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Maria-Luisa Valdez (Texas) - 11/02/2004 : hello my opinion on grecce is that i think its preety cool.and i came out looking for details only for a sosial studies project and i learned a lot! thanks for having this web page available!
alonso (Mexico) - 16/02/2004 : Hola desde México a toda la gente griega. Quiero decirles que admiro mucho su pais,su rica cultura,islas,playas,su musica,las chicas tan bellas,Grecia es realmente un paraiso. Si alguien gusta en escribirme puede hacerlo a:
Lily Skourla (Grèce) - 14/03/2004 : Je voudrais avoir l'économie de la grèce
Sonia Phyder (Grèce) - 21/03/2004 : J' aimerais plus de renseignement exemple: sur l influence du climat sur la population Grec,la vie quotidienne,le travail quotidien... J espère que vous en tiendrez compte merci d avance votre site est très bien fais bravo !! Mille bisous Sonia
Jonathan (United States) - 06/04/2004 : Greece is AWESOME
courtney (the usa) - 15/05/2004 : greece is so cool...ive actually been there and this website is a geat resource cause i had to do a project for social studies!
francis (canada) - 31/05/2004 : j'aimerai avoir la faune -population-langue et religion de la grece merci
chika milla enwefa (NIGERIA) - 30/06/2004 : i need a visa to grecce and i want all the informations on how to get the visa
regan (united states) - 26/10/2004 : i think greece is cool! iwas just looking for the flag and anthem,but i found alot more info.
Egle (Lithuania) - 27/10/2004 : Well,i think Greece is really beautiful country...and of course greek men r very hot and wonderful!!i love them;))!!!
Penny (United Kingdom) - 16/11/2004 : Have you been to Kefalonia? Have you been there on holiday? Two enthusiastic university researchers would like to hear your experiences. This is an exciting project on the island's representation in the book and film 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin'. For more information please contact: Penny Travlou (
Despina (Greece) - 11/01/2005 : Hey this page gave me a lot of information on my prject. My teacher gave this site to me and it helped a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!
jungeun (Southkorea) - 19/02/2005 : Hi I'm interested in myth of greece. and l guess greece has a lot of awesome historia places . i wanna know about your country and you!
ly-dea (florida) - 24/02/2005 : greece sound tight. i'm here doing a project and learning alot. ya'll folk's sound like ya'll having fun over there. may b i'ma visit over there when i get older. so if ya'll here about agirl named ly-dea that's me. oh i live in choppa city a.k.a crime hills orlando. i'm in 7th grade at carver middle school. holla at yo girl
lanisha (choppa city) - 24/02/2005 : i just want 2 say big up to the vi(virgin islands).greece sound 2 interesting and i gots 2 visit sometime in life.keep up the goooooooooooood work greece.holla!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love tzatziki :) (Finland) - 15/03/2005 : I LOVE GREECE!!!! I've been there twice and I'm going again this summer! It's just the most beautiful country in the world and the people are lovely!! :) I love it all! I want to move there!! NOW! :D
dilek (çanakkale) - 30/03/2005 : ý love greece[santorini].I gots visit greece .thanks.ego meno stin imroz.sagapo imroz...
Amy (Taiwan) - 09/04/2005 : i love Greece a good place
mimi (south korea) - 11/04/2005 : I like Greece!! Greece has a glorious myth..and history~ i wanna go there as soon as possible~ When i was young,maybe 13 years old(i'm 23 years^^), i met very nice couples of Greece in South Korea. They were very kind and I liked them very much.Anyway through this site i want to make friend.
Fleur (Netherlands) - 14/04/2005 : My opinion about Greece?! : IT'S FANTASTIC!! I LOVE GREECE!!!
Amy (Taiwan) - 24/04/2005 : i really really really love Greece!!!!!
chloe (england ) - 20/05/2005 : what do you do when a greek man says hell visit you at winter he never did but he keeps in touch some one help
Madison Rowland-Davis (Greece) - 28/05/2005 : Right now can you put the Greek flag on the screen so I CAN USE IT FOR A PROJECT
abdul gaffar (india) - 03/06/2005 : please give me the permision to visit to Greece country
Zoe (United States) - 24/06/2005 : Greece is my favorite country in the world! I think it's the most beautiful country in the whole world! I know all about Greek mythology, and Greek mythology is fantastic!
