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3 days ago

I wake up - ughhh, summer, sunshine. A call woke me from my sleep, although I already had my 2 hours. I pick my phone up, next to my "bed". 
- Hey, Gloria.      I say like I haven't been sleeping in the middle of the day.
- Fanny! You know everyone calls me Glo now!  
My name is Fanganne Amaris. Oh, did I mention? Dramatic music, please. Okay, that's weird. I'm a vampire. My "fake" name is Fanny Ambers.I hated my human name. It made me sound so... dumb. I am only 14, but vampires grow normally until they are young adults. I go to school, like normal people. I have long, VERY dark hair with bangs and pale skin. My eyes are a very bright gold and I have long eyelashes. My favorite colors are yellow and red. I have two sisters and a brother. The brother and sister are twins. The boy twin's name is Exar and the girl twin's name is Luna. The baby is Belinda. Exar is into science and does experiments on Luna even though she's more into fashion. They are both 9, and even though they are twins, they don't look that much alike, because they are not identical twins. Belinda is, well, a baby. She's 2 years old. But vampires learn skills faster and remember stuff clearly so we're all very smart. School's out right now which is the ONLY good part of summer. So much heat...  We don't die from it, but it can make us faint. Just like garlic. Ughhh, I HATE that stuff! It also makes us vomit. Well anyway, "Glo" started babbling again .
- Fanny!!!!! Are you even listening?!?!?!
- Right, sorry. Wait, why do they call you Glo?
- You don't remember? It's half of my name AND I wear glow in the dark jewelry a lot now.
- Right.
Weird chick, she is.
- So there's this new movie coming out, about zombies, YAY, it's next week, wanna come?
I wanted to scream NO so bad. Gloria LOVES zombies. I guess I shouldn't complain - zombies are friendly with us. But she HATES vampires. She has a necklace on that she never takes off that has a tiny wooden stake and engraved on are the words VAMPIRE SLAYER all bloody and steaky like. It gives me the creeps. She also (usually) wears, like, 5 wristbands that say I love zombies in different fonts. Also, gives me the creeps. But I never tell her that. I can't tell any of my classmates I am not human, unless, I'm looking for a snack, but I need to act like it was their dream and imagination. And sometimes we just go off biting people. Haha. We bite them mostly on the neck, arm, or wrist, but we only take two or so pints of the delicious red liquid that flows through their veins.  
- When is it?
- Well, ummm, I was thinking about Tuesday?
I wasn't planning to do anything, and, maybe we would do something fun after the dumb movie.
- Sure. I gotta go, 'kay?
- YAAAY!!! I'm SOOO excited.
I hang up and put my phone back. Why did I just agree to that? I felt like an idiot. I was hoping to convince her to do something, but it's Glo! She wouldn't turn down zombies for the world! I should've known not to do something this stupid. I guess I'm just too good a friend, so I just accepted it.  At least it's just 90 minutes out of forever.
It's Saturday now so it's just a couple days until the movie. I went back to sleep at 4 P. M.
I woke up at 7. I overslept! But ehhh, whatevs. There's nothing else to do. I went to watch T.V. with Belinda. We grabbed 2 juice boxes (that were filled with blood, yeah, we do that kind of stuff) and were watching and sipping while I heard an explosion coming from Exar's room, although he told everyone to call it "his lab". I went to check what he is making. Explosions were common in there. 
- What the heck are you making?!       That kinda turned out to be a yell.
He and Luna were covered in ash and there was smoke and fog everywhere. 
- Oh, I was trying to make human poison. Didn't work.     He said very calmly. 
- You try things.
I calmed down and just went back to watching T.V. Just living my life like a normal person. My parents want us to be as "normal - looking" as possible so others won't find out, but also to have a normal and fun life. 
Dumb movie about dumb zombies turns into an even dumber experience and now I feel very DUMB!!!

I wake up - 3:00 P.M. Gloria's coming to get me in an hour. I get up, dress better ('cause right now I'm wearing sweats). I'm wearing a black dress with giant red and orange circles on it. It's up to my knees and it's sleeves are up to my elbow. And since it's a dress, I wear short and comfy orange shorts and an red and black shirt under. I always do that because I find dresses uncomfortable. I went to check on the twins. Just like usual, Exar trying to experiment on Luna while she tries to run away. I got my  purse and went to the living room to wait. Glo got here 10 minutes early. I told my parents she's here and that I'm going. The cinema is about half an hour from my house. Gloria and I talked about school and the movie and going to the beach and stuff on the way. Well, she talked, and I agreed like a normal person. I say that a lot, don't I? When we got there, we bought a large popcorn and 2 sodas. I can't believe I'm gonna force myself to eat that JUNK. I get the smallest soda possible. I wish they had tomato juice. The only human food I like are tomatoes. Well, I don't typically like them, I can just eat them without vomiting, or, at least, wanting to vomit. Almost all vampires hate all human food but a few like just a single thing. And decides, tomatoes are red. And the best way to serve it is in a person. If someone just ate a tomato and I sink my fangs into them, now that, is some good meal. Especially if their blood type is AB -. Ahhh. Thinking about that almost made me drool. But I got myself together and stopped thinking about stuff that's MUCH better than that dry thing you people call popcorn. Ughh. I haven't drunk since my "juice" with Belinda. I was so hungry.
- Sooooo, are you as excited as I am?!      
- Yeah, sure, so, what do you wanna do after?
- Let's go to my place, kay?
- Yup.
Sooooo hungry.
We went in and the commercials were playing. The movie itself was called "BRAINSSS". Yes, it IS a stupid title. Gloria started eating the popcorn. I took a tiny sip of my soda. I almost threw up. My stomach wanted REAL food. Well, blood. The movie started. And ended. It was horrible. It was about a guy who was a zombie and accidentally turned his friend into one. Suddenly, Glo points out:
- I wish I was that guy's friend. Don't you?
- As fun as that sounds, I'd rather stay normal.
Well, as normal as I am.
Her mom picked us up and drove us to Gloria's house. It was huge. We went up to her room. My thirst bothered me so much. I almost drank Gloria, but I had to stay hid. Gloria was talking about something, but I couldn't listen.
Then, I just couldn't control myself. 
I couldn't think.
Worst day of my life. (by Gloria)

Fanny was acting strange. Really strange. She was like a wild animal - OMG. Then, as I was talking about how great the awesome the zombie movie was, she went crazy. I mean, I always knew she was crazy, but not like that. 
Fanny's cute dress ripped. It was shocking. She just stood there, her eyes flaming red, not blinking,  in shorts and a shirt. I didn't know what was happening and why she was like that. She always acted strange, but not THAT strange. 
- Fanny, what's going on?      I begged her to answer. My voice sounded scared and small.
- First of all, it's not Fanny, it's Fanganne. Fanganne Amaris, not Fanny Ambers. Second, this...
And she bit me.
What. Was. Going. On. AHHHHHHH!!!!!! She was SUCKING MY BLOOD. DRINKING IT WITH HER FANGS. WHAT THE ZOMBIE?!?!?!?!? (that's my way of saying what the heck) Fangs, Fanganne Amaris, SUCKING MY PRECIOUS BLOOD - she was a VAMPIRE, a STUPID BLOODSUCKER. Oh my God. Oh my God. My best friend is a vampire. MY BFF IS A DANGING VAMPIRE! Well, that ruins a lot of my plans. I yanked my arm away. She just hung on tighter. It didn't hurt, it's just that there is a VAMPIRE SUCKING MY BLOOD YES THERE IS A VAMPIRE SUCKING MY VERY PRECIOUS AND AWESOME BLOOD!!!!!!! I screamed. I heard my mom's footsteps. She got her bloody (literally) mouth out of my wrist. My mom came in.
- What's going on? Why did you scream, Gloria?!
- Mom, Fanny is a vampire. She bit me!!!
- Yeah, Gloria, vampires aren't real, so why did you yell like that? It scared me.   Fanganne said.
She was lying. And I know because she winked at me.
- We were just talking about the movie, and she screamed. Maybe she daydreamed a nightmare, if that's even possible.             She told my mom.
- Is that true, Gloria?      
Without Mom seeing, Fanganne growled at me. I couldn't take the risk.
- I guess, Mom... Sorry.                I tried so hard not to burst in tears
- It's ok. Just try not to doze off when you have guests. Is everything fine, Fanny?
- Yes, Mrs. Baker.
- Then I'll leave you two alone. Be careful.
And she left. She left me with a bloodsucker sitting next to me, fangs exposed.
This time, Fanganne doesn't expose her fangs, so I guess I was kinda wrong. But she's still a dang bloodsucker, although now she looks more like the old Fanny.
- Look, I'm sorry, alright? I am so so so sorry. I was so thirsty - haven't drank in 3 days! I lost control. I AM sorry.
I didn't believe her. I yanked my awesome steak necklace off to scare her, but she was just weirded out (and a little creeped out, I think). 
- That can't even give me a cut. It just gives me the creeps. 
Ah-ha! I knew it!
- But still, whoa, no need to defense, I don't kill. Most vampires are actually pretty friendly.
I stayed frozen.
- But I'm still extremely thirsty, and if I don't drink soon, I might lose control again. But this time, I'll ask your permission? Can I? I'll only take a pint. Please?
She wouldn't dare.
- Just don't scream. When I'm hungry, I get angered easily.
It all happened so fast.
She bit me again. 
I screamed.
- Okay, you're getting on my nerves. Don't scream. I'm hungry. 
She bit me once more.
I screamed once more.
- Seriously, it's who I am. Stop! Stop or I'll turn you into one.
I almost fainted at the thought of that. 
She sank her fangs in.
I tried not to scream, but when I looked, an accidental screech came from my mouth. 
Her fangs were still touching my blood, but she stopped sucking my blood – I could feel it. Now she was injecting something from her fangs into me. It took me a couple moments to figure out what was happening. What that was. But then, I knew. IT WAS VAMPIRE VENOM. SHE WAS GONNA MAKE ME A STUPID VAMPIRE. I yanked harder this time. As hard as I possibly could. It worked. I finally spoke now:
- You made me SO MAD!!! And, hey, I'm a vampire!
- Yeah, OFFENSE! 
There was a pause, and then I spoke again. 
- But it didn't work. I got away as soon as I found out.
- How did you know I was turning you into one?
- I felt it.
- So a little of my venom got into you?
- Yeah, but just a tiny bit. Too little to make me a vampire.
- Wrong! Even if it was a drop it got into your system, and when it gets to your heart, you'll become one. So ha-ha!
I froze. Please be kidding.
- But it travels slowly, so it might take months for you to become a vampire...
I calmed down just a little bit. At least I would get ready for it. And besides, there's probably a cure and I'll spend my life trying to find it. Still, I was very mad, upset, and scared.
- ...Painful months.
- You'll have the highest fever possible, every part of you will hurt as bad as it can, your throat will be extremely sore, it will be almost impossible to breathe, you'll have conditions from EVERY DISEASE. You'll wish to no longer live. You see, the smaller the amount of the venom, the more painful and longer it takes.
           I'm gonna start crying... I can't, she'll think I'm a wimp! Well, it's her fault!
- If you just let me get some more into you, it will only take one or two days and the worst you can get is a sore throat or a tiny cold.
This was a hard choice - Hurting so bad for many months, or turning into a vampire this week...?
I gave up.
Let loose.
And accepted it.
She understood.
- I am so sorry... I AM, I was so thirsty, I lost absolute control. You probably hate us vampires even more now. I'll  find the cure - I swear. I'm so sorry.
And she bit me one last time.
I am so sorry, Gloria.

