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cristy powall (brazil) - 17/03/2004 : what is venezuela's capital
alison (scotland) - 22/03/2004 : were is rcmp
bob (canada) - 25/04/2004 : votre site est extraordinaire mais je voudrais plus d'informations à propos du Venezuela. Merci pour tout...
Rashid (Venezuela) - 28/04/2004 : Give me some information
klein Vanessa (France) - 05/06/2004 : se cite est tro super pour es je avoir encore + d'information.Mersi 1000 fois
anna (malaysia) - 08/06/2004 : i want to know more about their people, their culture. do they hv any traditional dress?
katie (usa) - 11/06/2004 : The Biggist water fall is in Venezuela.. so what is its name?
answer 4 cristy (usa ) - 11/06/2004 : Vnezeuelas capital is Caracas
javier (venezuela) - 11/06/2004 : the capital is caracas, it´s really dangerous(second most dangerous city in america), well, we don´t have any traditional dress, exept in interior, like small towns, for example in the llanos is a traditional dress we call liki-liki( I don´t know what it means that actually)the culture depends on each place.the biggest water fall it´s called ' el salto angel ' ( in spanish)it´s in canaima.
crb (B) - 28/06/2004 : The Biggist water fall name is 'Salto del Angel'
leonardo (venezuela) - 20/07/2004 : venezuela's capital is caracas, and is one of the most beatiful cities of latinamerica because of it's many parks and it's icon, the avila mountain. caracas is often called the greenest city of the world because there are trees and vegetation overall. caracas might be a little bit dangerous, but many people make tehmselves a wrong image from it, you just have to be a little more carefull tha in other cities, it's just like in new york or LA where it's not very safe to be driving a convertible ferrari in the middle of a slum...what i mean by this it's that you just have to be prudent in what you do, and also 95 percent of the violence in caracas is concentrated in two suburbs (libertador and sucre), therefore just by avoiding these suburbs you already have 95 percent less chances of being a victim of the criminality.Javier please if you dont know enough english as to write something usefull in this site, dont write anything, i believe you are not being helpful for someone who is interested in visiting venezuela when you go and say caracas is dangerous. I'm quite sure you just dont live in caracas, or have a very wrong image of what your city javier said, the liki liki is the traditional dress, and it looks a lot like a tuxedo but made out of a different material. traditionally it is brown or white, and it's usually used in festive ocasions, like a marriage or an important party.
achouak (france) - 18/08/2004 : jaimerais en connaitre plus sur votre pays et les habitants pour pouvoir un jour y venir ce pays m interesse enormement et sa culture aussi donc j attends vos mails cordialement achouak
Pablo (Venezuela) - 27/08/2004 : Caracas is definetly NOT the best city to visit in Latin America. It is certainly one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Violence and crime can be found in every corner of its dirty streets. Most Venezuelans are unaware of their own misery(like our friend Leonardo). Law enforcement is nonexistent. Please, don't come to Venezuela, if you intend to have a nice vacation, visit some other interesting country!
natalie (USA) - 11/09/2004 : well i am doing a report on Venezuela in my world geo class and i was wondering if anyone could send me that information to my email address like i wanted to know the population trend and other economical things like that ohhh and trust me im not a nerd im just looking for the easy way out of missing a party because of homework but thank you whoever sends it to me. (
tayllor (usa) - 23/09/2004 : I'm doing a report and I need to no the population of Caracas, Venezuela's capital I also need to no the whole population of Venezuela thank you
samantha (venezuela) - 24/09/2004 :
samantha (venezuela) - 24/09/2004 : i woyld like to know what the cultrure us like in caracas venezuela because i am doing a reaport on venezuela and i need to know about their cultue so............ if anyone know anything about it please e-mail me at my address ok thanks for whom ever sends it to me.....!!!!!!!
