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Cute Animals Rule!

"Just a little longer in bed . . ."

"A little, um, HELP HERE?!"

By the English majority vote, most people would say German sheperds or boxers are the best type of dog, but Shih Tzus and Jack Russells and becoming more popular in the United Kingdom. Personally, I like Butterfly-Eared dogs and long-haired chihuahuas. I will give out the Prizes later on to all kinds of dogs so scroll down for that if you are interested in it.
Which type of dog do YOU like best? Have your say on my forum and lets get dome feedback!
Check it out! You can be new manager if you want, the password is : laura You have to be very clever to find my password out but it can be done very easily!

1st Prize for Favourite Dog in the UK goes to . . . :

The German Shepherd!

"Aww Woof! You didn't need to do this y'know!"

2nd Prize for Favourite Dog in the Uk goes to . . . :

The Shih Tzu!

"Oooh, my fluff's in my eye - wait a second, oh yeah thanks!"

3rd Prize for Favourite Dog in the UK goes to . . . :

The Jack Russell!

"Yelp! You just stod on me! But thank you anyway!"
Cute animals, in this case puppies and small dogs, are preferably wanted in "miniature" size, but as this procedue is quite hard to do, the dog-breeders and sellers often sell them for a small fortune, with the canines and pedigrees ranging from eight hundred pounds to one thousand five hundred Euros. The most popular place for these pocket-size pets is in the United States Of America, where people go wild, pampering their pooches and treating them like like a very spoilt child. There is even miniature clothes for the dogs, their own mongrel fashion catwalk Not to mention the diamond encrusted collars and bowls, the very best food which takes two days to prepare the sauce, I'm sure all Americans spoil their puppies rotten!

Since the arrival of Paris Hilton and her handbag companion Tinkerbell who has starred in numerous films and Hollywood blockbusters, everyone has been clamouring over these "teacup pups".Nearly all the celebrities and actresses have their own pup to cuddle. Awww!

"Put down the stupid camera and HELP ME!"
Paris Hilton and her Handbag Companion Tinkerbell

Aww! So cute!

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