:)
Ares the god of war
bloodshed, violence
two things he's known for
a strong headed warrior
long life of cruelty
always on the battle field
whether during a raging war
or a house hold feud
his life is not at peace
but you cannot call him a beast
war makes warriors
warriors make legends
legends are not always myths.

Painting pictures with my words:) poem of a wolf:) enjoy:)

Lone wolf
Pack animal
They howl
They prowl
The dark night
Their steal
Cool eyes
What an amazing sight
When you see a pack work
Like a network of spies
Majestic creatures
Fantastic beauty
The story of a werewolf
Hardly suiting
Their wonderful loyalty
To those they trust
Not at all like us
the wolf

Painting my pictures with words:)here is a poem about the goddess of love:) enjoy:)
goddess of love
her sacred animal
the dove
she only involves herself in difficult love affairs
if your love is not treacherous
she hardly cares
her glowing beauty merely a disguise
who knows what hides behind those glassy eyes.

Painting pictures with my words:)Here is a poem about a Viking in a world of dragons which happens to also be a prologue to one of my many unfinished stories:)enjoy:)
As I walk into your realm you rule,
Almighty beasts, you might be,
Respect for your beauty,
Your ferocity
Your nature
As I am in a dragon’s world.

I have as much right as others
To fear you,
Though I chose to tread cautiously
I do not

This is a Vikings World
Where dragons rule.

Painting pictures with my words:) Here is a small snippet of a fantasy book I am writing:)If you guys enjoy I would love to give you more:)Enjoy:)

As she finished stitching up the portal she breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness” she mumbled under her breath if her world and the “real world” were to mix together all hell would break loose.
That was something Abigail new all too well once she had accidently rushed her sewing and a few baby dragons decided to explore the mortals realm. The humans could only see what they could remotely understand, so instead of seeing fire breathing scaly little monsters they saw feral dogs that for some reason would not die. That’s what she saw in the news anyway.
In her mortal life she was just an awkward red headed teenager who had piercing blue eyes and never spoke. In her actual life she was a feisty red headed pixie who had a dry sense of humour and quick wit. The only way you could tell if a mythical creature was in the mortals realm is by their reflection. So Abigail avoided any mirrors ad kept her head down just before lunch when girls were applying their 50th coat of lipstick.
Pixies were naturally smart but Abigail refrained from showing her true talent in class and just did exactly what was expected no more no less.
In her true form Abigail had pale blue wings her long red hair turned into a short pixie cut her fierce blue eyes almost translucent but still seemed to burn into your soul.
She was a master with weapons unlike anyone of her kind.

Hope You People Are Liking This So Far:):):)
I will continue to post my work:)
these are just short stories and poems that I have imagined and then written:)
it would be cool if you guys could post a comment in the forum saying which piece is your favourite.
please no hate!:) just smile:)
I am just painting pictures with my words:) to make everyone :) smile:)
Painting pictures with my words:) poem about a nightmare:) enjoy:)

Crimson blood
Oozing from the walls
The fear on your face
Shall be your down fall
The lights decide to flicker
The image suddenly wavering
You slowly start to regain consciousness
Why did you tremble in fear
You open up your big brown eyes
And realise
It was just a nightmare.

Painting pictures with my words:)it is storming outside so I decided to write a poem:)enjoy:)
the thunder roaring
the bright flashes of light
across the midnight sky
the rain is crashing against the hard soil
you can almost smell where the dry dirt lifts of the earth
you can hear the faint howl of dogs left outside
and the children swallowing their pride
whimpering in fear
who knew rain could cause such a scare
I personally think the harsh storm suits the world
terribly unforgiving
then the sun comes up
and dries the tears
gives knew hope
subsides fears.

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the salty sea crashes against the shore
a million tears or more
some happy some sad some of grief some so glad
thousand's of stories in the sea
which of those belong to me?
the salty sea crashes against the shore
washing away what was before
all those tears that lay forgotten
are lost on the land
stranded on the sand
all those stories

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My footfalls plodding against the ground
Ringing in my ears I can hear no other sound

Racing the clouds
in the grassy field

dreaming loud and proud
smiling ear to ear

this is what I dream about
time and time again

Her eyes reflected the hate, the violence, the misery, the poverty. When you saw her eyes you saw the truth. The horrible, gut-retching truth.
The world was torn apart, war after war had ruined their world. Blood stained streets, homeless children and guns followed you every where you went, you couldn't run or hide you had to be strong even when you were strong this world would brake you.
Meredith was a fighter, she never gave up, so many times she could have but kept going, she could have ended her life so many times...any sane person probably would have but you how could be sane if gun shots were your alarm clock? For years she was convinced it was cowardice that kept her alive, but now she knew she loved living, She had finally figured that out and now...she was going to die. It was as if the universe was saying congratulations you discovered a personal revelation... now die!
This cruel world was her home she couldn't change that and never could. Meredith was strong beyond compare, she always smiled, a wry smile one of pain and sarcasm, one of pure happiness even if it was just a ghost of a smile on her face she always smiled.
She would never understand the over use of words, she could never understand hate, her world revolved around hate, but she could never hate a person but she could hate death and violence but not people.
She had always lived a hard life, a life worth living was always hard she convinced herself.

Meredith remembered being small, waking up on the streets hearing someone cry and take their final breath.
Now her life had come to an end as the gun was pointed at her head, she smiled and took her last breath...BANG! And she was gone a lost story a lost soul!


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