Jessica (USA/Venezuela) - 29/09/2004 : i used to live in venezuela. usa is muuuuch better. caracas, yes, is extremelly dangerous, especially nowadays. i'm writing a report on it now. sort of like an interview. maybe it'll help. · What is some background information on Venezuela? -Venezuela was one of three countries that emerged from the collapse of Gran Colombia in 1830. For most of the first half of the 20th century, Venezuela was ruled by generally benevolent military strongmen, who promoted the oil industry and allowed for some social reforms. Democratically elected governments have held sway since 1959. Current concerns include: an embattled president, a divided military, drug-related conflicts along the Colombian border, increasing internal drug consumption, over dependence on the petroleum industry with its price fluctuations, and irresponsible mining operations that are endangering the rain forest and native peoples. · What is some of the basic geography of Venezuela? -Venezuela is in Northern South America, bordering the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, between Colombia and Guyana. It is a total of 912,050 sq km and slightly more than twice the size of California. Venezuela is on major sea and air routes linking North and South America. It has Angel Falls in the Guiana Highlands, which is the world's highest waterfall. The Andes Mountains and Maracaibo Lowlands are in northwest. · What is the weather like? -The weather is tropical, hot, and humid, but more moderate in highlands. Some of Venezuela’s natural hazards are subject to floods, rockslides, mudslides, and periodic droughts. · What is the population of Venezuela? - 25,017,387 people reside in Venezuela today, with a population growth rate of 1.44%. The birth rate is 19.34 births/1,000 people, and the death rate is 4.9 deaths/1,000 people. · How are the people of Venezuela? -There are Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Arab, German, African, indigenous people, nominally being 96% Roman Catholic, 2% Protestant, and 2% other. · Tell me about the government. -The capital of Venezuela is Caracas, and the government is a federal republic. There are twenty-three states, one federal district, and one federal dependency. The day of independence is July 5, 1811. The current president is Hugo Chavez. · What are some of the economical factors? - Venezuela continues to be highly dependent on the petroleum sector, which accounts for roughly one-third of GDP, around 80% of export earnings, and more than half of government operating revenues. Despite higher oil prices at the end of 2002 and into 2003, domestic political instability, culminating in a disastrous two-month national oil strike from December 2002 to February 2003, temporarily halted economic activity. The economy remained in depression in 2003, declining by 9.2% after an 8.9% fall in 2002. · What are some of the popluar foods of Venezuela? - The cuisine of Venezuela is as varied as its culture. Instead of bread, most Venezuelans eat arepas. Arepas are fried or baked corn or wheat pancakes, often filled with meat, eggs or cheese. They are so popular that there are food stands, called areperas, which specialize in making arepas. Similar foods include cachapas, tequeños, empanadas and pan de jámon, long bread filled with ham, olives and raisins. Meat is also a very important part of the Venezuelan cuisine. The largest meal in Venezuela is eaten between noon and 3 p.m. Many Venezuelans go home to eat lunch with their families. Venezuelans eat a light supper at 8 p.m. or later. · Is there any typical or traditional dress? - There is no traditional dress in Venezuela, except for in interior towns. For example in the Llanos there is a traditional dress we call “liki-liki”.
Diana (USA/Venezuela) - 08/10/2004 : Venezuela is a country full of beauties and wonders. It is a little dangerous to go there right now because the country is not going through a really good situation. Well I do recomend visiting Venezuela, not only Caracas, (if the situation gets better) because it is full of natures and organisms. Venezuela has a world record of the biggest spider in the world. and how you all know the highest water fall which is called Angel Falls (El Salto Angel). We have a rich culture. Venezuelan people have rythm in their souls.
ibrahim (jordan ) - 17/10/2004 : ilike to live in venzuela becaue its very great and wonderful country and people there like arabs and they very nice
Mike Pasanski (United States) - 19/10/2004 : Venezuela's the country to go to !!!