I was so thirsty - you try eating or drinking (although vampires just do the drinking part) NOTHING for 3 and a half days - you'd lose control too...
As soon as I got I close to her, the smell of her blood was so strong, and she has my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE blood type: AB negative - the rarest blood type. I couldn't hold it in. After I bit her I left but without saying anything. It looked a kinda mysterious because of the vampire super-speed. Since vampires also have really good hearing I heard her crying as I left the house. I felt even worse. 
     What did I just do?    I thought.
This was just like the movie. Wow. 
 I was so worried. I will find the cure – I promised her.
2 days passed like the wind.
It was raining. There was thunder and lightning. I was in my room. I heard a knock. When I opened the door...
Freaky weirdo turned even freakier.

It was shocking. Gloria looked... It's hard to explain.
I just stood there with my mouth open.
Usually, she has curly brown reddish short hair and hazel greenish eyes. She was the shortest kid in our class and she had a tan. She also had freckles - tons of them. The only makeup she wears is strawberry lip gloss. Now...
Her hair was straighter, shinier,  redder, and darker. It was like a fire that burns out to be brownish. Her eyes were neon green with a hint of hazel-ish gold (kinda like Belinda's). Her tan... Was gone. Absolutely gone. She was as pale as... Well me... Maybe even paler. Her thousands of freckles were gone - not even a slightest spot. She was a little taller which surprised me. She had black eyeliner and eyeshadow which made her look gothic. Her lips were redder - no lipstick - natural vampire color. 
She was wearing a black T-shirt that had a glittery heart on it with black shorts. She still had the vampire slayer necklace and the wristbands. She had black sandals on.
She looked like... A gothic-er and sadder version of me. Creepy, freaky, weird, sad...
- Teach me.            She broke the silence. Her voice was sad and serious.
I was still in shock.
- You, you, you... Are... Messed... Up.            Well that came out with no thought.  I meant what she's become. Fortunately, she ignored that.
Then reality sank in.
- I mean, teach you what?        I blabbered.
- How to be one of you.       I could hear she muttered stupid bloodsuckers under her breath.
- We have much stronger senses than humans, I heard you.
- Didn't know that. Sorry.             She said it so coldly, even a human would've known she didn't mean it.
- No, I'm the one that should be apologizing. Gloria, I am so so sorry. I lost control. I was dumb. I feel like an idiot.
- Well, I'm not mad anymore. If I was a zombie I would probably do the same thing. But still, I have not COMPLETELY forgiven you. At least not until you find the cure.
Like I said almost a week ago, which seemed like forever: weird chick, she is.
But still, I was so relieved she's not mad. 
- I WILL find it. And, to prove that I'm very sorry, I know a zombie that would love to eat your brain... You know, when you're back to human.
Actually, something we share with zombies is that they bite people too, to turn them into zombies. But they eat brains too.
- YAAAAY!!!!!!!           She screeched. Her voice was louder now that she's a vamp.
Finally, the old Glo.
- And I will help you with your new "unlife".
- Hehe. I guess. 
She was nervous. I could feel it.

Gloria  came in. Then, Luna comes jumping out of nowhere. She was dressed in a really pretty and poufy pink and red dress. It was bright pink and all over the edges there were red flowers and in the middle there was a red flower with just a bit of orange in the middle. She was wearing she had a red necklace, bracelet, and earrings, with rubies and a tiara made out of white gold with rubies and a big pink topaz, right in the middle.
- Is that a REAL tiara?!           Asked the new Gloria
- Yeah, you like it?    She tells her
- Yes, but —                   
- Isn't that expensive?!           I cut Glo off AND finished her sentence.
- Relax, Mom and Dad know. I had them give it to a master and make especially for me. See, it says Luna.
We got a little closer, and in silver diamond-y letters it said her name.
- Luna? I thought your name was Linda?          Asked Glo. *sigh*
- That's her human name. Ethan is actually Exar. Belinda is still Belinda though. It's like we go from totally obvious vamp to definitely human name. Oh, and Luna, isn't it a little, oh I don't know, HUMAN?!           I said
- You know are parents want us to fit in. That's why they're throwing me a birthday party for me and Exar! It'll be red, pink for my side of the party and blue and red for Exar's. Or green and red. Blah, ask him.
We're not human. And humans don't dress like that. Except little girls.
- That's how FAIRIES dress. And fairy tale princesses. And little girl humans. Well, the dress part is human though. NOT the crown.
- Wait a second, blah?            Oh yeah, Gloria still doesn't know a lot about us vamps.
- That's kinda our thing. And by our I mean vampire. Waaaaaait, WHAT?!?! Fang, WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!?
- I MIGHT have turned her on accident.              I made it sound like not a big deal.
- WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!           That was... Loud.
- Great job fitting in.
- Wooow. Well, I really am sorry.
- Yeah, we all know your story. By the way, your name is OBVIOUS.    Gloria pointed out.
- Did you tell Mom? Or Dad? Or ANYONE?!
- We're on our way.
We went to my mom's room. Since Glo doesn't know what powers she has now, we walked. Slowly. Well, fast for normal people. Before we came in, I told Gloria:
- Don't say anything unless my mom asks you. I will tell the truth, you just might surprise her if you hiss and bare your fangs and red eyes.
- Hiss? Fangs? Red eyes? That's kinda your thing! And I don't even know how to do that.
- Well, you'll learn. Now quiet. 
I hissed at her once just to show how it looks and stuff.
- Whoaaa. 
- Shhh!
I heard her mutter jeez, but just ignored it.
We came in.
My mom's room was...
It wasn't vampirey, just...
Like she was a person who eats food and sleeps at night. She even had a big bed. We only sleep 2 to 4 hours a day! AT day. If someone slept over, she says, but no one ever does. Decides, I don't really like sleepovers. They're too... Human.
- Mooooom? 
- Yes honey?
- Mom, I am so sorry, but when I went to the movie with Gloria we were out of *cough cough* juice and I was really thirsty so I drank from her and she screamed and I got mad and I turned her. I am SO SORRY! I didn't mean to, I know she doesn't like our kind, but I lost control. Sorry... Mommy...
- Well, that's... sudden. Welcome to the family Gloria. I am sure you will be spending a lot more time with us now. And I'll deal with YOU, Fang, later.
- Anyway, I'm guessing you want the cure. 
- Yup. Do you know how to get it?
- Sorry, but, I have no idea.
Gloria looked like she was about to commit suicide. If only she could.
- It's okay, Glo, I'll find a way.       I told her quickly.
She just... Whimpered.
Poor Glo.
It was all my fault.
I was the one that should be thinking of suicide.
- Well, see ya, mom.
And we exited.
We were NOT making progress.
Gloria the vampaya. Yaaah.

