Hair 101 - Frizzy and Dry

Frizzy Hair
~ Do not, I repeat do NOT wash your hair every day. It will make it very dry and even if you have oily hair try to stall your washing because it is really bad for your hair.
~ Make sure you are using the right shampoo/conditioner. It should NOT be volumizing.
~ Use a LOT of conditioner. It should't be the same amount as your shampoo, it should be way more!
Dry Breakable Hair
~ CUT. I know it may seem so hard, but really, if you have split ends, there is NO WAY to get rid of them completely except cutting.
~ If you REALLY REALLY don't want to cut your precious locks, you can use a split ends mender (which temporarily conceals them) and just get a trim every month and slowlyy grow out of them


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