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Hello Sunshine

Ma names Brooke, 12 from Australia
This is my first ever blog it's all
about summer, art, fashion etc
I hope you all enjoy it :D

Brooke xx
Beach Poem!

I am on a boat, drifting on the ocean.
Its beautiful were i am,
i can hear the waves
crashing against the boat
something or someone has upset the sea,
but what?
The seagulls sooth me
soon i am asleep,
i am in the water, i have a tail and a fin,
i am a dolphin
exploring the wonders of the ocean;
I see the many different coloured fish in the sea,
suddenly i get caught in a net
i am scared, i am being pulled out of the water.
then i wake up.
itís raining and i am cold
but i just smile and
enjoy the great view i have of the world!

Ciao xx
Ocean Diary!

Wanna know how to have the most ocean stylish diary?
Follow these Fab tips and you will be amazed :D
You Need:
- Plain Diary
- Scissors, scrapbooking paper, glue
- sequins, buttons, shells, sand
- jewels, crystals
- and paint
STEP 1: First take your PLAIN diary and cut some scrap booking paper that is blue
and glue it onto the front ovv your diary.

STEP 2: Use some paint to put your name onto the diary, decorate it wivv stickers, buttons, beach crystals and jewels to make it even look like an ocean use sand and small shells then let to dry.

Now You can have an awesome Ocean Diary Lately I have been making heaps
I made a message in a bottle necklace for my sister :) What to put in your ocean diary?
Decorate the pages wif fancy borders by using shimmery gel pens, use teal paper for cut-outs
stick photos of you having a good time by the seaside, old paintings, sea glass and shells.

Happy Ocean Diary Making xx

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