- Let's go to my room.
- Okey-Dokey.             Glo started walking.
- Waaaaaaait. Let's RUN to my room.
- But I'm a horrible runner.         She whined.
Oh jeez.
- Just do it.
- Okay but I warned you.
And she flashed off. She was so fast, it was hard to see her - she looked invisible. She got there in less than 3 seconds.
- Whoaaaaaa. WHAT THE ZOMBIE WAS THAT?!              She asked
- First of all, stop saying what the zombie say what the heck you're not a zombie. 
I tried to mock her voice while I said:
- Second, that was vampaya supah speed, duuuuuh. OMG!             Heh.
- That does NOT sound like me. Wait, vampires have super speed?
- Duh.      I said again.
- Okaaaay
- Now, here. Have this "special juice" for new vampires just turned.    
  I might have lied A BIT here. But if she knows it's blood she wouldn't drink it and then lose control and drain someone. Newbies do that.
 I handed her the "juice box". She started sipping.
- Mmmmm... MMMM... THIS IS REALLY GOOD. You know, I was hungry. Is this like special juice that substitutes blood? This is even better. Tastes like strawberries. Can I have more?
- Sure.
- This is very awesome. It tastes like fruit and berries. What flavor is it?
- A –.
You know how in movies in shocking movies people spit out what they're drinking in tiny drops? Well, that happened now. Along with a 
- WHAT?!?!?!?!??!???!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?
- Well, you said it was good.           My voice sounded small after hers.
- Yeah, before I knew it was BLOOD!
- It's a rare blood type! Not the rarest though. You have the rarest. My favorite.     I pointed out while licking my lips at the thought of sucking human Gloria's delicious blood.
- Had.     Glo said sadly.
- Yeah, had. And will have.
A small smile returned to her depressed and gothic (and kind of ruined...) face.
- Now DRINK. You're a newbie. Do you wanna lose control like me and actually DRAIN someone?
- No. But it's —
And so she did.
She finished it quickly. But she seemed uncomfortable or something. I immediately knew why.
- Here's more.       I said handing her another one. But this time I gave Gloria her blood type. The rarest (and my favorite) - AB –.
After a couple of sips, she asks:
- This one is not as good.
- REALLY?! It's like the best. It's the rarest. AND my favorite. And it's... Well... It's yours.
Here it is. The spitting thing again.
 - You made me drink MY OWN BLOOD?
- No, just your own blood TYPE. Duh.          I answered calmly.
- Still!
- Gloria, you're gonna have to accept that this is who you are and you can't live without blood. This is all my fault and I promise I will fix it as soon as I can. I am sorry, but you still have to drink sooner or later. And if you don't wanna kill an innocent person, then you'd rather do it sooner.
- Wow.               Was all she could manage to say.
- I AM sorry.
- It's... It's OK.
I've never seen Gloria so depressed. If she could cry, she would have. But she's a vampire now.
- So! Are you still hungry?
- Nah, this AB blood made me lose my appetite.
Now I wanna do the spitting thing while screaming what. It's the BEST. But I guess vamps that were humans don't like their own blood. Can't say for sure. Never been a human.
- Now, hiss, umm, kinda. It'll look like this.
And I hissed.
- Creepy. 
- Yeah, when you do that, you get red eyes and your fangs pop out.
- I have fangs?       She looked surprised.
- EVERY vampire has fangs. No duh.
Well, umm, bare your teeth. It'll be easy from then.
She tried. It didn't work.
- It doesn't woooork.        
Stop whining, baby.
- Try AGAIN.
And so she did. She seemed very obedient now. Like she knows I'll help her.
This time it did work. 
- Whoooooooa.
- I know.       I whispered
- This is... Vampirey.
- It happens every time you're hungry or you lose control.
- When you went crazy, like loony nutty in the head, like totally loco, like coockoo—
- Moving on... 
- Yeah, well, you had that hissing look much more time than just when you growled. How?
- First, I went crazy, like you said a million times, second, just don't get back to normal. Learn to control your feelings and what you want. It's easy then. Oh, and, this is also gonna happen when you hunt and drink.
She raised an eyebrow at me.  
- I said drink. Not kill.
- 'Kay. Got it.
- Now, we would practice that, but we have to do it at night.
- Then when do you sleep.
- We only sleep like 2 hours at day. Like at 2 pm.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- So, you should actually be sleeping now.
- Okaaaaaay. But it's 4 now.
- Still.
- Should I go home or?
- Yeah, I need some time to think. And drink.
Creepy rhyme.
- Come back in about 2 hours. And your parents are working so they will NOT see you sleeping, right?
- Yeah.
- When you come back, we might...
I bared my fangs.
- ...hunt.
- There's no need to get creepy.      Glo said
I laughed.
- Right! Sorry.
- See ya in two hours!
- Bye.
And she left.
Letting her go was...
One of the worst mistakes I have ever made.
Big Surprise

As soon as Gloria shut the door, I heard my mom calling. I immediately ran to her room, not wanting to get into any MORE trouble.
- So, Fang, why in the world would you go to the movies with Gloria THIRSTY?!
- Mom, you know Glo! If I don't she'll keep talking about it for years, regretting that I didn't come.
- Yes, I realize she is like that.
She took a deep breath. Vampires don't NEED to breathe but it still feels nice.
- Listen, I'm actually not mad.    -she continued-   I know that you're very smart and responsible for a vampire your age and that you can find a way to fix this.
She wasn't mad? It was nice of Mom to say I'm smart enough to fix this. If only I was so sure.
- Mom, I really sorry that—
- I know, Fang. I know that you feel worse than horrible for doing this. I know you are.
My mom was one of the "special" vamps. She could read minds.
- I– I'm kinda hungry.
- Yeah, I see. You can go.
And I did. The change in my BFF made me want to rest more. I was tired and thirsty... And very confused. I looked in the "special fridge". We were out of blood again! I wasn't going to go down that road AGAIN. It was too early to hunt. I stormed down to Exar's room/lab. 
He was making something. It was a little foggy again, but not as much as the last time.
Aha! I knew it! There lay 2 bottles of different blood types. I got closer and finally grabbed the bottle next to me. Exar didn't seem to mind. I started gulping quickly. After a few sips I could see that it tastes funny. I also realized that the color was off. It was more orange than red. Huh.
- Hey Exar! Why does this taste so stra—

I open my eyes. I'm lying on the floor. Huh? Why was I sleeping on the ground? Exar and Luna were above me, with both shock and horror on their faces. They look so... Blurry. But why are they so worried? My heart drops as I ask them:
They point to the mirror simultaneously. I turn my head.
My bangs. I didn't have bangs. My hair was lighter. It was still dark brown but people won't mistake it for black. I had a tan - even more than Gloria did. My eyes were dark brown - like my hair. There wasn't any glow in them at all.
Was it?! Really?!
There was only one way to know.
I hissed.
My fangs didn't bare. My eyes were still a warm brown. My hiss was human-like.
That's because I was.
I screamed. I had to stop for a breath but I continued. I screamed for no less than 5 minutes.
I looked at the time. It was 5. Gloria would be here in an hour. But this couldn't wait. I had to go over there. She had to turn me. This calmed me down. People in your family couldn't turn you because... Well, just because! Why can't you marry someone in your family? It's kinda like that!
- I was trying to make human poison. Turned out as antivampirism. Exar said.
- You could've warned me!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried. I never cried before.
- Sorry, Fanny.
- My name is FANGANNE.
- Not anymore.
- I'm going to Gloria's. I announced. I didn't have time to be mad.
They just nodded. May I add, with HORROR.
Before I left I knew Glo would wanna know how I turned into a human and she would want to to turn back herself. So I took the antivampirism liquid with me. It reeked of garlic. And with just that, I left.
So, it turns out I'm a horrible athlete. It took me 40 minutes to walk to Gloria's house and it would have took me 5 if I was a vampire. I also tripped. Twice. I couldn't see. Everything I look at is blurry. Is this supposed to happen?
When I FINALLY get to Gloria's house, I knock on the door excitedly. My hour of human was soon gonna be over. Her sister Diane answers.
- Hi Fanny. She smiles.
You couldn't help but feel all warm inside when Diane's around.
Unless you're stuck as a vampire in a human's body.
Gloria's sister went to the 12th grade when the summer is over. She was very smart. She went from a funky crazy dancing rock star in middle school to a sophisticated and talented young woman. Her crazy red and purple streaks in her hair were gone and her perfect long blond hair was cut down to shoulder length and she had bangs now. Her neon rainbow glasses were replaced by green contacts that brought out the green in her eyes, which was hard to notice because her eyes were more hazel. Her grades changed from Bs and Cs to all As. But her smile was still that old happy smile that I remember since when I was in first grade.
- Hi! Is Gloria here? I need to see her as soon as possible.
- Yeah, she ran to her room as soon as she came. I never saw her run so fast before. By the way, do you know what's up with the new look?
I made a mental note to tell Glo to be more careful running around people.
- Yeah, um, I don't really know.
- Well, anyway, come on in.
And I did. But everything was so blurry I tripped and fell.
- Whooooa. Are you okay? Be careful. Diane said.
- I'm fine.
But really I wasn't. I had blisters and cuts and bruisers everywhere. I limped upstairs to Glo's room.
And I tripped on the stairs. UGGHHHHHH SERIOUSLY?!?!
Everything was so BLURRY!
I tried to get up and couldn't. So I just called Glo.
- Glooooooo! Gloriaaaa! Glooooooo.
- I heard you, I heard you! Wasn't I supposed to come to you? And why are you hurt? I thought vampires can't get hurt.
- Help me up first, will ya?
- Sure, sure.
She helped me stand up. I had a big bruise and a cut flowing blood out of it because I hit a sharp edge. It took me 2 seconds to realize I have to hide from Gloria.
She looked at my cut like she usually did to bacon or candy. It looked like she was about to drool.
- Hey, Fang, why, why do you have a bloody cut? And why does it smell so DELICIOUS?
That's when I started to limp over to the balcony.
- GLO DON'T COME IN HERE!!! If you do you'll smell the blood. I mean, MY blood.
It gave me shivers to say that.
She was soon turning back to normal. We talked over the glass door.
- Wait, I thought vamps didn't have blood.
- They don't. But before I start to explain, is everything very blurry to humans?
- No, not at all! Except if you need glasses. Wait, why are you asking?
- Why do you think I tripped?! FOUR TIMES?!?!
- Ohhhh... Here just wait a second!
She left the room and went to Diane's room. Since the balcony connects the 2 rooms, I could see her going through a bunch of drawers leaving a mess behind where it was all neat and clean.
Finally, she pulls something very bright out. It was her sister's old glasses! Diane's old funky neon glasses!
- Here. I'll leave the room and you get them.
She puts them by the balcony door and as she's about to go, I yell.
- I can't wear these! Oh, and bring a bandage for me.
- Why? And okey dokey!
- Because they're rainbow! And funky! Crazy rock star glasses! That's NOT me.
- Well, okaaaay. I guess I'll just bring more bandages then.
Ughhh. She was right. I hate it when she's right.
- Fine.
I could see her grin as she left for a bandage.
I opened the door and got the glasses.
I put them on. I could see so much clearer now. Not as clear as a vampire, but better than before.
I rushed to the bathroom to wash off the blood which was getting my whole leg red.
When I got back, Glo was already there.
- Here's your band-aid. She said handing me it. It was one of those big square ones.
- Can you still smell my blood?
- Little bit. She said with a painful look on her face.
Yeah. I know how it feels. It takes lots of practice to not jump and suck the blood out.
Suddenly, her eyes grew with shock.
- Ah, you finally noticed.
She rolled her eyes.
- Alright! -I continued- Exar was trying to make poison again—
And I cracked up at Gloria's expression. Her face was hilarious.
- Okay, okay, so he accidentally made antivampirism and it looked like blood and I was thirsty so I drank it and... This.
Her expression changed to excitement. It "glo-ed". Hehe.
- YOU HAVE THE CURE?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
- Yes. And—
She screamed.
And screamed.
And screamed.
- YOU HAVE TO TURN ME FIRST! I finished my sentence with her screaming in the background.
She immediately stopped screaming
- No.
My heart fell.
- Why... Nnnnot? I managed to choke out.
- Because! You made me suffer and cry and cry even more now YOU have to know what it feels like to be human.
I can feel cold tears coming down my cheeks. No. She couldn't do this to me.
- You've only been "suffering" for a day!
I rolled my eyes and before I could think I went over to the balcony, took it out of my purse, and poured everything down on the grass.
She gasped and a look of anger flashed on her face.
- Oh yes I did. I snapped. Maybe I shouldn't fight with a vampire.
- Can vampires fly? She asked completely off subject.
- Only if you turn into a bat. I said mockingly.
- I CAN DO THAT? Cool!
And right before my eyes, she jumped over the balcony. She flapped her arms a few times but, obviously, that doesn't turn you into one. She fell on the grass.
Oh. My. Gosh. I ran down to see if she's okay, but couldn't help and laugh about how stupid that was.
When I to down, she was perfectly fine, licking the grass where the cure landed. I couldn't help but giggle again.
- That doesn't work.
- Yeah, I KNOW. That's why I'm not a bat right now.
- I meant licking the grass! You CAN turn into a bat, but I don't know how to do it. Ancient, 1000 year old vampires do.
- Oh. Well, I feel pretty stupid right now. But that doesn't mean I'm not super mad!
- I'm the one that's angry!
- Well then fine! Be a human then!
- Fine!
And she hissed. Wow. That was... professional for a newbie
Right after she did that, a huge plant grew where the antivampirism landed. It was almost as tall as Gloria with a sharp red point at the top. I think I know what that stands for.
- Whoa. She said
But I was already leaving.
I can't believe she's gonna make me stay like this!
I would've hissed at her if I could...
As I limped back to my house, tears filling up my (Diane's) crazy glasses.
I walked even slower back to my house. I went all the way here for nothing! Now I have to eat real food! And be human! And not have super speed! And strength! And being able to heal in less than a second! I don't drink blood, I HAVE blood. 15 minutes passed. I see a blur and hear a whoosh when the wind spins me around, with me tripping ending that. Ow. This time I hit myself real hard. My lip was bleeding and my hands were in hundreds of cuts. I had a huge bruise on my knee and it was also bleeding. In addition to that, blisters covered my feet and my arms and legs were covered with MORE bruises.
The wind that made me fly was Glo passing by.
- At least you don't get THIS as a vampire. I said, pointing to my cuts.
She ignored that.
- I'm sorry, I shouldn't have gotten mad, I know that if I was human, no one would be able to turn you back to a vamp.
- So you'll turn me? I asked hopefully.
- I didn't say that I didn't mean what I told you earlier. You have to know what it feels like to be the opposite of what you are.
- You do know as soon as you turn me, I'll turn you back so I can't do it until I'm back as a vampire.
- Yeah, I figured. I can accept the challenge. It's... It's actually... Pretty fun.
She whispered the last part. If she could blush, she would have.
Well, of course it was fun! Vampires are awesome!!!
- Well, I don't wanna be weaker than you -she wasn't just the shortest, she was also the weakest, but I was a vamp then so, what do I know?- So I'll take the challenge.
She half smiled at my "joke".
- So when will you turn me back?
- After school starts.
That made me gag. I have to go to school in this thing (I mean my HUMAN body)?! People know me as the quiet girl with NO TAN and now I'll be all like "hey I'm so social and friendly and human" and then back to the quiet pale girl. They'll know something's going on!
- And you'll actually have to talk to people. To invite them to your birthday party.
Well this is getting worse and worse.
My school starts in a week. Other schools start a week later but OUR DOESN'T! It's stupid. My birthday is in 3 weeks in September. I have to stay like this for 3 weeks? Or go to my birthday party as a vampire? Ughhhhh.
I just noticed that I was still hungry. For actual food. And tired.
- Gloria, can you take me home. I'm tired. And hungry.
She smiled.
- Sure.
Everything was turning upside down. And I thought I had lots of problems when I WASN'T human.
Upside down.
Everything is upside down.
I'm Human.

