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How to be a good writer
To be a good writer, you must use the right amount of detail in your story. Too much detail could make the reader bored, and too little detail makes your story sound like a 4 year-old could have done better. You also have to check for mistakes, like this:
You must ceck your work.
Then, fix it like this:
You must check your work.
Also, checking if your story has no mistakes and has enough detail is called PROOFREADING. That means you read your story with a reader's view AND grade it to see if it's interesting and correct. Get it? This could get your story published, which is VERY hard to do! So, fallow these steps and you might become a famous writer someday!
This is a story I'm writing. Any mistakes, please tell me!
Grace and the Magic Wolf
Grace ran through the woods, feeling as free as a swallow. She jumped over logs and crawled under bushes. The cold, crisp air made her ears slightly red. Snowflakes lightly tapped on Grace's short, brown hair. She only wore a sweater, pants, socks and tennis shoes. But she didn't mind the cold. In fact, she loved it. Grace danced in the thicket in a joyful rhythm, feeling as happy as she could be. A snowshoe hare gazed at her from under a bush, smelling the frozen, moldy leaves. Then the hare ran away as a bloodcurdling squeal was heard throughout the forest. Grace paused and turned around too see a baby wolf, as white as snow. It was so young that its small eyes hadn't opened yet. It had a strange blue triangle symbol on its forehead. Grace approached the wolf, thinking it was an abandoned dog puppy, and said,
"Hello little guy, are you lost?"
The wolf puppy cuddled next to her arm, enjoying the soft, bodily warmth of Grace. She continued,
"I'm going to take you home with me."
Then she lifted the wolf and pressed it against her chest as she walked back to her house through the forest.
When she entered the house, there was an immediate smell of death and decay. Was it the wolf? Grace pressed her nose onto the wolf puppy. No, it had a strange fragrance that smelled good. She kept her nose close to the wolf's soft, gleaming white fur so the stench wouldn't overwhelm her. She walked into her father's bedroom. His face was pale and the stench got stronger.
"Daddy?"said Grace. He didn't answer."Daddy, please don't be dead!"Grace flung herself onto her father. Then she looked at his open eyes. She saw darkness and blackness. Then a tingle went up her spine as the blackness and coldness overwhelmed her. Dark Magic flew around her, Evil Spirits where cackling. Grace felt pain and sorrow as she wandered through darkness. Suddenly there was a flash of light. The baby wolf crawled towards her, lit by its white fur. Then it led her out of the darkness. When she escaped the pain and blackness, Grace looked around. she was standing in her father's bedroom. It seemed like nothing happened.
"Why was I in such horror and darkness?"wondered Grace out loud. Then she screamed at a terrifying sight. A Vampire stood in front of her.
"My Dark Magic swallowed you,"he said."Now, give the Magic Wolf to me!"
The Vampire grabbed Grace with his bony, white hand and shook her.
"I don't know what you are talking about,"she cried out."HE-"
Grace couldn't speak. The Vampire held a glowing ball of voice.
"You don't want to lose your voice forever, do you?"he said. Grace's blood drained out of her face."You are coming with me!"
The Vampire took Grace away as the baby wolf slowly fallowed her scent. Hail tapped on the stepping stones in the front yard.

Later on Grace wept silently in a golden cage hanging from the ceiling. The Vampire had left her in his lair without her voice. She tried calling for help, but nothing came out. She thought it was all over for her.
She shuddered as the cold air surrounded her and the dark room was frightening. Torn curtains and spider webs were rampant.
Suddenly Grace heard a small howl. The howl was surprising and comforting at the same time. Grace turned around and filled with joy. The baby wolf was in the room.
My dog! Come here!Grace tried to say, but her voice was still gone.
Suddenly the ball of voice came out of the wolf's triangle symbol and it flung back into Grace's warm throat. Then the wolf puppy shuddered. Most of its energy was absorbed into the triangle. Then a blue beam of light hit the bars on the cage Grace was in, melting them. The wolf collapsed. Grace got out of the cage and carried the wolf up on some stairs. Then Grace took a filthy, old candlestick and broke a stained glass window with it. But just before she made her escape through the widow, the Vampire entered.
"Your voice was stolen and now you broke a window,"he said."but you are not getting away yet."
The Vampire made a cloud of darkness surround him. Grace marveled at the cloud with fear in her delicate eyes. Then the cloud faded away, and the Vampire was gone. Then a bony hand clutched her wrist. She felt the pain and torture of Evil going through her arm and down her spine. But then the wolf woke up, smelling the Vampire's Evil and darkness in the air. The baby wolf's hair stood on end and it fainted as a bitter cold wind blew onto the Vampire and left him frozen stiff. Grace picked up the wolf and jumped out the window, landing on a thick tree branch that was covered with soft snow. Then she jumped off of the tree branch, landing in more snow, holding the wolf tightly against her chest. Grace walked back home with the wolf.