HHYENGO (CONGO) - 09/08/2005 : I like greece
christopherbennin (Ghana) - 18/08/2005 : Hi Ijust love Greece and i want to be there one day so i want to know much about there
Megan & Heidi (USA) - 12/09/2005 : I Love Greece and im going there next year
Julia (Switzerland) - 29/11/2005 : ooooh i lovee greece forever and ever... you are greece?! nicee... write me please :) ( all greece peoples write meee...) in lovely julia
michael (grese) - 24/01/2006 : hi have you ever ben to gerse it is fun and cool you should check the senery you should look at troy
banessa (france) - 08/06/2006 : hello
Karish (Mauritius) - 08/07/2006 : I'm really fond of Greece! Its a fantastic place with a wonderful culture and history.
Morgane & Kalamia (USA) - 03/08/2006 : Greece is magnifacent thats a beautiful place and we would love to go back to Greece again in the summer...its a romantic place just for a married couple
sarah (france) - 08/10/2006 : bonjour je trouve que votre site est vraiment super bien fait! carmoi je suis a la recherche d'information sur la grèce pour un dossier et ici je trouve tout c'est super merci beaucoupd'avoir créé ce site !!!
Paula (Australia) - 14/10/2006 : First time I visited Greece, I liked it so much that I visit now every year. There is just so much to do and so many places to visit, a short holiday is never enough. I recommend to visit the SOUTH its very green and lush as for the islands one vacation is not enough time to visit the 1.800 islands with 168 of them are inhabited.
Bill (Turkey) - 14/10/2006 : Hello Everyone, I find greece wonderful with a great history and culture. The people are very friendly and helpful. I love the Southern part of Greece the region of macedonia, its alot nicer than the northern part. If you like the wild and your into nature GO THERE. Lots of forest, rivers, great beaches and landscapes.
Marharette (USA) - 31/10/2006 : long live greece
Evangeline (Greece) - 16/11/2006 : Hi! I like verry much Greece but and all over the world!But i live in Greece,on Lesvos!
Ellie (USA) - 03/12/2006 : This was really cool! I needed a picture of Thessaly for a World History project...thanks to whoever put this up!
Gorgy (Netherlands) - 02/01/2007 : Indeed a nice country! But I got fooled by the taxi drivers, so take a look here. If I knew it earlier!
mandy (usa) - 17/01/2007 : this website is awsome i'm doing a project on greece and all the info ive gotten is from here
nejat (Turkey) - 18/02/2007 : hi. it is as cool as Turkey . and i find Greece cool despite the history . they are also mediterranean people so they are also friendly ( ý suppose )
Michael S (Greece) - 03/05/2007 : I guess that the motto ' Greece, the place chosen by the Gods' says it all!!A small but safe country with huge history, magnificent islands and landscapes coupled with warm and adorable people. It feels so nice to read all these beautiful comments about this tiny paradise on earth :))
Meee (Canada) - 31/05/2007 : Yay Greece! ¢¾
Me.Again (Canada) - 31/05/2007 : GREECE ROCKS!
Sleepwalker (Greece) - 25/06/2007 : Greece and especially Crete is fantastic. What do u think of cretan/greek nutrition?
murat (turkey) - 26/07/2007 : greece is beatiful country is so farbut all so so clouse for us )but again why not i love u greece etci alyos sagapaoo re malaka elledha yathi ise toso omorfi ise zitho hellas ke turkia pandha hade gisasouu pedhiaaaa)
Hwa Jeong Jo (south-korea) - 13/08/2007 : I love Greece... Greece is very beautiful:)
Tuci (France/Allemangne) - 03/12/2007 : merci, cette page m'a beaucoup aidé pour un exposé, j'ai recu 19/20 !!!! danke diese webseite hat mir sehr für einen referat geholfen, ich habe ein gekriegt !!! =)
bob killer (canada) - 19/02/2008 : Greece is sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
___----___ (Greece) - 30/04/2008 : I think Grecce is the best country in the world!!!you?What do you think?
Kate (Greece) - 19/03/2016 : Greetings from greece! I live above the capital! It's one of the most green places i've ever seen!!!

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