Gloria carried me as she ran, even quicker than I did.
- Hey, Fanny? Do you have any ...blood? I'm thirsty. Glo asks.
- Do you think if we had blood I would be human right now?! And don't call me FANNY!!!
- Jeez, I'm just asking.
- Sorry, I'm just nervous. And upset.
And in no longer than 30 seconds, I yelled:
- Why?! We're almost there.
- I just realized something.
- What?!
- We DO have blood. I have blood! I choked on that answer.
- Oh. You want me to drink... From... You? She looks disgusted.
- Hey! Fine, lose control and/or starve than.
- You're so cranky today.
- So are you!
Everything changed in a day. What a horrible day.
- Um. Okay. How do you do this? Glo asks uncertainly.
- Hiss. And bite. And suck like from a straw. It's really not that hard.
I have never thought it would feel like this being bitten.
More than 3000 years ago, my lots-of-greats grandma asked a vampire to bite her. See, about 4000 years ago, a woman named Wilhelmina Hayes combined the DNA of a bat, human, mosquito, cat, cheetah, spider, chameleon, and snake. And she made the first ever vampire who she called (VERY) stupidly Vamp Bryce. (I know, right?) . He started spreading the vampirism, not knowing how to control his power. He didn't know what's the difference between drinking and turning and did them both. A thousand years later, there were vampires EVERYWHERE. You might not notice them, but any shy kid or emo in your neighborhood could be one (not now, then; it's different now). My great - great - lots - of - greats grandma was human. But she found out that the baby girl across the street wasn't. She got thirsty and started whining while my granny came up to cheer her up. So, of course, the little baby bit her. But she didn't just bite, she accidentally turned her too. And it took painful months for my grandma to become one. At first, she didn't know what was happening, and when she did, she was devastated. But then, it turned out that she liked, even loved, her new position. While humans were still just learning, vamps already knew stuff humans know NOW. And when she got older, she bit her fiancé right before they got married. And I'm the first one in 3000 years to be human!
Being bitten feels like...
Never before.
Like someone is taking a part of you, but giving a part back.
You wanna laugh. And cry. And laugh and cry again.
It's amazing. And terrifying.
I could feel Gloria was taking too much, but before I could say anything, I fainted.
When I opened my eyes, I was dizzy. What a weird feeling.
- Ummm... Was this supposed to happen? Gloria asked.
- Based on my tripping, yes. But based on common sense, no!
- Oops. Sorry.
- It's okay. It's just that... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I have fell like 10 times today! IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY ANYMORE.
- Who said it was funny?
- I saw your smirk, girl.
- Whoops.
- How long have I been out?
- 10 minutes.
- Great. Just peachy!
Breathe, Fanganne - I told myself.
- Just take me home please. I said when I was calm.
When I got home, I found my mom standing with the twins next to her.
- First one in 3000 years. Mom said, and, of course, I knew what she meant.
- Mom, my.... Everything... Hurts.
- Aww, sweetie, it's okay. Where'd you get the glasses?
- Diane's.
- Right.
- Come in, come in. You need to go wash the blood of your face or something. It's making Exar drool.
I looked at my brother with a shocked look on my face.
- I can't control it! He exclaimed.
I went into the bathroom and took a shower, which I haven't in a very long time. Vampires just don't stink.
When I saw a drop of blood on my shoulder, I licked it off. Ew! It tastes disgusting!
My skin burn. I waited, and it still burned.
We obviously didn't have any bandages.
Mom heard my mind and told Gloria:
- Gloria, can you go get some band-aids? And get some real food. The pharmacy is next to the grocery store, and they're both very close.
- Sure. Where are they?
Mom gave her a map of the city.
- Okey-dokey. Be right back.
I walked toward the couch.
My feet hurt. My legs hurt. My everything hurt.
Exar scooted over when I sat down.
And I appreciated that.
Soon, Glo was back. I used up nearly all my band-aids. There were some on my face, my arms, my legs. Even my neck because that's where Gloria bit me.
I'm just tired.
I picked up a banana. I remember when Glo smashed one once and she had to eat mashed bananas. I never tried bananas.
Well, at least they're yellow.
I took a bite.
It was very soft. And I guess it was good.
I got a tomato and ate that too.
And some cucumbers. And fried chicken, which turned out surprisingly tasty.
I was full, but still tired. I went to lie down on my bed, and was soon asleep.
The only problem is its not comfortable in a bed that's coffin shaped. You have to climb in and out. And it's not that soft.
I'll just tell Mom that tomorrow.
Exar&Luna's B-day party

