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crazy1 (usoa) - 18/02/2004 : i love mexico. i think it`s interesting. gotta love the weather!
blu (sa) - 29/03/2004 : Hi all, I never been in Mexico but Ive seen it only in the movies and TV programs that features mexico. Its quite interesting place especially the beautiful people.
Lilly Phinm (Niger) - 06/05/2004 : Mexico has many different normal things about itself.I think spanish shall be my new favorite language.
afn1 (mexique) - 09/05/2004 : les vacances là bas sons super les gens très aceulant... vive la france!!!!
mich (mexique) - 11/05/2004 : hello frind it bine to long that did go to mexique ,''i think about you to thing about me .
Katherine Stet (United States) - 11/05/2004 : I think Mexican people espesially girls are the most beautiful beings that I have seen in my entire life. The boys on the other hand, are very, very,handsom.
Katherine (United States) - 12/05/2004 : I especially love Mexico. Mexico has 1 of the most largest cities in the world, Mexico City
Katherine (United States) - 13/05/2004 : I love Mexico. No country can beat its beauty, weather,hotels,and its beaches.I've been to Mexico 2 times. I LOVE MEXICO! MEXICO RULES!
Katherine (United States) - 13/05/2004 : Mexico has the most interesting thigs I'd like to know about. Like how the Aztec Indians came to Mexico. MEXICO IS THE BEST PLACE TO MOVE TO,OR FOR A VACATION. NOW, THIS IS YOUR ONLY TOME TO HAVE A VACATION IN MEXICO!
Katherine (United States) - 20/05/2004 : Mexico has got to be the best place to go to. The weather there is extremely warm. When I go there,the hotels have nice rooms,there is air conditionong,and the swimming pools rock!
Becky (Canada) - 14/06/2004 : Mexico's awesome. If I could, I would go back at the drop of a hat ;). Love the weather and the people!!!
David (Canada(Qc)) - 07/07/2004 : Le Mexique est un pays formidable, c'est mon pays comme le Canada et j'en suis fière! Les Mexicains sont des personnes solides et ayant beaucoup d'amour pour leurs proche! J'aurai une maison là-bas plus tard C'Est Sur!!
Ryan O'Keefe (U.S.A.) - 19/08/2004 : I have been to Mexico before, I love the markets in Mattamoriss
chantal R... (CANADA) - 13/10/2004 : Oui. vive le mexique, des gens accueillants avec encore de belles valeurs...Allez voir Cancun avec la couleur des caraibes...
alexandra (québec) - 17/10/2004 : Who's the presedent?
wwe (we) - 17/10/2004 : qui est le président?
Juan (Mexico) - 18/10/2004 : The information contained in this site is not completely accurate yet it's nearly real. The president now is Vicente Fox. (Not a very popular one, btw) And yes, Mexico rules!
Marilyn (canada) - 20/10/2004 : vous N'avez pas dinformation sur le coup moyen des maisons,taux de pauvreter,nombre d'enfant par famille et ses détails sont important pour qu'on sache.
LIZZZAtion (france) - 21/10/2004 : un voyage riche en couleur entre la mer et les ponchos malheureusement ils parquent les touristes dans de magnifiques hotels qui contraste peut etre trop avec la simplicité du mode de vie mexicain
Joel Guadalupe (Philippines) - 04/11/2004 : Ilike Mexico specially the people becuse they are very friendly and loving. I worked here for 7 yrs and I'm very interesting and enjoy to stay here.
Martine Bergeron (canada) - 11/11/2004 : que je t'aime que je t'aime
Mathieu (Canada (Québec)) - 21/12/2004 : le Mexique est un de meilleur pays du monde son clima est formidable et le gens est très gentil. je vais habiter là bas
anonyme (canada) - 12/01/2005 : le quebec est super
Carolyn Chou (USA) - 21/01/2005 : Im going to go live in Mexico for a year on exchange! Im looking forward to it =D
julie (France) - 24/01/2005 : quel rang mondial au niveau du tourisme
elana (finland) - 29/01/2005 : I LOVE Mexico! I'll go there.sometime.