Two years later, Grace had turned twelve. She was in a girls' orphanage, sitting on her bunk bed, crying. Pain, death and horror gyrated in her mind. Her father was dead, and her mother had died of cancer when she was thirty-six years old. No one cared about her anymore. The memories of her and the wolf pup had mostly faded out. The only things she remembered were the happy, playful days with her father and when she was torn away from the wolf and taken to the orphanage. The woman who was in charge, Ms.Henry, entered the room. When she saw Grace, she yelled,
"Go to sleep now!"
The woman left. Grace laid down, but didn't go to sleep. She was gazing at the window, thinking of climbing out of it and trying to escape the third time. She tossed and turned in her bunk bed, wondering if she would ever be liberated from the orphanage. The bunk bed screeched when she made a sharp turn, and then her roommate, Hannah, whispered,
"Shhh, or Ms.Henry might hear you."
"She's still asleep. I can hear her snoring,"replied Grace."and, I bet almost nothing can wake her up because she has no brains to control her ears."
Hannah let out a small yirn."You mean she's acerebral?"
"Yeah. Also, she's so mephitic."
"Let's go to sleep."
Grace began to doze off into the peaceful world of a dream. But then she got up and said,
"What was that?"
"What was what?"said Hannah, who had been awoken by Grace.
Grace grimaced."The noise."
"What noise?"
"Didn't you hear it? It was a lupine howl."
Hannah snarled."It was probably Ms.Henry snoring."
"No it wasn't."
"I'm not going to argue with you any longer. I'm going to sleep."
Hannah quickly fell asleep on the bed below Grace's bed. Then Grace heard the howl again.
Could it be the dog I had?thought Grace.
Suddenly Grace heard a cat yelp. The sound of rustling bushes became louder and louder. Then the window broke open and a giant figure entered. It had long claws and sharp teeth. As it approached Grace, it spit out a cat skeleton.
It committed felicide,thought Grace as she became motionless with fear. Then the giant figure stepped into the moonlight. Grace was filled with joy. She saw a sparkling white wolf with a blue triangle on its head.
"It's you!"yelled Grace as she climbed down from her bunk bed and embraced the wolf, smelling the familiar strange scent of its snow white fur.
Then Ms.Henry entered and said,
"What's going on here-"
Ms.Henry became pale with fear and shrieked when she saw the wolf's massive body.
"A wolf! A wolf! I'm getting the police!"screamed Ms.Henry. She ran into the other room and dailed nine one one.
"Hello? Help! There is a wolf in my orphanage? What-WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING? I mean it! The children are in danger! Get Animal Control! Get the FBI! The address is 701 Water Street. Thank you very much."
Just as Ms.Henry hung up the phone she passed out.
"We have to get out of here,"said Grace. Then she grabbed the keys to the front door from Ms.Henry's pocket and led the wolf to the door. Grace unlocked it and took the wolf into the front yard. Suddenly the wolf's blue triangle glowed. The wolf tossed Grace onto its back and ran into the street. The police saw the wolf and Grace and chased them in police cars. The wolf's triangle glowed even brighter and then it jumped what seemed to be a very long jump. But instead of landing on the ground, the wolf and Grace went up, up, up, into the sky full of stars, twinkling gently. The wolf flew in the sky with a strange, wonderful rhythm, carrying Grace. She looked up and saw the stars, and remembered when her father was teaching her which constellations were which. Grace quickly saw Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. She also spotted Orion and Canis Major.
The night was balmy and pleasant. Soon Grace fell asleep, and dreamed a wonderful dream. She was with her father again, and talking with him. Grace asked,
"Daddy, what happened to you? How did you die?"
"A Vampire was looking for the Magic Wolf and killed me because I didn't tell him were it was,"replied her father."but I told him the truth. I had no idea there even was a Magic Wolf."
"What are you talking about?"
"The white wolf with the blue triangle on its forehead. You don't know?"
"You mean that was the dog puppy?"
"No, it is a wolf. But what you thought what was a dog puppy is the wolf."
"So that is why the Vampire abducted me?"
"Yes. He wants to obtain the wolf's heavenly power, which can let him make a portal so Evil Spirits can come and take over the world."
"I can't let him do that!"
"Be wise, and don't let him get that wolf."

Then Grace woke up in a familiar forest. The birds sang and the chipmunks collected nuts. Then there was a bloodcurdling scream. The Magic Wolf brought back a dead Elk and began to push Grace towards it. Grace said,
"Sorry, I can't eat raw meat."
The Magic Wolf then carelessly trotted to the other side of the Elk and began to gorge. Grace's mouth watered, but she knew she would get sick if she ate it.
Later on, after the Magic Wolf finished its meal, it caught a rabbit, killed it, and set it down in front of Grace. Then she said,
"I told you, raw meat is not edible for humans. And, I don't know how to cook."
Then the Magic Wolf's blue triangle glowed again. The rabbit was automatically butchered, and sticks flew over and held the rabbit meat up. Then a small fire started under the rabbit meat, and began to cook it.
Grace smiled."You are a good consort,"she said.

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