I will never get used to this.
When I woke up, my mom made pancakes, scrambled eggs, and bacon. Are you kidding me? It's like I was human for... Ever!
I ate the pancakes and eggs, but the bacon was too fat. I can't help it, I took a bite and hated it.
Unlike tomatoes. LOL.
- How can you not like bacon?!?!?!?! Gloria yells at me.
- How can you not like blood? I replied
- I do. Like blood, I mean. She looks at me stupidly.
So, now we're at the furniture store, buying me a bed. A bed! It's not like I'm gonna stay like this forever.
Glo, on the other hand, seems to be doing just fine. It calmed her down that I'm a human now. Which makes no sense.
Ugh. Ugh. Ugh. I hate being human. I got a bed that's... A bed... And... How do you people do this? I burst out crying in the car.
Gloria looked at me dumbly. This is the second time today.
- Don't you just LOVE being human?
I gave her a sarcastic blah look.
And she hissed at me.
- Excuse me?!
- Yeah... Excuse you.
What the heck?
My mom interrupts and I can't help but notice she's talking to my dad on the phone.
- No, you have to come back now. She's HUMAN....
My dad was on a trip to this... Um... Vampire meeting... Somewhere in Europe. I'm not sure where.
In about 10 minutes, we stop at some place. It's a big building and I can already feel colder, which I have never experienced before. Huh.
- What's going on? I ask
Luna stares at me like I've been missing out something important.
- It's my birthday. She says slowly.
Oh my Gosh! It is! She's wearing her pretty poufy dress! It's the twins' birthday! I can't believe I forgot!!!
- Happy birthday?
She smiles a big grin.
We exit and go to this... Big... Place... Thingy.
- So, what is this place? I finally ask.
- Ice-skating rink. Exar replies. He's also dressed nice. Unlike most days - his closet consists of lab coats.
We enter and I have goose bumps. It's FREEZING! Apparently, Gloria sees that and mockingly takes her jacket off but not without saying:
- Is it hot in here or is it just me?
I stare at her like she's just said 1+1=9. ARG. WHY CAN'T I BE A VAMPIRE?! She just wants to torture me!
We rented these shoe thingies with blades which are apparently called SKATES.
And my tripping continues.
When we get on the ice, I fall. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!?! When I hit the floor, ice and little bits of snow are all over me. I scream.
- What's wrong? My mom asks.
- I'm COLD!!! I reply.
- Oh. Right. Here. Have Gloria's jacket.
She handed me her jacket which was way too small but WHO CARES?
Soon, Exar and Luna's friends were starting to arrive. I can't believe they had so many friends. They're vampires!
Everyone got a scarf that had 2 colors. Which was perfect, because it was COLD. I got a yellow and red one, Glo got a green and blue one, Exar got a light blue and dark blue one, and finally Luna got a pink and red one.
We had this "room" reserved that was decorated in pink, red, blue, and purple. As much as I hate to admit it, it was really fun and I was kind of jealous.
We skated for about an hour and then everyone came to eat. We ate pepperoni pizza with fruit punch while the twins and Glo had some other "red punch" which was not juice at all.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but...
I loved it. It was super fun.
Before everyone went home, the birthday girl and boy gave out favors. They were different for boys and girls, and Glo and I got:
• A snowflake light blue pencil
• Luv2Skate note pad
• A 2-colored scarf they got at the beginning
• Snowflake stamps
• A necklace with a snowflake charm
• Snowflake lip gloss
So, obviously, it was snowflake themed. At least for Luna's side. I'm not sure, but I think this is what the boys got:
• A snowflake dark blue pencil
• Ice skating note pad (it wasn't girly like the girls got)
• A 2-colored scarf they got in the beginning
• Snowflake stamps
• Winter paddle-balls
When we got home, something hit me:
- Glo, what will your parents think of you staying here?!
- Relax, I went home last night and came back early. I told them I was sleeping over tonight.
- Oh. Well, you're gonna have to sleep at night then. 'Cause it's like, 6 or 7 now.
- That explains why I'm so tired.
- You're gonna have to like, change your schedule so you can go to sleep at night, so your mom and dad won't get suspicious.
- I know, I know. But didn't you say vamps only sleep 1 or 2 hours a day?
- Yessss. Now you'll have to lie in bed for about... 7 hours!
She sighs.
I go in my room and gasp.
Where's my so called "bed"? Why is there a... A... A bed!?!?! A normal one I mean.
Oh, it's the one from the store. They must've put it here.
At least I'll be more comfortable.
- I DON'T WANNA BE A HUMAN!!!!! I burst in tears.
I plop down on my new... normal... human bed and cry myself to sleep.
Oh why did I ever see that movie?
Hard to believe I wasn't expecting this.

Gloria wakes me up at about 1 AM. I scream because I just had a nightmare. I never ever had dreams before. It's weird.
But the thing is, Glo didn't wake me up by tapping me on my shoulder. Not even pouring a bucket of icy water on my face.
A pinch woke me up and I then I realized it wasn't a pinch.
And then I saw glowing red lights.
And then I remembered that newborn vampires need to feed much more often than normal ones.
And THEN I realized I'm gonna die.
I didn't even care.
- Hi Gloria... I sighed.
Of course she didn't understand.
I am so tired of living like this. I don't even care right now.
But apparently everybody heard my scream and Mom could hear what Glo and I were thinking.
What happened next was...
Something you won't see everyday!
Exar and Luna had some bottles of blood and were trying to lure Glo away. Mom pulled her from me.
Then Glo growled at her.
And my mom hissed back.
And they both lost control.
The twins somehow got affected in this too. I was just staring at this... What seemed like a cat fight.
If I was there, I would be dead. But if they didn't come, I would still be dead.
Soooo, my chances of living are from 1 to 0 percent.
At about 2 AM, there was blood everywhere in my room.
And some of it was mine.
The bottles that we used to lure Glo away broke in an explosion-type-of-way and blood was dripping from the ceiling. Glo somehow got away from everyone for a moment, and bit me once again. But I yanked my arm away and now MY blood was on MY bed. AND I was bleeding.
Gloria was... Well... Let me just say how she looks:
• Pale
• Red-eyes
• Red-lips
• Long fangs
• Violent
• Polka-dot pajamas drenched and dripping in blood
• Blood dripping from mouth
• Creepy!!!
I'm like, OMG!
Heh. Hehe. I was just standing there. Maybe I will bleed all my blood and die. That doesn't sound so bad.
Ok, so now I'm starting to bleed INTENSELY. It's coming right out of me and I might have to go to the hospital.
And, of course, I fainted.
No, just kidding.
I wake up dizzy, lying on my bed.
I try to stand up but I can't.
- What happened? I asked, but it turned out to be a whisper.
- You lost a lot of blood. I'm sorry. It's my fault. My mom replied
- It's not your fault.
- I forgot that we have to feed Gloria now... Mom sighs.
- Oh. Still!
- I am so sorry, Fanny.
- It's fine, Mom. Really! It's not your fault.
- But I—!
- I know.
She finally stops protesting.
And something hit me.
- Relax, we managed to calm her down by giving her one of the baby bottles with blood.
I laugh.
- It turns out you have her favorite blood type. {She continues.
My eyes bug out.
- A NEGATIVE? Really?!
- Yeah.
We just sit in silence for a moment.
She HAD my and I have HER favorite.
I start crying.
- Oh, sunny, it's okay. You'll be better. I'm sorry.
- Its not that. Everything is so different now.
- Sometimes, different is best.
- That doesn't make any sense.
- You'll see.
Umm, NO I won't: I think in my head.
But I never realized how much I loved my mom. But she was always there, calming me down. I felt so... Human. Sigh.
- Sorry to interrupt this fascinating conversation, but what are we going to do with this situation? Glo burst in my room.
- I guess I'll leave you two alone, then. Mom said. I can tell she thought we were gonna talk this out.
And she left.
- I don't feel comfortable being close to you. I said sarcastically.
She rolled her eyes and bit me playfully.
- OW! Is this becoming a habit now? I yelled.
- Yes, yes it is. She joked.
She looked uncomfortable.
- What is it? I ask.
- It's just... You... Taste... So... GOOD!
And then I moved a step away from her.
- What is wrong with you?! I scream.
- I don't know. Ask yourself. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be one of you freak-os!
- And if it wasn't for you I wouldn't... Oh. Well. Never mind.
She just chuckles. I find chuckle a funny word.
- Fanny—
- Fang, I was serious. What are we going to do with this now? You can't do much now that I have accidentally hurt you.
- There is only one thing to do. Turn me back. I'll turn you back after.
- But—
- No.
- Are you sure?
- Two hundred percent.
- You won't ever have adventures like this again, Fanny— Fang.
- Please. I am so tired of this.
She gives in.
- Okay. Glo whispers.
She takes my arm.
- Do you know how to do it?
- I think so.
And she gets ready.
Finally, my human life is officially OVER.
Can't say it was fun.
"Gloria, I swear, when I turn back I'm going to—"

I am smiling so wide. Yay! I can't believe this is finally happening. I watch Glo every second as she moves close and closer to my arm in what seems to be slow motion. Yay again! Everything is going to go back to normal. Soon. Now. As my excitement bulges on and on and my human heart beats faster and faster every second, I can see the expression on Gloria's face. It's not a good one. Then, instead of going in for a bite, she hesitates, and completely stops and moves away.
- No. She says clearly and strictly.
- Glo! You said you would! WHY?!
- You have never experienced how to be human. -she continues- it's something that won't happen ever again. Exar won't make that potion again - he already learned how to make poison. By the way, WHY would that boy EVER need that?! But still, there are things that you just NEED to do as a human, before you turn back. Believe me, it's for your own good. I am surprisingly starting to like vampires. You will too. Please. You won't be sorry.
- Gloria, I swear, when I turn back I'm going to—
- Everything okay here? My mom comes in and interrupts my threat.
- Yes mom. Everything is juuuust peachy! I say sarcastically.
- Well. I'm just checking. I already know you're hurt. But it's okay, you have every right to get mad.
She thought I was being sarcastic because I was hurt.
Aaand he leaves.
- You're going to what? Glo asks.
- I don't know. Like, WHATEVER! Believe me, I'll think of something!
- Heh. Yeah, right.
I ignored her.
- Wait, aren't you supposed to leave today?
- YEAH! DARN! How am I supposed to "pretend" to be human?
- Just force yourself to eat a little bit of what they give you. You never ate that much anyway. And stay in your room.
- Okay...
- Now change into clothes that DON'T reek of blood. And TAKE A SHOWER. Even I can smell MY OWN blood.
- Great. See ya...
So that's how I'm still human, lying in a bed while my sheets are stained with my own blood.
1 week later...

