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Someone (U.S.) - 13/03/2004 : i like T&T
Jackiey (Trinidad and Tobago) - 31/03/2004 : I need to know what the colors on the flag stand for
Joey (United States) - 08/04/2004 : Is it the smallest Country on earth?
bedjaoui (Algérie) - 18/04/2004 : salus, je vous remerci pour votre travail qui m'aider,dans ma rechèrche universitaire pour la realisation mon projet de fin d'étude qui est sous le thème étude des investissements énergitiques dans ce pays en tien en compte des risques.pour ce la si vous avez les informations dans ce contexte, je vous prie de me contacter par email. fouad. MERCI
Nouri (TUNISIA) - 07/08/2004 : WE have no Bananas!! Pays généreux, exemple de fraternités et de tolérence entre les races et les religions. modèle pour le dialogues et les cultures et les civilisatins
Loro Miza (France) - 20/09/2004 : J'adore ce pays. Un endroit charmant pour des vacances. On se sent à l'aise avec les Trinidadiens. Il fait chaud et ça doit être là la raison de la chaleur humaine qu'on y ressent.
steph (americia) - 09/10/2004 : trinidad and tobago is the best
gillian (trinidad) - 19/10/2004 : I need to know what are the IMF policies for Trinidad and Tobago for the last 30 years?
chris (t&t) - 21/10/2004 : i love trinidad my home country
Nyssy (Guadeloupe) - 28/10/2004 : Il semble êtr bien ce pays et justement jsouhaiterais y venir. Jcherche donc une personne vivant dans ce pays pour mdonné plus d'information,jcompte y venir l'année prochaine.Jsui étudiante en 1ère Bac professionel Comptabilité é on doi réalisé un projet. Donc merci bien de me répondre
Dawn (USA) - 21/03/2005 : Hi People
Enrique (T&T) - 15/04/2005 : Trinidad is one of the best countries to live in, as with many other countries we do have crime etc. But there are more good things than the bad, if u come to Trinidad & Tobago you'll be sure to enjoy yourself and find a very diverse group of people you can easily associate with....well i hope. I enjoy here sooo much!!! Trinidad is one of the best places to live.
tatayana (australia) - 20/04/2005 : hi i love trinidad i want to go there when i am older (im 15 now) i love the people and culture. the nature is very beautiful. from wat i have seen the food looks delicious. Anybody plzzz contact me and tell me ANYTHIN about trinidad!!
Nat (canada) - 16/05/2005 : jsuis entrain de finir mon etude de pays individuelle, j'ai la T&T et j'y crois que c'est fantastique! il m'en manque le carte routiere (les autoroutes principales, la p'tite rout ferroviere, la location des ports..) j puis les nommer mais j'en ai besoin d'une cart que les demontre! si qlqn. puis m'envoyer une site web ou mieux une carte ou me pointer en bonne direction ce serait fantastique! MERCI. ~.N.a.t.*!
ava (canda) - 29/05/2005 : do they have traditional dress in t & t that they wear for like... carnivale of something?
Natania (America) - 17/06/2005 : HI, I am from Trinidad. Send me all the calypso songs. I'm just kidding, but if you can give it to me, please send it to me. Kisses to my brothers, Zidane, Darian, Chrisphin, Nicholie, and Joel!!!
Brent (T&T) - 21/09/2005 : Hey everyone, look at my ad under Trinidad & Tobago. I'd like to be your penpal. I'm 'Trini to de bone' from San Fernando.
Thalia (U.S.A) - 06/12/2005 : heyy I love Trinadad.I would love to go there.My friends are from there and i would be so cool if i got to there county they already went to Dominican Republic so now its my turn to got to there country.If we had fun in Dominicana Republic then we wold have fun in Trinadad
tange (turks and caicos) - 18/01/2006 : i think that trinadad and tobago is a nice place and people need to learn that things are not esey now like my mother all ways say money dont grow on trees inorder for things to be much better i think people should have a place were u put your money to halp bill the found daytion i no that that place would couse alot of money but most people might think like i do so ithink that will really halp i am not from tinuada and tobago but i think that will realllllllllllllly halp
Tay (USA) - 16/05/2006 : i thikn TandT is a great country in school were learning all about central america and i just so happen to be doing Trinidad and Tabogo
Erik (Netherlands) - 15/06/2006 : Soccer Worldchampionship 2006: What a pity you guys lost from England in the last 20 minutes of the game. Great job keeping it 0 against Sweden.
sabrina (usa) - 02/08/2006 : trinidad is where my parents are from they say it is great down there i think so too the food is GREAT so is the fruit
joy (USA) - 03/04/2007 : hey people im doing a project in florida about the countries and one of my teachers is from the country its great
Zach (Canada) - 28/05/2007 : Looks cool, but its soo small and only 2 million people lol
Ronnie (USA) - 13/09/2007 : what is the cultural dress in trinidad?
Lesia (England) - 27/11/2007 : I need to know what the colors of the flag of Trinidad stand for. Does anyone know? We have to do these travel brochures in my history class, and I have no idea what the colors mean. Help would be much appreciated. =)
be much appreciated. =)
Neola (Trinidad) - 31/10/2015 : well needing to know the colours on the flag is not all that difficult. Go on google and type it up. Easy as that.

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