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My name is Alyssa and I am reading a book called Flush by Carl Hiaasen. This page is all about this book. Enjoy!
The first two chapters of Flush were very interesting. The main character, Noah, visits his dad in prison. Paine (Noah's dad) is in prison for sinking a gambling boat called the Coral Queen. Paine thought Dusty, the Coral Queen's owner, was dumping waste into the ocean. Noah and his dad discuss how he wants to stay in prison and not be bailed out, but Paine agrees to talk to a lawyer for help. Abbey, Noah's sister, goes with Noah after lunch to see the Coral Queen. Noah then gets bullied by the owner's son, Jasper Jr. Another day, Noah meets Lice Peeking, a former worker for the Coral Queen who might know why Dusty is dumping the waste. But Lice won't give any information unless he gets something in return. I really like mysteries, so I enjoyed the part when Abbey and Noah discovered a big suitcase on their mother's bed. Abbey reminds me of myself, eager to know things and loves adventure.
Noah went to see his dad again in prison. Noah told him that the Coral Queen was being refurbished and mew gambling equipment was being added. He also told him that Lice would only give information about the Coral Queen if he was given money. So Paine told him to give Lice his bonefish skiff. The skiff meant a lot to Noah and he secretly wished he could have it. Noah's mom could bail Paine out of prison but he wanted to stay to show that he was committed to the case. Paine also added that soon a newspaper reporter will interview Noah. Later, Noah went to see Lice but saw his scary girlfriend, Shelly, instead. She wanted Noah to tell her about the deal between Paine and Lice but that never happened. If I were in Noah's position, I would miss my dad and want him to come home. Also, if I were to talk about about my dad for a reporter soon, I'd be terrified and might not want to do it.
Mr. Shine, the lawyer, stopped by to talk to Noah's mom and so Noah went fishing at Snake Creek. He ran into Jasper Jr. and his friend Bull, and gets bullied by them. Jasper punched Noah in the eye and spat on him. As Jasper Jr. and Bull got on their boat, Noah took action and swung his fishing pole. The jig landed in Jasper's shoulder blade. When Bull went to help, the boat sank because so much weight was on the stern. They both jumped off and swam away. Noah went home. When he arrived home, Miles Umlatt, a reporter from the Island Examiner , was waiting in the living room to interview Noah. Miles asked Noah a lot of questions and they talked about Paine's past and present jail encounters. Noah told Miles that he was proud of his father but he could get out of control once in a while. When they finished, Noah headed towards his room when he heard crying from Abbey's room. Abbey explained to Noah in a shaky voice that she heard their mom talking to Mr. Shine about divorcing their. Noah tried to act brave but was just as worried as Abbey. I can relate to how Abbey felt. If I learned my parents were divorcing, I would be scared too.
Noah goes to visit his father after breakfast. But when he arrived, Noah found out that Paine was being interviewed by Channel 10! If I was to be in a position like Paine where I would be interviewed, I would probably either be speechless or repeat the same thing many times!So Noah decided to go to Lice Peeking's trailer. Noah told Lice that Paine would give him his bonefish skiff in exchange for information about the Coral Queen. Noah took Lice to his backyard to see the skiff. Lice loved it the minute he laid his eyes on it and easily agreed to give the information about the waste dumping. On their way back, they saw Bull and Jasper Jr. pushing a wheelbarrow. Jasper shouted out a rude name. Lice got upset,pushed the wheelbarrow they had away, and both of them were shocked. That night, Noah waited until midnight to wake Abbey up so they could ride their bikes down to the marina. The Coral Queen was closed and people were leaving. Their mission was to catch Dusty Muleman dumping waste into the water, call the Coast Guard, and arrest Dusty. Instead of putting the hose into the water, the hose was put into a sewage tank. Noah then started to think that Paine blamed the wrong person. That was when a bald man with a crooked nose grabbed Abbey's neck. I would be terrified to be grabbed by a stranger.