- Why can't I just skip school for a year? - I whine while getting my backpack ready. The past week I have been just training to be human. It was exhausting.
- Don't be obnoxious, Fanny, everyone has to go to school. - My mom replies.
- I just don't get it.... I already know everything they will be learning. AND everybody will be suspicious!
- Oh, please, they won't notice anything. I doubt that you're gonna have classes with them, anyway. Decides, you should be excited – this is your first year in high school!
I sigh.
I grab my lunchbox and backpack and head out. I've never been so nervous in my life - I hate this feeling.
Mom starts the car and we drive in silence. When we get closer, I see the sign - "Sacramento High School. Go Tigers!" Ugh. Why put me in this torture?
After a minute of consideration, I decide this is Gloria's fault. And right in time, she calls.
- Where are you? Hurry! She says
- This is all your fault. I blurt out.
- Huh?
- Never mind. Um, we're on out way. I see the entrance now.
Mom interrupts:
- Sweetie, it's time. She says softy.
I moan and get out of the car.
- Don't forget to turn off your cellphone! Good luck! She yells after me.
I take a glance and fake a smile toward Mom. I take out my map and schedule and try to find my location.
- FANNY! Gloria screams.
- What?! You startled me - you came out of nowhere.
- Aren't you EXCITED? Your first day of high school AND you're human!
- How is that a good thing?
- Come on! She ignores my comment, grabs my hand, and runs to the direction of her class.
- Um, I REALLY gotta get to class!
- Relax, relax, we have homeroom together.
- How do you know that?
- Check our schedules.
Hm. She's right. I notice the schedules are printed out in different colors - i have purple, Glo has green, and I see some people have blue and orange. Then, I take out the map and look how far my classes are from each other.
- Dude, my classes are SO far apart! I'll always be late! I screech.
- HA! Just get used to it, it's only for a while. Then I'll turn you back.
- YES!
Gloria rolls her eyes.
The day seems to have passed so slowly.
In most of my classes, the teacher passed out a paper we need to fill out, and most of it were our hobbies, favorites, and such. We also played "get to know you games," like "Four Truths and a Lie" or "Icebreaker". In "Four Truths and a Lie" every person said four truths and one lie about themselves and everyone else had to guess which one is a lie. In "Icebreaker" we had to state a couple of facts about ourselves, depending on what our teacher told us (EX. Favorite color, favorite sport, name of pet, etc.).
In study hall, which I also have with Gloria, we just had to read, but the person who was supposed to watch us let us talk since it's the first day of school so obviously we have nothing to study.
In music (which I DON'T have with Gloria) our teacher, Ms. Mills, said that the subject was going to be based on two parts: voice and instrument. Everyone had to choose and instrument. I picked piano. Just like all other classes, we then played games and talked.
Lunch. I got into the cafeteria and it was full of 9th graders. It was exhausting trying to find Gloria. Thankfully, I saw her somewhere, SOCIALIZING with OTHER HUMANS.
- What the heck are you doing?! I asked.
- Talking to people. That's how you make friends. She explained in a voice that made it sound like she was talking to a 2-year-old.
- You were supposed to meet me by the entrance.
- Whoops, I forgot. Sorry. She shoot me an apology smile.
I sighed.
- Just please don't forget again. I'm new to this.
Only her and I knew what I was talking about.
- Um... Hi? A small girl sitting next to Gloria finally spoke.
- Oh! Sorry, Em. Fanny, this is Emily, Emily, this is Fanny. Gloria introduced us.
- Well hi, "Em". I said while giving Gloria a "how the HECK did you make a friend in 2 minutes" look.
Emily blushed.
Emily was short, not as short as Gloria used to be, but short. She had tan skin and curly, long, dirty blonde hair. Her eyes were light brown. She was wearing white shorts and a purple shirt. She also had a bunch of colorful bangle bracelets on her wrist. Emily seemed shy.
- Sit. Gloria commanded.
I sat down next to Gloria.
The rest of the school day passed quickly.
When I got home, Mom was there with millions of questions.
- So, did anybody get suspicious? Se asked.
- No.
- See? I told you.
She was right. But this was just the first day, the beginning of a new beginning.

Homeroom—————Mrs. Smith———Room 332
1. Language Arts.——Ms. Colleen——–Room 225
2. Math–——————Mr. Jones–———Room 186
3. Study Hall————————––––——Computer Lab
4. Music——————-Ms. Mills————Room 023
5. Social Studies——–Mr. Ray————–Room 467
6. Science—————-Mrs. Williams——Room 511
7. French—————–-Ms. Martin———-Room 348

Homeroom———–———Mrs. Smith——–-—Room 332
1. Physical Education——Coach Brown——–Gym
2. Social Studies––———Mr. Ray–———–—Room 467
3. Study Hall—————-—————––––——Computer Lab
4. Language Arts————Mr. Wales————Room 502
5. Science—————-—–Ms. Zona—––-——Room 113
6. Math————————-Mrs. Tonnelle—–—Room 447
7. French————–——–-Ms. Martin—–——-Room 348
MORE people?

The next day, we get some textbooks and all that in school, but I don't care about that. Lunch is the real challenge for me. I meet Gloria at the same table we sat at yesterday.
This time, Emily looked a little different... Less shy? Her hair was straightened and she wore skinny jeans with a tank top, which I'm pretty sure we're not allowed to wear.
But there were some other people with them - one with the lightest blonde hair and the other with hazel eyes,
The blonde one was sitting next to the 'hazel-eyes' and across from Gloria. Meaning Gloria was sitting next to Emily leaving me with NO SPACE TO SIT.
- Gloria. I say coldly, while she seems to be laughing and having a good time with her 'friends'.
- Oh. Hi. She abruptly stops cracking up.
- Can I sit?
She FINALLY realizes I don't have a place to sit and tries to move a little.
I sit down on the edge, and I'm kind of squished and about to fall off, but I don't complain.
- Who are these people? —I whisper so low, only she can hear.
Glo seems surprised she could hear something so low in sound, but no DUUUH. She's a vampire. Only if I was.....
- SO! Everyone, this is Fanny! Fanny, this is Melissa, or Mel -hazel–eyes- and Krystal -the blonde.
Melissa had hazel eyes, like I said, and was just a tiny bit tan. Her hair was walnut brown, wavy, and in a long ponytail. She had some freckles on her cheeks and nose. Melissa was wearing plain jean shorts and a tee, with gray converse shoes. Her nails were painted black, and started chipping. She also had eyeliner on, but not as much as the other one.
I can definitely see why she's named Krystal. She has icy blue eyes that stare into your soul. Her platinum blonde hair was straight and cut into a bob. She was really pale, not as much as a vampire of course, but she was pretty close. Her clothes looked a little like a punk's with a lot of black and some blue. Her earrings were jelly spikes that were a navy blue, instead of the icy blue she wore on her clothes to match her eyes. She was almost as tall as me.
Everyone except Krystal say hi.
- Anyway, AS I WAS SAYING, I can't believe my mom ALMOST put me in ADVANCED MATH, I mean, I have a D in math and she thought it's gonna help me! -Krystal said.
- I know what you mean, I HATE math. -Glo joined in in the conversation- Unlike nerd Fanny here, who thinks Geometry is easy.
So I'm a nerd now! Lovely. Not my fault vampires are super smart.
Krystal eyed me suspiciously.
- How do you know, you haven't even learned it yet? She says.
- Actually, I took it last year. I'm taking Algebra II Honors this year. I say rubbing it in her face.
- An you're telling me you managed to keep an A all year?
- Yes.
I don't like this conversation.
- So, guys, what IS your favorite subject? Mine is art. -Emily seems to have read my thoughts and jumps in to save me. She actually seems nice.
- Language Arts, probably. -Melissa says.
- Lunch. Or PE. -Krystal announces slamming her sandwich at the table.
- I dunno, science? -Gloria says. Now it's my turn.
- Um, I guess math...
Krystal rolls her eyes. Then she whispers something to Melissa and I can hear some parts of the conversation because Mel is a really bad whisperer. Stuff like "are you crazy" and "she seems nice, just give her a chance". Plus, Gloria is a vampire so she can hear them and by the look on her face I can tell the conversation ain't pretty.
I do not like Krystal.
When they're finished, Krystal acts rude about the whole thing and pretends like nothing happened.
- What's your favorite color. -Glo blurts out. It wasn't even a question, she said it like a statement. I give her a look like "what the heck..."
- Green and, um, orange. -Mel says.
- Red and yellow. Actually, just yellow. -I say. Krystal gives me a weird look.
- I like purple. -Emily says.
-Blue. -Krystal says.
- Cool. Mine is also blue, but I like pink too. And some other colors too. -Gloria says, being overly social.
- You like pink?! -Krystal exclaims.
- Yeah, I mean, It's not the best color, but I like it. Why? -Gloria seems rattled.
- It's so girly! Why else? I HATE girly people.
You know what, I'm really getting tired of her.
I mean, I'm not girly at all, but she is just so RUDE.
Only if she knew that Glo could actually kill her just like that. I could too, but.... When I turn back...
As I was about to scream my heart out at her, i can see Emily starts feeling uncomfortable. I know exactly why. She's girly, but she's nice.
- I like pink too. -Em muffles.
- Yeah, just because someone likes pink, doesn't mean they are girly. And just because someone is girly, that doesn't make them bad people. At least some of them are NICE. -I say, glaring my eyes at Krystal, giving her a death stare.
- Unlike you? -Okay, that girl is evil. I've lost it.
- FREAKING WHAT?!?! I'M the one that mean?!
I'm just seconds away from jumping across the table and—
I'm not a vampire anymore, and I'm pretty sure that she is stronger than me, so I won't bother.
My heart tells me one thing, but my brain says another.
Lunch is almost over, and I'm about to faint from exhaustion and HORRIBLE PEOPLE. Blah.
Krystal apparently doesn't answer me, and she and Mel have a whispered conference again.
- So. -Gloria says to everyone but looks at Krystal when they are done- Is your hair really naturally that light?
Haha. I was wondering the same thing, of course, but this is literally the worst time to actually ask her.
- Yeah. -Krystal answers and kind of looks at her dumbly but you can tell she is at least trying to be nicer.
- Cool. -Gloria says, nodding- It's rare.
You can always count on Glo to ask weird questions at the worst time.
The bell rings, ending our lunch period. This means I go to science, and Glo goes to math.
- Hey, what do you guys have next period? -Asks Mel, and we all compare schedules.
Mel has science with me, while Krystal has math with Glo. Figures, they both hate math. Emily has Social Studies next, but she has French with Gloria and me last period.
We don't really look at any classes before lunch, and neither Krystal nor Melissa have French with the 3 of us.
- Well, bye. -I mumble as Gloria and I start walking to class. Our classes are close to each other, and even though Mel and Krystal have the same classes as us (Mel with me and Krystal with Glo), we don't want to walk with them. I don't want to walk with them.
- Hardcore. -Gloria whispers when we're out of the earshot and far away from them.
- No kidding. Krystal is evil. -I say.
- I meant how you yelled at her.
- Oh. -I answer with a pause- It's not my fault she was acting like a brat.
- I know.. You did the right thing. I think.
I just sigh.
We climb upstairs to the main hallway of 9th graders. My class is at the end of it, to the left. Gloria's is in the middle on the right. When we reach her classroom, I wave bye and continue going to mine. I walk in and sit in my assigned seat, which I chose myself (where you sit on the first day of school is your assigned seat for the rest of the quarter). Mrs. Williams comes in and tells us we will be doing another get-to-know-you partner activity, and then watching a scientific short film. She tells us to find a partner and I try to find Melissa, because even though I don't like Krystal, Mel is actually kind of nice.
- So. -I breathe.
- So. -She continues.
- Wanna be my partner? -I ask.
- I was just about to ask YOU.
I sit down in the sit next to her, while 2 of the students pass out a worksheet. I get ready to start on it, and then Melissa says something.
- Fanny, I'm sorry about what happened with Krystal. She usually isn't like this, you know? She just had a bad day, because of.... Never mind. The point is, I hope you guys would still be friends and if not, I hope we can be friends. -She smiles and I smile back.
Huh. Interesting.
Um, NO thanks

