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The Hunger Games - The Mockingjay Pin

The Mockingjay Pin: Symbol of the Rebellion
The mockingjay, is, sadly, probably not a real bird. However, it is a trademark symbol running through the entire Hunger Games series. Here is a brief history.
The mockingjay originated with the Capitol and the Districts. Originally, the Capitol sent out jabberjays, or birds that hear human speech and repeat them to their senders, to spy on the Districts. When the people in District 12 found out what the Capitol was doing, however, they started repeating fake messages. The Capitol eventually realized this and destroyed the jabberjays. However, the jabberjays managed to mate with female mockingbirds before they went extinct, thus creating the famed mockingjay.
The pin was originally given to Katniss by her friend Madge. The pin is not only pretty, however; later Katniss and Rue make an alliance because of the pin. In the book Catching Fire, Katniss runs into two scared runaways named Bonnie and Twill, who are on their way to the supposedly nonexistent District 13, and who show Katniss a wafer of bread with the mockingjay stamped on it.
This is the true history of Katniss' famed mockingjay pin. Thank you for reading.

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