Claudine (Canada) - 01/03/2005 : yeah le mexique est vraiment un beau pays et je suis en train d'aprendre l'espagnol et c'est vraiment interessant!
cameron (guam) - 01/03/2005 : i think that mexico is a hard country to research on. but i think that mexico is kool!!!!!!!
Sam Poing (USA) - 16/03/2005 : YOU RULE!!!!!!!! I'm doing a school project and you guys are so helpful. Thanks
tzatziki (finland) - 18/03/2005 : Hey people! I never actually knew anything about Mexico, I just thought it's pretty much like many other countries. But then i saw it on tv and it looked so beautiful I nearly couldn't breath. Since then I've been looking for information about it and I've started to like it even more. And mexican people are really good-looking ;) I really haven't seen any ugly mexicans. Especially the guys. woooohooo wow ;) lol .. I think I'll go there for my 18th birthday. I hope I can. Cheers
Geoffrey Hicken (United States) - 18/05/2005 : Im doing a spanish project and you guys are really helpful, only it would be nice if you added the education info, because i need it :'(
alex (woodland) - 20/05/2005 : I think mexico is cool.
BoBy (Canada) - 20/05/2005 : Hmm I need information about her life... Someone can help me ?
Steph (united states) - 24/05/2005 : I have a spanish project and need some information can you help me?
Paolo Beretta (The Netherlands) - 31/05/2005 : Mexico have seen a lot of it - love it ! When the simple Mexicans I worked with called me 'compadre' I felt like I had been there in a previous life? PakeBeer
stumbie (australia) - 10/06/2005 : go mexico its awsume and u got to go there OKIES!!! go aussie
Kenneth (United States) - 02/09/2005 : I know a few words:Silencio,por fa vor means be quiet . I am one of a Native Mexicans.
caro (canada) - 19/09/2005 : salut je suis contente des catégories des pays.
Caro! (argentina) - 05/10/2005 : Hi!!! I love mexico,its realy beautiful,and it has someone i love,the better person i have ever seen!!!Jor i love you!!!and i love the way they are!!!
Erin (USA) - 10/10/2005 : Mexico is north america not central america.
John (USA) - 20/10/2005 : I like MEXICO
Purt (USA) - 20/10/2005 : I like MEXICO ALOT
pañal (pañalandia) - 20/11/2005 : i hate mexico a lot and especially the chihuahuenses like ale valenzuela allias michelin
Bela (argentina) - 30/11/2005 : Mexico me gusta mucho y me gustaría poder conocerlo algún día. Estudio Historia y me enamore de sus grandiosas civilizaciónes.Cualquier estudiante de Historia (si es de mexico mejor) que escriba. Si no estudian historia tmb jeje. Hasta pronto -lamento si a alguien ofende o causa algun problema que escriba en español-
Kyra (United States) - 27/01/2006 : Hey ya'll u gotta love u.s.a it has da finnest boyz ever!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyra (united states) - 27/01/2006 : i love mexico!!!!!!
MARIO MEDINA (MEXICO) - 21/04/2006 : I AM FROM MEXICO I AM FROMACAPULCO GUERERO ACAPULCO IS A VERRY TROPICAL PLACE BECAUSE it is right by the ocean ALSO if u r planig 2 go in a vacation acapulco is a verry good place 2 go AND isa good place 2goon a hony moon give me a chat at mario 2 learn more about acapulco guerero MEXICO viva MEXICO SI SENOR
cvhdj (dkc) - 27/04/2006 : i love mexico
ken (usa) - 18/05/2006 : if it is so great why are they all here
Morgan (USA) - 02/08/2006 : My name is morgan Im not raciest or anything but I dislike Mexicans ways cause there coming to America with there trashy ways In Virginia omg!!! its millions of them they live in these 2 bedroom apartments and there like 7 people living in it thats only supposed to be 2 people livin I sorry to say GET OUT OF AMERICA I LUV YALL BUT, YOUR IN MY TERRIORTY MESSING THINGS UP BLACKS AND MEXICANS AIN'T FRIENDLY TO EACH OTHER SO LEAVE Im glad the United States took a hold to the problem with foreigners crossing the border lines to america without passports or ID's now there putting up a fence thank the lord...My mom couldn't find a job cause of foreigners taking them OUR JOBS ARE GETTING TAKEN CAUSE OF YALL but god bless I can't hate you mexicans I just dislike some mexicans ways