"Fanny, your birthday is in exactly 2 weeks!" says excited Gloria the next day at lunch. It's Wednesday , August 14th. My birthday is August 28th.
Mel and Krystal aren't here today, and I'm starting to get the feeling they move tables every time they eat lunch. Emily is here though, and not wanting to get in with all the vampire stuff with Emily here, I hope Gloria gets the hint when I talk to her.
"You HAVE to have a HUGE birthday party!"
I see she doesn't care. Great.
"Oh, please, Gloria, I'm turning 15, it's not such a huge deal" I answer.
Gloria glares her green eyes at me.
I know she's been a vampire for a while, but I'm still not used to the fierce green eyes she has now, when before they were just hazel.
I understand that this is my only way out of this whole mess (and by that I mean being a human), so hesitantly say "I guess I could do a get-together, but I don't know who to invite! I don't have have that much friends."
"I'll definitely come" says Emily reassuring me.
Well gee thanks.
"Come on, Fanny! You know you want to!" says Glo, with the widest smile I have ever seen, but only I know it's actually a smirk.
"Sure, I guess so..." I say, giving Gloria a 'we will talk about it later' look.
"Well…" Glo continues "WHERE ARE YOU HAVING IT?"
"I DON'T KNOW GLORIA, you JUST gave me the idea to have it." I say, before realizing that sounded harsh in front of Emily. So I quickly add "I guess like a laser tag place or just a party".
"Cool, but what's laser tag?" asks Gloria.
Okay, even I know what laser tag is , and I'm a vampire! Well… was a vampire, anyway. But she is… WAS a human for most of her life.
"I've never played before but heard that it's fun" I answer with a poker face.
"Oh, it's SUPER fun!" says Emily.
"I'm SO looking forward to it!!!" screeches Glo.
UGH, I don't WANNA have a birthday party. It's just one more year closer to forever.
Unless someone murders me of course, but it's really hard to kill a vampire.
"Have you ever had tacos?" asks Gloria.
Why. Not even with a question mark, just why would she ask me that.
"No, Gloria" I say like she doesn't already know that.
"Gee, I just wanted to ask." I look at her with the eyes that say 'if I was a vampire right now, I would suck all the blood out of your body'. I mean, of course I wouldn't do it, but her current reminders that I'm human are really making me mad.
"You should like totally make your party amazing and awesome and like have the laser tag and then make a huge party with music and swag." continues Glo with her crazy talk.
I just ignore the rest of the lunch period.
When it's time to dump the trash, I pay attention to Krystal as she slowly tries to get closer and closer to me. She and Mel are having some weird glances and finally Krystal comes up and says "Um sorry. I was just a little mad because school started. Any little thing ticked me off. I'm not usually that mean."
For some reason, I want to believe her, I really do. But there is no way the last statement is true. I might not be a vampire anymore, but my old vampire senses can still definitely feel that she is trouble. But not wanting to be rude (LIKE HER) I lie "It's okay."

A deal is a deal, I'm not going to change it, I just didn't want Glo getting in all the vampire business yesterday. She was going overboard with it.
Butttt like I said a deal is a deal, UNFORTUNATELY, so I'm gonna have to have a birthday party if I wanna EVER become an immortal blood-sucker again.
Today is Thursday and I'm overloading my mouth with candy. You know, trying to get rid of the pain of being a human. Anyway some kid gave out A BUNCH of candy yesterday at the end of lunch and I tried some and I love it so I bought like 5 huge bags of my own. I don't have any homework so...
This stuff really works.
Suddenly, I become really woozy and start acting like I've probably never acted before.
Like a human.
Next thing I know, I'm blasting pop-rock music as loud as I can into my headphones and screaming along with it. All the bad words and very high notes I can't reach.
So this is what they call a sugar high.
WELL GUESS WHAT??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I'M VERY HYPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I run out the door, only grabbing my phone and the headphones (still playing the music of course). Oh, and also my wallet. All I tell my mom is "MOM I'M GOING OUT" and leave before she protests. Because WHO CARES if I die right now? If I stay human? If anything at all happens?
"Might as well make this interesting" I whisper to myself while flashing pictures of every person I saw the past few days in my head.
I really don't know where to go and honestly don't care. So I hit the first place an average high school teen human girl would - the mall.
I never personally liked it - too much bright clothing, fashion trends, and all that useless stuff. Which makes no sense, because no one ever wears bright clothes. I take my bike there, because it's pretty close and I can't drive yet. Yet. Well, I CAN, but laws are laws after all so I'm not allowed to.
Little did I know my wallet would be completely empty and my debit card all wasted when I got home.
I hit possibly every store I could that had those bright colors I just mentioned.
Let me just tell you I do not look gothic and vampirey anymore. At all.
Never taking off my headphones that are making my ears hurt, I fall in love with neons. Neon yellow is one often met in my closet now.
It's getting late so I head home. My mom probably would get mad if I didn't.
When I get home, I start thinking about the party I actually have to have. Where am I going to hold it? I do some research and find a place where you could rent a big room with a DJ and there's an arcade, laser tag, and all that stuff. Perfect.
Glo would be so proud of me. Isn't it ironic?