LUIS (USA) - 20/10/2004 : Im a colombian ho lived in venezuela many years,venezuela has its problems like any country in latin america, if you live in a big city of course you are going to see all the same situations (crime,drugs,mub,xxx.)same as in my country.please dont let bad coments influence you to not see,visit,try,text how is it on your own terms.personaly I had really bad experiences but also had the best time of my life this country has beautifull people and places not just caracas (llanos is good,gran savana is good ,merida good,people when you travel you have to reed and ask about the place.good look from me soy latino y quiero lo mio venezolano ama a tu pais como yo love luis
Haseeb (Mexico) - 25/10/2004 : I have studied a lot about all Venezuela, I would say that it is a dream land to visit, I would say if the beauty is any where in the wolrd it is in Venezuela. The peoples are friendly, soft spoken, womens physics and their beauty is remarkable. I would say in todays time, if there is any palce to visit, it is Venezuela, such a nice people and natural beauty.
damien (france) - 25/10/2004 : ouai franchement ce site il est tro tro bien
Marv (USA) - 04/11/2004 : I just took my vacation towards the end of September/early October and decided to go to Margarita Island (an excellent escort vacation villa there!) With a stop over in Caracas. Caracas was kind of scary in some areas. But if you kept a low profile and avoid areas, then its nice. Margarita on the other hand is wayyyyy out there. Its simply GEORGEOUS there! The food, the wine, the latin bed companions. Oh Man I did NOT want to return back home! If I should ever win the lottery, THAT is where I'm retiring to.
heather (usa ) - 12/11/2004 : I am planning to visit Venezuela in a few weeks. I am wondering what I will need to enter the country. (i.e. birth
Gabriella (venezuela) - 17/11/2004 : Venezuela isa very interesting and cultural country keep up the good work
Fonda (Canada) - 23/11/2004 : I'm trying to do research for my project on Venezuela bt's very difficult. This site needs more improvements cause i can not find any of my search topics! thank-you
Katie (Venezuela) - 29/11/2004 : I'm not sure anyone is going to read this but: I am doing a world geography report on Venezuela. I need a tourist report (and since I've never visited there)....does anyone have one that they could send to me at my e-mail adress. It would be graciously of whoever takes the time. I'm looking forward to emails with a tourist report...thank you very much! Katie
Alex Sims (mexico) - 02/12/2004 : it is so cool
Justin (usa) - 05/12/2004 : I have a report regarding Christmas Traditions in Venezuela. I need to know the political traditions/significance, the traditional food, music and dress. Do ya'll decorate and have household and religious traditions?
Steve (Switzerland) - 09/01/2005 : A voir absolument : Salto Angel, dans le Parque Nacional Canaima! D'autres infos:
Tim (United States) - 17/01/2005 : I am going to move to Margarita Island within 1 year and want to Learn about the language, history and culture of Venezuela. I enjoy photography, dancing, reading, gardening, skiing, flying, shy-diving and ride a Harley Davidson. I plan to ride my bike from USA to caracas. I would like to Pen-Pal with a person from Caracas or Margarita Island for mutual trade of language and lifestyle. Please e-mail and hope to become friends with those who do. Tim
micah (united state) - 20/01/2005 : i'm doing a presentation over venezuela. does anyone know how they dress?
sarah (england) - 23/01/2005 : hi, i have to do a presentation on crime and violence in venezuela and the effects it has on tourism i'm wondering if you know any sites or if you can give me some information that could help, thanks a lot
shirley blong (venezuela) - 20/02/2005 : I have e friend he was traveling fron trinidad and tobago to margarita island with aeropostal venezuela airline and lost his digital camara
cloe smith (U.S.) - 10/03/2005 : What do Venezuelans eat on a daily diet?
Shene' (Jamaica) - 16/03/2005 : I think venezuela sounds like a positivly beautiful country i would really like to visit there one day.
dushy (venezuela) - 26/04/2005 : caracas is the worst city in the worls it has so many bad people not to mention that it has some of the worlds most dangerous criminals there and there are no hookers or anything
Betzy (usa) - 09/05/2005 : Compare the differ about veneuzla to lets say, LA It is very different from venezula but venezula has many different great things
AYODEJI OLUFEMI (NIGERIA) - 24/05/2005 : i want to pay atourist visit to venezuela how do i do it
Sigita (USA) - 25/05/2005 : I need to find one person(doctor) in Municipo Vargas. Maybe somebody knows how I can do it.