E. (USA) - 16/08/2006 : Mexicans have the same right to be in the United States as you do.
KellyFaRannte (PA) - 07/09/2006 : Hi hwo is mexico ???
dulce maria (mexico) - 23/09/2006 : ola
crystal (USA) - 06/10/2006 : hey ive never been thier but yall pretty much sumed it up for me!!
Cory (USA) - 07/11/2006 : Mexico is a bucket, hated it never plan on going back!!
sara (england) - 12/02/2007 : i found out my dad is from mexico,cotzacoalcus and i have never met him would love to find him anyone help me or know where to start im from england
Aida (USA) - 25/03/2007 : mexico is my country. love mexicali.. viva mexico... y mexicali!!!!!!!!!!!! baja califronia rox!!!!
bl0ndutza (rumania) - 27/03/2007 : my name is alexandra i like mexico and i hope..1 day i go in mexico..
Coco (China) - 29/05/2007 : I LOVE MEXICO!!!! It is so hard to find informations about MEXIC for students in power point format. Can anyone help me and tell me any site taht has that kind of informations. THANKS A LOT
taty (españa) - 07/06/2007 : viva el presing y en especial ¡REY MYSTERIO!
Adrián (México) - 24/07/2007 : Chichén Itzá es una maravilla/ is a marvel/ ist ein Wuder
Adrián (México) - 24/07/2007 : Chichén Itzá ist ein Wunder
Eli (italy) - 14/08/2007 : ola !
daniel (mex) - 12/10/2007 : hola
HeXiao (China) - 14/10/2007 : I love mexico.
sadahid (mexico) - 02/11/2007 : i need help i have to do a project about mexico and i dont know anything about mexico. i need to know everything about mexico THank YOU
dulce maria (u.s.a) - 04/11/2007 : GO GO GO MEXICO, LOVE
Sara Medina (USA) - 27/11/2007 : I'm from Mexico. Mexico city actually. I moved to the USA when i was 6 years old. now I'm 11 and I LOVE MEXICO MY HOME LAND. and I'll never be shame of it. I was born there raised there and I'll always be Mexican. MEXICO RULES!!!!!!!
tatiana (non ya) - 01/12/2007 : morgan shut the hell up! usa was acutally founded by immagrants. and if they live in 2 bedromm apartments with 7 people thats all they can aford. they come to america because back there in mexico they dont get payed enough. since usa is a rich country they come here so they can get enough money to support there familys. they work hard every single day. and i find that a insult to some of my family members. i am a mexican but i was born in the usa.
Maëva (france) - 10/01/2008 : me gusta mucho este pais! si quieres hablarme ponte en contacte conmigo.
Berke (Belgique) - 23/02/2008 : Bonjour , pouvez-vous me dire comment décrire le Mexique ? Pauvre , moyennement pauvre , ... et ce que vous en pensez ? Merci !
raph (canada) - 07/03/2008 : what kind of fish dose mexico have?
bingo (unitedstates) - 14/04/2008 : i am doing a report an i meed alot of informatin
itedstates) - 14/04/2008 : i am doing a report an i meed alot of informatin
Isabella (USA) - 21/08/2015 : I love Mexico, particularly its culture and art. One day I hope I get to visit it.
Sabrina (mexico) - 28/03/2016 : ilove my country

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