Krystal dyed her hair blue. Completely blue. All of it.
It's the next day and I'm at school, and dressed not like I usually am. I am wearing neon yellow SHORT shorts, which I would probably get in trouble for wearing, but it's the first week of school after all (so they don't enforce the rules as hard), and a pastel tie-dye cropped tee with a navy blue tank top underneath it. You should've seen Gloria's face when she saw me.
Anyway, Krystal's hair is blue! It's blue! BLUE. And not the wash-out-with-shampoo-blue, it's demi-permanent, meaning it lasts for like half a year or more.
She says she would've done it completely permanent, but she couldn't find FOREVER and ever and ever PERMANENT dye. She also says as soon as it fades, she's doing it again.
Actually, it looks pretty cool with her blue eyes and cool-colored skin. Now she really looks like her name.
It's actually only the beginning of school. Gloria and I are walking to homeroom.
This is a recap of what happened when I noticed Krystal's hair:
Me: OHMYGOSH your hair…
Krystal: Yeah it's blue.
Glo: Does it wash out?
Krystal: No *LOL*
Me: Well it looks cool.
After she left, Gloria admitted she thought Krystal shouldn't have done that. It's way too extreme!
Or is it?
I mean, it's not going to look good on ME in any shape or form. OR Glo. Or Mel and Emily and most people here.
But throughout the day, I can't help having this weird feeling that I don't know how to describe. Like I know something I don't. Like I want her hair but I don't. I know, it's strange.
I look at my hair. I never really thought about it until now. It's a lighter shade of brown than before - still dark - just not AS dark. It used to be pin straight and almost impossible to curl. Now it's semi-straight, meaning it's still straight, but very easy to curl or wave. It was waist long before, and it still is, but I see some split ends starting to form. I need a trim. Oh well, I think there's a salon near us where I could get that done. And in the back of my mind, I know there's a reason why I don't wanna trim it at home.
Today we actually do work in class, but just review from middle school. BORING, considering when I learned it I had a vampire brain with perfect memory. It was so easy.
At lunch, nothing much happened. I told Gloria about my birthday party and Em was happy for me. Krystal and Mel were nowhere to be seen once again.
After school, I call my mom immediately to tell her I am going somewhere and to pick me up at the salon only 10 minutes away from the school. Gloria gives me a weird look and said "You're not dying your hair blue, are you?"
"No, of course not," I answered, "I just need a trim," I show her my split ends.
"Oh," Glo says thinking it over, "CAN I COME WITH YOU?" She exclaimed, beaming.
"Um, I'd rather you not."
What do I have to lose? "Fine."
Now, after SHE calls HER mom it takes a lot of explaining, but unfortunately she still goes with me. Her mom for some reason thought Glo was going to get a rebel haircut or dyed it blue or something. Like Krystal. Which makes no sense, since Glo's hair is already very red and that's pretty bright. Probably as bright as Krystal's blue.
"Um, hello…" I say shyly when we get to the Hair Salon.
"HI AND WELCOME TO HAIR CUTTERY, HOW MAY I HELP YOU TODAY?" Well someone had a bowl of sugar for breakfast. The hairdresser better not ruin my hair, she seems very hyper. She looks like she's about 20, very young, with an ombre and loose curls that reach almost the middle of her back.
"Umm well--"
"Are both of you getting your hair done?" She interrupts. I notice her name tag, which spells out Nikki in a pretty font.
"NO," screams Gloria. I give her a weird look, like CALM DOWN.
"You sit here," Nikki tells me while pointing to a chair in front of her, "Since there's no one here right now, you can sit in the chair next to her, but if we get more customers, you will be asked to move to the waiting area," she informs Glo, "By the way, I LOVE your red hair. Did you dye it?"
Glo is just about to say no, but I give her yet another look 'just say yes, no one's gonna believe it's naturally cherry red.'
"Um, YES," Glo tells the Nikki.
"So, what do you want?" The hairdresser asks me.
"Just a trim and a wash," I say, unsurely looking at Gloria from the edge of my eye.
"Alright, then--"
"ACTUALLY," I cut her off, "I also want to get streaks. In different colors. Yellow, green, and lavender purple."
Glo bugs her eyes out and stares at me. It's just streaks, it's not like I dyed my hair blue."
"Okay, then wait up here," Nikki says going to get the dye.
"You're getting streaks?! That's so extreme."
"Not really. It's just streaks, after all."
When Nikki comes back she tells me since my hair is dark, she will have to bleach it first. Knew that. An hour later, I come out with AWESOME hair, and no money, since I literally spent my last penny.
Gloria looks at me judging my hair. But then, she smiles widely and starts singing "FANNY DID SOMETHING HUMAN, FANNY DID SOMETHING HUMAN, FANNY DID SOMETHING HUMAN…"
"Dude SHUSH what if someone hears you?!"
"There's not a single soul in sight," she calms me down, "You look like a different person. Bright clothes, bright hair, what's next?"
"Yeah I guess that's what being human does to you," I sigh, "You look like a whole different person, too. RED hair, GREEN eyes, and BLACK clothes."
"And whose fault is that again?"
"Oh YOU'RE ENJOYING IT, don't lie."
She just smirks. And then does something weird.
Glo runs around in vampire super speed, screaming "WATCH THIS SUCKER!" on the top of her lungs.
I just realized one important detail.
How is Glo not hungry?
When I ask her that, she says Exar gave her a bunch of blood bottles (yes, I know that sounds disturbing) before she left a couple of days ago. She keeps them hidden under her bed.
Weirdo, she doesn't even know how to hunt. WHAT KIND OF VAMPIRE IS THAT?
"Go hunt."
"Hunt. You know, suck people's blood."
"I know, I'm not stupid. I CAN'T."
"Do it today. Sneak out of your house."
"THAT'S CRAZY, Fanny! I'm not doing that."
I sigh. Fine, be that way.
Before I can say anything else, I see my mom's car. She's supposed to drive Gloria to her house, so we both get in. Fortunately, Glo's house is pretty close to ours so we don't have to do much driving.
"You got streaks," my mom says.
"Yes… I did," I answer.
This is why I got the colors I did in my hair: the lavender, because it was mentioned in the song I listened when I was on a sugar high; green, because the person who sings ANOTHER song I heard when I was on a sugar high has green streaks; and yellow, because, well, I like yellow.
Man I love yellow.
Party Readiness

On Friday, it was so awesome to have everybody obsessing over my hair. I got tons of compliments!
But that's pretty much the only fun thing that happened.
On a different note, this is probably the most happiest I've felt since forever. I feel like a whole different person and it feels good. I always had the pressure of being a vampire but not wanting to turn human on me. Now, to be honest, I don't mind being human so much. In fact, it feels nice.
The next day, my mom and I went to the place I'm gonna have my birthday party at, which is apparently called Fun Zone (weird name, right?), and reserved it. It's going to be on the 31st of August, which is a Saturday. I figured no one would come if it was on Wednesday, when my actual birthday is. We will have a bunch of music and NEON COLORS and food and laser tag and many other fun activities. It's that kind of place that has probably everything and you decide what order to go in. The food that will be served is half-Hawaiian, half-pepperoni pizza, burgers, and chicken tenders with a lot of different sauces. For snacks, there is popcorn, chips, and loads of different CANDY. And the drinks are gonna be water, Sprite, Coke, and fruit punch. MY CAKE is beautiful. It's half vanilla and half chocolate with cherry jelly in the middle. We're also going to have favors, such as glow sticks (I bet Glo would want like 10 of those), more candy, PERMANENT (just kidding, temporary) tattoos, and some other stuff I haven't decided yet.
Now the real problem. Who am I going to invite?
I'll just invite a bunch of people from my classes. But I don't really want to invite Krystal. Ugh! Believe me, having to invite someone that you don't want to just to polite is a horrible feeling.
Anyway, this is what my guest list looks like for now:
6.Sammy (a nice person from my math class)
7.Katt (Gloria's friend who is also nice to me)
8.Claire (once again nice person who I think kind of likes me)
9.Christy (it's really just people who are nice to me from now on, I don't have that much good friends)
11.Gabriela (and for some reason, instead of just being called Gabi, she prefers Ella)
Okay, well anyway, I write my invitations, which are basically black with 'You're Invited' written in neon colors on the front. Inside, I put the information and put them in these orange envelopes that came with the invitations. I would've chosen yellow, of course, but…
On Monday, I gave everybody their invitation and the weirdest thing happened. Krystal DECLINED. She said that she got in a ton of trouble for dying her hair blue and is grounded for a looooooooooong time. I know it's so mean of me to act like this, but I was REALLY HAPPY about that.
Now all I have to do is wait. And just let me tell you, waiting for something exciting that you can't speed up is one of the worst feelings ever. And yes, I am as excited as ever and for some reason staying human forever doesn't bother me that much.
That week flew by really fast. We did almost nothing, except start an in-school project on atoms. I worked with Mel and we really got to become closer friends. What? Just because her friend is such a jerk doesn't mean that she is. In math, it was super easy since I learned about it as a vampire and THAT wasn't easy to forget.
Anyway, Gloria comes up to me on Wednesday (or Thursday? I don't even remember) and says that she might be transferred into my math class.
"Why?" I asked Gloria.
"So now that I'm a vampire, I remember everything. So Mrs. Tonnelle wants to put me in the advanced class."
"But you have math 6th period and I have it 2nd."
"They might switch my whole schedule around."
"NOOoOoOOoooo! It's better to have study hall and French with you then math."
"Well yeah I guess… Decides, I won't be a vampire soon" she says with a wink.
SO now I don't really know what's going to happen but I don't really care because we're shopping for party supplies with Glo, Exar, and Luna. My mom is just in the next store, and will come and pay for (and approve of) the stuff we got. It's already Saturday, August 24, and my birthday party is in a week. We get a bunch of plates, cups, stuff like that. The most interesting stuff is the decorations though. I know that we reserved it at the actual place, so we won't be able to decorate much, but still. WE HAVE BALLOONS. We also got those foil things that hang from the ceiling, those paper pom-pons, a table centerpiece, confetti, and a bunch of other stuff.
And so the next week passed quickly too, and it was finally time for my birthday party.
19. My Birthday

Gloria calls me up the day of the 31st and just screams. Really. Screams for 2 minutes straight (I counted!) and hangs up. Then she calls back and I scream back for 3 minutes straight and yelling "BURRRN" before hanging up. Then I call her back and just hear her usual laughter.
"Ready?" I ask.
"I've only been ready for a whole month. Still kinda weirded out by the fact I'll be human again soon."
"Fanny, I know this is a really weird question, but do you... Well it's REALLY awkward, but you DO wanna turn back, right?"
I sigh. I don't even know the response to that. I've thought about the question and I feel like being human is the life for me. But being a vampire is so awesome, so easy, so fun, so ME.
But I don't want to make my best friend who I've gotten so close to in the past couple of weeks worried.
So I just say "Yes, of course! I am ready to be a vampire. Decides Gloria, if you don't want to turn back you can stay this way for a while, we can always find anti-vampirism, but we can't always find a vampire to bite me if you turn human before I turn a vampire."
"Yeah, that's true" she says, more confident now.
After our little talk over the phone, I put on a neon yellow T-shirt with jeans and neon yellow converse and get ready to head out. My mom starts the car and we start driving.
When we finally get there, we first have to confirm the order, and set everything up. Then, people start coming in. Of course, the first one to come is Glo.
"OMG! I'm sooooo excited!"
"I know, right! Me too."
This is so freaking cool! Everybody comes and we have 10 people at the party. It's really fun and we start off eating the cake. I know usually that's the last part but I wanted to do it right away. The cake is delicious. I've never tasted anything so good in my life. Even vampire Glo seems to be enjoying herself, which is weird since vampires don't usually like human food.
After cake, we go dance a little. There is a huge party room with a DJ and music and awesome cool light effects. This probably can't get any better!
I'm really happy this whole thing happened. Everything. First, I never even knew what fun was. Second, it made me realize there are good things in being both a vampire and a human. And third, it really brought Gloria and me together. We became way better friends.
We go ride on the mini-roller coasters and play different kind of games, like at the arcade or mini-gold. Then, we go to play laser tag.
There's this thing about laser tag - it turns out I LOVE it. While we played laser tag, I was having so much fun I didn't even notice the long, painless bite on my neck until I sneezed and red fog was coming out of me and a faint bat shriek came from somewhere. Good thing it's so dark and kind of noisy that nobody noticed that. I immediately turn around to find Glo and feel my fangs come out.
I realized what happened at that very moment.
There's really not much left to say except that being a human was the best thing that happened to me. I have no doubts anymore about wanting to turn back, but it was really cool. It taught me to appreciate the small things in life and BE HAPPY!
I guess everything really was fantastic, wasn't it?


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