Jane (USA) - 06/06/2005 : I have been to Venezuela many times and have found it to be a wonderful place. The people I have met have been warm and kind. I have visited many places around the country: Caracas, Barquisimeto, Quibor, San Cristobal, Puerto Ordaz, Tumeremo, Upata, Guasipati, Colonia Tovar, Arcarigua, and a few other places as I drove from one place to another. My husband left to go there today and we will both go in August. Our son is marrying a wonderful girl there.
Marilyn (USA) - 16/06/2005 : I am trying to find out if a hospital still exists in Maracaibo, Venzuela. I need the address and telephone number. The name in 1955 was Institute Pro-Infancia Y Hospital De Ninos. Can anyone help me?
Thomas (UK) - 14/07/2005 : I was in Maracaibo (Zulia) for 6 months... the place was really hot and always sunny, the people were great once you get to know them.. but tempers can be short in the midday heat. One thing i struggled with was the parasites, if you are not used to the tropics... be very careful what you eat. The drugs to rid you of parasites over there are damn strong! especially if you get amoebic dysentry. I spent a lot of time consulting doctors in hospital Coromoto which has been there since the 1950's (Marilyn). Overall its a oil city and there are a few international hotels where europeans and americanos visit to discuss oil issues. I still love Venezuela and its people, I plan to return one day to see Merida, Bolivar, Guayana states. Venezolanos I would like to learn more.. want to chat.. send me an email
kate (usa) - 10/08/2005 : i am doing a project an venezuela, and was wondering what the traditional dress is there
arielle (USA) - 13/08/2005 : i am doing a report on Venezuela and i need to know : the traditional dress, main imports, monetary unit, the exchange rate(with US $), main crops, head of state (name and title), the annual rainfall, and the traditional customs (dances, music, holidays) and why they are important.
David (haïti) - 06/09/2005 : je voudrais savoir, avec quels pays que le vénézuéla à des relations diplomatique,les principaux partenaires commerciaux,comment est la predominance familiale,la culture et revenu percapita ?
Madelaine (Ohio) - 12/09/2005 : Venezuela is the better place that I see, have beachs beautiful and cities very sweets, Visit Venezuela. maddie
michelle (florida) - 17/09/2005 : Venezuela is the best! my dear country and its beautiful in sights and great tasting food. Venezuela rules!
samah (liban) - 24/09/2005 : i would like to get invitation to venzuella exactly to margarita island i like it to much
samah (liban) - 24/09/2005 : really i like any body to teach me how to get visa to margaritta island in my email
laura (usa) - 25/09/2005 : hi im doing a report on venezuela and i need to know the way the people dress and some types of music they listen to. could some one please send me the answers por favor. and send them by september 27 thanks!my email:
crissi (USA) - 26/09/2005 : what is the most common meal eaten by venezuelans consist of and what time of day is it eaten?
jen (usa) - 27/09/2005 : I'm doing a report like everyone else here is, but I need to know like why someone would wanna go there. Like what are the positive things about going to Venezuela besides that it's pretty and big? .... The internet doesn't really help that much and I don't have many book about it anyway, so you know
Lacy (canada) - 27/09/2005 : wat is the major dance called in Venezuela ??
lacy (canada) - 27/09/2005 : crissi their major food is black beans
lacy (canada) - 27/09/2005 : laura did u get ne thing? i need 2 knoe 2
jesse (USA) - 03/10/2005 : Well I wanted to know places were tourist would go and visit in Venezuela! I really don't know any landmarks were tourist might visit! Please help!
kayla (usa) - 17/10/2005 : wow! caracas sounds really dangerous. do many people live there?
Regina (Venezuela) - 23/10/2005 : This page is the worst... First of all, we don´t have big problems with the drug!, so please you have to see after you say something stupid. I know Venezuela is the best country in the world and the persons who live here and speak bad things about us are very very idiots. Caracas is pretty dangerous because people like them live here!!! But isn´t very dangerous, I go there all the time, and I walk on the streets and nobody has robbed me!!!... And the think most important, after speak bad about my wonderful country, think what has you done for venezuela!!! Nothing!!! STUPID!... And other thing, we have everything here, cold mountains, hot beaches, desert, plains, beautiful rivers, forests, and others natural monuments. Bye!!! GO VENEZUELA!
