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Jessica (United States) - 07/04/2004 : i love your food it is soooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!!!
kayla (canada!!!) - 19/05/2004 : i need to find the HDI!! for Singapour!
vincent (french) - 01/06/2004 : Hello!!!!!!!!! I love this country
vincent (french) - 01/06/2004 : Hello!!!!!!!!! I love this country
Kevin (Netherlands) - 14/06/2004 : Great country. very good. Food is ok. I was there on holiday. Greetings Kevin
salk (grand cayman) - 23/08/2004 : Welcome to plastic city where the people are so dumb they don't need wildlife..........
Anil Kumar (India) - 09/10/2004 : Honestly a great country. Paradise on earth. Great Singaporians, lovable, co-operative.
Kira (Australia) - 01/01/2005 : I still relive the memory of sitting in the Palm Court of Raffles sipping on a cocktail -yes, you got me: a Sling...and shopping at Orchard Rd at a speed most would reserve for an Olympic event just so I wouldn't miss ANYthing! I loved the people from the tour guide who took me to Sentosa (even chatted to a little monkey there!)to the waiter who encouraged me to try Chilli Crab (thank you!!!)to the hotel desk clerk who was delightful. Managed to catch up with some ex-pats and began to wish I was one of them -the balmy evening air, the giantesque tropical flowers so redolent with fragrance that I longed for romance. I'll return this year and can't wait to consume all Singapore has to offer!
Quynh An (VietNam) - 12/01/2005 : I want more information about Political, cultural,Patent protection, legal, Technological,Inflation rates ,Socio-cultural...thanks so much
kathirGaman (France) - 25/03/2005 : I live in france and I am looking friends ( females) from Singapore age between 30-45 years-non smoking and ca
Ji-seon (S.KOREA) - 01/04/2005 : I went to Singapore last vacation. It was an awesome place. I'll never forget the days of Singapore.:)
Thurston (Singapore) - 20/05/2005 : I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE MY HOME COUNTRY! All of the yummy food and clean greenery! Yes, this place is my home sweet home!
Thurston (Singapore) - 20/05/2005 : I reaallllllllllllyyyyyy miss Singapore, I'm in Beijing, soooooo far from my nice home. All the plants here are dirty and there's lots of pollution *BLECH!*
Suj (Canada) - 30/05/2005 : YUR COUNTRY IS SOOOOOO CLEAN I LOVED IT!!
jamil abbasi (pakistan) - 18/07/2005 : i just want to say that'WE ARE IMPRESSED',singapore is just like a teenage of one's life, means marvellous.Its really amazing.
xingying (s'pore) - 20/08/2005 : i luv mii country, hope every1 can come n njoy themselves in our country...
TAGNE Barthelemy (CAMEROUN) - 22/09/2005 : C est un pays vraiment fantastique j ai souvent entendu parle dans les médias les films etc...., mais apres avoir cponsulte ce site j en suis tres tres flatte d y visiter
MIMCHE MBOMBO (CAMEROUN) - 22/09/2005 : C 'est vraiment un paradis terrestre, à force de parcourir ce site , je compte visiter dans un bref délai ce tres beau et paisible pays, j aimerai faire partie d une association de ce pays pour apprendre leur expérience, et me faire des amis et amies, salut à tous
kc (philippines) - 29/11/2005 : I think Singapore is really a nice place for vacation..
Audz (Singapore) - 14/02/2006 : Being a Singaporean living overseas, I am so proud that there are so much respect for our little island. I miss Singapore now more than ever, we do have a lot to offer!!
M0|3K1nG (Singapore) - 22/02/2006 : Of course Singapore rocks!
Groovygalz (Singapore) - 24/07/2006 : Singapore is moii homeland ,i m proud to b a Singaporean.
Nugie (Indonesia) - 02/08/2006 : Singapore is the best shopping place in Asia..I love this my 2nd home...
Kira (NZ) - 30/03/2007 : im going to singapore on an exchange!!! and than Hiroshima, lookin forward to it
Alexander (Canada) - 04/06/2007 : This country is cool
Justin (Australia) - 18/09/2007 : The country is the best in the world. I love it so much. The more i vist the more i want to go again. Nicest people and best party place ever. Cant wait to go back, only 8 days till im there again
days till im there again

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