I have already read about 6 chapters and I just can't put the book down! It's getting very mysterious. Abbey bit the stranger's forearm and didn't let go. The man was about to hit her when Noah punched him. They escaped from the stranger, jumped off the Coral Queen, and ran until they reached their bikes to go home. Once Noah woke up, he saw the Island Examiner on his kitchen on his kitchen table with an article titled Local Cabbie Defends Sinking of Casino Boat. Nobody in the Underwood household enjoyed reading that Paine compared himself to Nelson Mandela and planed to go on a hunger strike. Abbey was the angriest in the household about this article. Noah immediately went to see his dad to talk about the article. He even had the guts to tell him that he and Abbey snuck onto the Coral Queen, but excluded the part when the stranger grabbed Abbey's neck. As well, Noah told Paine that the crew of the Coral Queen pumped the waste into a sewage tank. Paine thinks that Dusty is acting like a good citizen in case he gets caught by the Coast Guard dumping waste. Once Noah returned home, he waited for Lice and Shelly to show up for the bonefish skiff. Lice was late and Abbey thought he either chickened out or Dusty offered more money to be quiet. Lice never showed up so Noah decided to go see him. Shelly was there and told him that last night a stranger came to talk to Lice. She described the stranger and Noah knew that it was the man that grabbed Abbey's neck on the Coral Queen. Lice wouldn't say a word to Shelly and once Shelly was in the shower, Lice grabbed $186-all the money Shelly had- and took Shelly's Jeep. The police said that her Jeep was stranded near a toll plaza that morning. Shelly finally convinced Noah to tell her the secret deal between Paine, Lice, and the bonefish skiff. After that, Shelly said she could help him. I don't like how Lice ran away and met with the same man that grabbed Abbey's neck. I can't wait to find out if Paine will get out of jail soon!
Donna, Noah's mom, must've been lucky when she was young because her parents (Grandpa Kenneth and Grandma Janet) worked in Walt Disney World, FL. I wonder if she got to go to Disney all the time? Noah got back from the trailer park and Abbey told him what Donna and Mr. Shine were talking about. She was so happy that their mom didn't mention the word "divorce"! Noah told Abbey that Paine was going to be on TV tonight. So they came up with a plan so their mom couldn't see the broadcast. Abbey distracted her mom, while Noah used his fishing rod to grab the TV satellite and aim it towards the ground. Their plan was a success! Their mom went to watch TV but it wouldn't turn on. Later, a friend dropped off a tape with Paine's interview! So in the end, she watched it. I thought Noah and Abbey's plan was very clever, but I probably would have spent the whole day trying to get the hook onto the dish! At one in the morning, Noah decided to ride his bike to the marina. I would be terrified to sneak out at night. Noah snuck onto the Coral Queen but had to pass the bald-headed man without waking him up. But the hard part was yet to come. Noah was looking for anything- even an order on a piece of paper from Dusty to dump the waste- to prove that Dusty is a criminal. That was when a boat pulled in and the noise woke up the bald man. Now Noah was stuck and had no way to leave the boat! He came up with an idea. He grabbed a rack of poker chips that were left out, made his way to the front of the boat, opened a side window, waited until the marina was quiet, and he dropped the poker chips onto the deck. The bald man ran to the to the Coral Queen and Noah was able to escape without being seen. He hid behind a sewage tank and was about to run when a police car made its way to the parking lot. Noah dove back behind the sewage tank when he hit his head. Everything turned bright and then black. His skull was ringing but he then realized it was the sewage tank that was ringing and not his skull. He saw rust underneath the tank and realized the tank was a prop in Dusty's scam! He grabbed some rust and made an escape.
Noah watched Paine’s interview that morning. He basically said,” I sunk the Coral Queen as an act of civil disobedience” (Hiaasen 82). Noah was rewinding the tape when Mr. Shine knocked on the door. He was there to tell Donna some important news, but she and Abbey went grocery shopping in Homestead. Mr. Shine wouldn’t tell Noah the news and Noah became frustrated. When Noah asked him about Paine and Donna divorcing, he sounded confused and rushed out of the house. Noah went outside to fix the satellite dish-yet he had no clue where to point the dish. He then heard honking and saw Shelly’s Jeep outside the house. She hollered Noah’s name and he got in the Jeep with her. Shelly was crying and told Noah that she thought someone snatched Lice Peeking and killed him! Shelly also told him that she got her old bar tending job back at the Coral Queen to help solve the case with Dusty Muleman. She drove for a while not knowing where she was going. They stopped at Marathon, an island in the Florida Keys. I have been to the Keys and I got to see dolphins while I was there! They left Marathon and went back home. Noah showed Abbey the rust from the sewage tank and then went to bed. He had a horrible nightmare but that was when someone rocked him. He woke up to see his dad in his room! Paine said he escaped from jail. Noah was surprised he escaped but happy he was home. I thought that Paine should've stayed in jail in case they let him out early.