Alex and Fabien (Canada) - 19/11/2005 : Hi Venezuela
Alex et Fabien (Canada) - 19/11/2005 : Salut Venezuela
Alex y Fabien (Canada) - 19/11/2005 : Buenos dias Venezuela
Xenia (Russia) - 02/01/2006 : Venezuela is a beautiful country! I leave in Venezuela about 3 years now and I really love it. I’m missionary so I’m not interesting very much in beautiful places but I really like Venezuelan people, they are friendly, polite and nice to be around. I think that I’m very blessed, my husband is Venezuelan.
Magdali (Venezuela) - 16/05/2006 : Venezuela es un pais lindo! con muchos lugares interesantes, que seria genial que todos conoscan.
Tina (Venezuela) - 17/05/2006 : I love venezuela!
Angelgirl_cloe (Venezuela ) - 19/05/2006 : Hello i want to know how do venezuelans dress in traditional??? (PRESS 333333333.... IF YOU KNOW THAT QUESTINON) SI ABLAN español les quiero preguntar como se visten los de venezuela ??? (PRESS 333333333.... SI TIENEN LA RESPUESTA){PORFABOR}
angelgirl_cloe (venezuela ) - 19/05/2006 : alex y fabien : do u know how pep dress traditional?????
jake (venezuela) - 08/08/2006 : what is the clothing of venezuelian people
danle (venezuela) - 15/08/2006 : what do venezuelian people wear
Zoe (USA) - 28/01/2007 : What is the Venezulean colors for their dress
NANA (United States) - 05/02/2007 : I would like to know what the traditional clothing of Venezuela is. I have read already that it is the liki liki but I have not been able to confirm this fact and also I need a picture of someone wearing one. Can anyone help?
jazmyn (united states) - 10/03/2007 : me and my friend love venezuela is a beatiful.
miguel (colombia) - 15/04/2007 : i would like to know what the trditional clothing of venezuela is . thanks
kkk (venezuela) - 12/05/2007 : does anyone know what the traditional dress in Venezuela is?
ksi (venezuela) - 12/05/2007 : what type of foods are eaten there
Carolinda! (Venezuela) - 27/06/2007 : The most tipical food is the pabellon it contains(i dont know whaw to say it in english) arroz, carne mechada, caraotas y tajadas. But something that EVERY REDBLODED VENEZUELAN eats to brakefest lunch or/and diner are the arepas. in christmas we eat hayacas and i dont know the rest of the year we eat normal food like rice, pasta, meat, chicken its not so different from the usa food.
Joseph (Venezuela) - 28/08/2007 : Que viva venezuela!! Venezuela es el mejor pais del mundo : Los mejores playas , las mas exoticas selvas , grandes extensiones de sabana , inmensas cascadas , el teleferico mas alto , calidos medanos , y pare de contar ! Señores , señoras , venezolanos , venezolanas ; QUieran a su pais !! Sean agradecidos por lo que se tiene ! Viva venezuelaaa!! 0 HURACANES 0 TERREMOTOS 0 TSUNAMIS !! VENEZUELA ES LO MEJOR!
sydney (usa) - 10/10/2007 : what is the traditional dress there? caz im doing a report!
sydney (usa) - 10/10/2007 : i also need to now the most common jobs? plz help me its due october 17 !!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
pm (usa) - 28/10/2007 : From the Gringo perspective...Vz is a cool place...beautiful countrysides...mountains, beaches, etc. But the gringo's have to be careful. Caracas is the most dangerous city....and probably ranks right up there w/ South LA, Liberty City and every other large city's bad area. W/ that said, Maracaibo, Puerta La Cruz, Barquisimeto, Valencia-Maracay are all good....common sense goes a long way....don't flash your Rolex and you'll be fine. The beef(lomito) is the best in the world and inexpensive....the brassarie style chicken is outstanding and arepa's are better than Big Macs...and, the cerveza's are always served ice cold. The women are the most beautiful women in the world and all wear extremely tight clothing...tight jeans...tops w/ the push-up bra as a main staple in their wardrobe....but natural beauty. Anyone can be a taxi driver....stick w/ those that are official or licensed. Unfortunate what Vz has become...poverty and desperation are the could be so much more.
