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kyla (hungary) - 20/02/2004 : I like Hungary, it is a cool countary to study. If you ever have to study a country Hungary is the one.
MARY (FRANCE) - 08/04/2004 : BONJOUR! nous partons en mission en Hongrie en décembre et nous sommes à la recherce de toutes informations que vous possédez sur la Hongrie. merci de nous contacter si vous voulez nous aider. Merci. KISS
Ruby (Hungary) - 21/07/2004 : Hungary is a beautiful place to visit. Not only its big cities are nice, but as well its nature and forests. Hungarian people are considered being friendly, and it's true...
Nyoko lito sang (china) - 02/11/2004 : my name is nyoko and i think that i like country. it is nice roll hills and it is pretty. i want speak with sweet boy from hungary. write me soon please. your trulie nyoko
te-te (kenya) - 14/11/2004 : J'aime ton pay. Hungary- c'est un pay interessent! by
Kristina (Lithuania) - 15/11/2004 : I love Hungary. It's my favourite country in Europe
Attila (Hungary) - 17/11/2004 : Hongrie ? Chers visiteurs, Notre guide touristique intégrale facilite votre choix d'une destination en Hongrie. Cochez un ou plusieurs domains et nous vous indiquons tout les sites correspondants. La page-web présente actuellement 15140 images actives. Clikk sur la photo agrandite et nous te menons sur le lieu! Merci
Tahirah (United States of America) - 30/11/2004 : Hungary is great it seems boring but it's the best!!!!(besides America)
Renato (Romania) - 07/01/2005 : Hungary is one corrupt land,but the eat is cool. :)
Joel (England) - 23/01/2005 : Why does nobody ever talk about Hungary. I think they should talk about it more. England is a small country but people talk about it more than Hungary
Breana (London) - 07/02/2005 : Hello everyone i'm Breana and i live here in London i think Hungary is the perfect state to study because it has so much information and interesting stuff you never get tierd of searching! ',' =
Attila Budapest (Hungary) - 14/02/2005 : The site currently contains 16962 active images from Hungary. Lets, take a look!
Zsolt (Hungary) - 23/02/2005 : I like my country of course:) my favourite. I can only offer it to you, for example Budapest and Hévíz are great places to visit. Or Hollókõ. And the history of Hungary worths a look too. Bye: Zsolt
Gaetano (Italy) - 10/05/2005 : I stayed for two weeks in Budapest center city...i like that city because is not cahotic and there are many service for young people....i stayed in not more expensive...and all inclusive...
mike (belgique) - 11/05/2005 : oui j'aime bien ce pays il a l'air super beau et trop bien
Me (US) - 17/05/2005 : I love the Hungarians sooooooooooo much. I am Hungarian, and I love good, Hungarian food like chicken paprikash (I THINK its hungarian) and deanstalni (not sure on spelling people, but OK) I want to hava a vactation home there and learn the language and everything about it and make all my ancestors proud. This one's for U King Stephen!
okei hubert barton (côte d'ivoire) - 25/07/2005 : si l'on me dit de choisir une seconde patrie mon choix se portera sur la hongrie , un pays qui me fascine , qui degarge un charme , et des potintaliés economiques , très propice pour l'import ( la viande de porc , le céréal ,etc ) et l'export ( café , chocolat , banane douce , mangue , etc )
dunno (hungary) - 10/08/2005 : Hungary sucks. I know bacause i've lived here for 23 years
Pierre (FRANCE) - 08/09/2005 : J'aime bien la Hongrie!
Alex (Hungary) - 29/09/2005 : Hungary is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. You should come to visit. The people are really kind and hospitable here,however our history is quite sad:( (But luckily we're stil here here after 1000 years:))
Manuel (United Kingdom) - 31/10/2005 : Nagyon szerettem Magyarorszag !! J'adore la Hongrie, je suis reste un semestre a Budapest ou j'ai effectue un stage d'etudes !! Beaucoup de choses a voir, explorer..... Une culture a decouvrir, gastronomie, vins, paprika....paprikacsirket, gulyast.... Ce petit pays a tant offrir a ceux qui se donnent la peine de l'approcher....
Kyana (USA) - 11/12/2005 : Hungary seems very interesting. I would like to visit sometime, especially the Tisza river and the keke mountain.
Samuel (Canada) - 19/05/2006 : I love Budapest, Hungary a lot! Especially the famous Pallatinusz swimming pool.
ISTVAN (Hungary) - 14/07/2006 : Some correction to the description of Detailed information. Hungary was really the part of Austro-Hungarian Empire, but its collapse was by mainly French attack of the Trianon Treaty. As a result of it Hungary was cut into pieces; the remaining areas, 2/3 of the one before 1921 with app.2and1/2 million Hungarians are in the countries aronund Hungary now.
Melinda (Hungary) - 08/12/2006 : I like Hungary, there are beautyful places, and kind towns (for example Sopron). But Budapest... If I were blind, i think I could love it. Yeah, there are nice places here too, but I know the 'dark side' of the city. I think tourists can't see this.
vikkyLOL (hungary) - 03/04/2007 : LOL
Edvard (Hungary) - 04/04/2007 : Hungary beautiful! Gross injustice Trianon Pakt!!!For this little Hungary.
Lastochka (Hungary) - 11/04/2007 : Greed, complacancy and corruption have destroyed the country. The national football team that is a joke. The Hungary s has basically broken down.Hungary sucks !
husam (lebanon) - 07/10/2007 : i love hungary and i wish to go there for tourist but here in leb visa is difficult coz im palastinean nationality thanks 4 reading bey
james (Great Britian) - 27/11/2007 : I am a British student who has studied in Budapest. Hungary is the worst country I have ever been too, the people are among the rudest I have ever experienced in the 23 countries and 4 continents that I have seen. Budapest is a very dirty city, and many of the occupants are swindlers who will take any opportunity to take advantage of an unsuspecting foreigner, or student.
Katy (Scotland) - 11/12/2007 : Heyy! I really like studying Hungary, it's such a great project.

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