Donna was so joyful when she saw Paine that she cried! This moment reminds me of when my mom goes to California for business trips. Once she comes back, I hug her for a while and am so happy. They had a normal conversation at breakfast and then Paine apologized for what he has caused. He explained how he escaped- there was a car accident near the jail and all the officers left. They forgot to lock Paine's cell so he walked out and went home.Then Donna said that he was supposed to be released that morning! And since the judge never filled out his release forms, he basically committed a jail break. A police car then pulled up. Paine ran out of the house and Noah went to go find him. The officer wasn't upset at him for escaping but needed to fill out paperwork still. Noah found Paine at Thunder Beach and persuaded him to come home. As Noah was heading home, he fell off his bike and noticed Jasper Jr. and Bull pulled the bike. Jasper then punched him twice and kicked him in the thigh. They then left him in the woods. I don't enjoy the part when Jasper and Bull bully Noah. You can really hurt someone and their feelings.
Noah didn't say a word to his family about being punched and kicked at by Jasper. I would've told my parents right away! Mr. Shine set up an appointment for Paine so he can go to jail and surrender himself. The officers wanted to send him home the judge put him under house arrest until the Coral Queen case was resolved. He had to wear an electronic bracelet so the police can track if he left or not. Someone was always with Paine but they never talked about the Coral Queen. Instead they played video games, watched ESPN, and worked on a project Abbey came up with- an Olympic village for hermit crabs! That is a pretty cool idea. They collected crabs and Paine created the village. One day Shelly showed up. She had some important news. With her own two eyes she saw Dusty's crew putting the hose into the water to dump waste! Paine immediately tensed up, but he didn't go crazy. Abbey didn't feel good and went to bed early. But when Donna went to check on her, she was gone! Also, Paine took off the bracelet and probably will be sent to jail again. The three of them left the house to search for her. I am way to scared to sneak out at night. Abbey is definitely braver than me.
They drove to the marina to see if Dusty knew where Abbey went. Dusty was there and he didn't know where she was. He called Luno, the bald-headed man, and he had no clue. Donna, Paine, and Noah still searched the boat but left with no Abbey. As they were driving back home, standing in front of the car was Abbey! It turns out she hid in a tuna tower and took a video of the workers from the Coral Queen dumping waste into the water. It was very blurry and the crew members looked small. Abbey thought of giving it to the FBI, but no one had time to think that much because a police car showed up! Paine ran to his room with Noah to try to put on his electronic bracelet. He got it back on but he soon was back in jail for breaking the electronic bracelet. Noah went to see him and he was very depressed. He even said he's done with the Coral Queen. He just wants to live a quiet life. To Noah, he thought Paine was acting but Paine didn't show any sign that he was acting. Noah then left and went with Abbey to Thunder Beach.
Thank you to everyone who reads my blog! This school project is a success and I am thinking of starting another blog.... please type a comment on the forum about any ides you would like me to share!! :)

Well, this marks the end of this Flush blog, so have fun reading!!
Go and comment your comments on the FoRuM! It would mean a lot to me to hear all of your suggestions and ideas so I can improve! Thanks for reading...... :P
OMG!!!!!!! 2k views!! Just amazing... Thanks to all you bookworms and daily visitors for enjoying this blog & reading it. The text is long, but I am glad you get through the 2 pages! Keep reading!! :)
Hey guys!!! Don't worry, I am still alive:P Just a FYI: For those who are wondering, I know this is not a summary of the whole book. I believe i went to about Chapter 10 or something like that. Keep reading and thanks for the 5k views!!! Incredible:)


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