Kathy (Australia) - 02/11/2007 : Sounds like no one knows what the traditional dress is I was wondering myself but then I heard there is no traditional dress except for in some remote areas even then they dont say what it might be....interesting !
D. Bates (U.S.) - 09/11/2007 : I am helping a student with a school project that requires 'Traditional Dress' of Venezuela. The child is from Venezuela although I am not. Can anyone help me with this project? I would be interested in both male and female traditional clothing.
megan (USA) - 10/11/2007 : what are some foods that the people of Venezula eat?i need the info soon because im trying to do a project for my spanish class. The project is due on 11/13. Thanks.
****** (Venezuela) - 13/11/2007 : I hate Venezuela!
kristi (usa ) - 14/11/2007 : venezuela is a kewl country i have been working on a project about it for a week and i like what im learning about it. i wish to visit venezuela one day. that one day is very soon i hope.
Sandy (USA) - 16/11/2007 : My neice's has a boyfriend in Venezuela she visited him earlier this year. He wants her to come back and bought her a airplne ticket. She is 19 very immature and very blond. We fear for her life and are afraid if she goes we will never see her again. Any suggestions or help? Thanks
person (usa) - 19/11/2007 : whats up peole do you know what time it is there when it it 10pm here?i dont so talk to me and let me know b/c i want to know.lets talk
Tara (USA) - 09/12/2007 : David, si tu veux savoir quelque chose de venezuela, tu ne dois pas demander ta question en français, parce que personne ici ne le parle. Et oui, je sais que tu l'a demandé deux ans plus tots.
Tara (USA) - 09/12/2007 : Whoever wrote on 11/19, the time difference would depend on what part of the country you were in. In case you've forgotten, the US has 3 different time zones. So where is 'here'?
zachery (venezuela) - 11/12/2007 : need to know what venezuelans eat for there meals and when
alyssa (usa) - 29/12/2007 : i am doing a report on venezuela, and i need to know what is the traditional clothing like??
lawrence (nigeria) - 09/01/2008 : i just want know if there is any venezuela embassy in nigeria and tell me some steps to take if i wanna go for an hoilday in your country.
Estelle (Réunion) - 25/01/2008 : me gustaria mucho conocer el venezuela
Emily (Korea) - 30/01/2008 : how do people dress in Venezuela ?
bailey (barcilona) - 05/02/2008 : what is the climate in venezuela?????????????????
KF (USA/Hometown:canada) - 06/02/2008 : What do people in venzuela wear normally every day? and Do you have any traditional values? p.s. Tengo un gato en mi pantalones! Tee Hee!
Raúl (France) - 10/02/2008 : Venezuela is one of the nicest countries in the world, the people is warm, open and friendly. The beaches in the cost are quite beautiful. However, huge criminality rate is a fact. You just have to be careful about where you go, as in any other country by the way. You should avoid Caracas, it is only acceptable to go there to pick a national bus to another city or region like Los Andes. Mérida is supossed to be one of the safest and coolest cities. It is a student village in the west of Venezuela. also because of its beauty it Merida is a must as touristical destination. I'm going to Venezuela for holidays at the end of Febreaury for three weeks, i hope i'll survive :)
elizabeth (usa) - 17/03/2008 : need to know what the taditional dress is....HELP!!!
elizabeth (usa) - 17/03/2008 : where is there a picture of a liki liki?!?!?!
Anique (Jamaica) - 07/04/2008 : How do people dress in Venezuela
steve (usa) - 21/04/2008 : I was wondering if anyone knows the times of the day venezuelans usually eat their meals
Kelli (usa) - 28/04/2008 : Does anyone no the traditional clothing of venezuela????

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