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Ollie (England) - 08/02/2004 : This has been my home since i was born 12 years ago last sunday. It's lovely!
melanie (u.s.) - 18/02/2004 : i think it is a cool place because there is a really hot actor who lives in the area.
Ludmila (Moldova) - 19/02/2004 : Though I have never been there, but I've studied a lot about it. It's so original! Britain really is an interesting country to visit.
Lamboni Damipi (Togo) - 19/02/2004 : Grear britain :country of values .That is I like it.
kym (england) - 20/02/2004 : itz brorin ZZzzzzzzz n cold!!
Jedi Princess Elan (Spain) - 21/02/2004 : I like it. I have been there many times n hope to live there in the future...but i will come to Spain for holidays!
asse (côte d'ivoire) - 23/02/2004 : j'aime ce pays parceque je veux poursuivre mes etudes de commerce dans l une de se ecoles. comment m y prendre la est la question? veillez accepter mes sentiments les plus distingués, aidez moi merci
forbes (U.S.) - 25/02/2004 : I'd like to visit sometime to see the place my ancestors lived and I would also like to see some of the clan from scottland
seyun lee (Korea) - 27/02/2004 : UK...good country..-_-;;
NanC P. (US) - 28/02/2004 : I would love to go to great Britian and see all the cultures, languages, and art. I wish I could live there but I would never have the money. And I want to go there and go to acting school there.
Joanna (England) - 28/02/2004 : Its a wonderful place here but isn't it funny how this is probrably the most popular country on this site! Please visit the China page! I left a message there too!
JB Jr (Scotland) - 29/02/2004 : Scotland has good weather in both Summer and winter. plus it holds Loch Ness. "Scotland, land of the brave" the real land of the brave, America isn't.
Loz (England) - 29/02/2004 : England is honestly really boring all it does is: rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain rain and guess what even more rain and it is extremely cold all year round
ahogny (côte d'ivoire) - 03/03/2004 : j'adore ce pays et je rêve d'y poursuivre mes études et si avoir des amis.
Mailys (France) - 05/03/2004 : I love England because I wenth with my girlfriend and her mother. And that me really more!!!!
carmen (canada) - 16/03/2004 : i like you contry
Stephanie (Great Britan) - 18/03/2004 : i love it there
elena (Ukraine) - 23/03/2004 : I have a dream to visit yours country to get knoledge about Great Britain from the first hand. I have read many information about G.B but I hope that some day I will see your country to my own eye .
andrea (usa) - 31/03/2004 : ur contry is cool
jordan (great britian) - 31/03/2004 : ur contry if the awsomest contrry ever
Quentin (Suisse) - 18/04/2004 : J'adore l'Angleterre et la Grande-Bretagne parce que j'ai de la famille la-bas et je suis trop fan de l'angleterre
Dabo$$ (France) - 24/04/2004 : Moi aussi j'aime bien l'angleterre mais moyen c même pas comparable au USA au fait l'Angleterre c'est les usa des années 70 c pour ça que c'est cool
sachin p vaidya (india) - 10/05/2004 : i like Britain very much coz this country is too good in all season.
saliha (france) - 16/05/2004 : je deteste l'angleterre moi, désolée...
Jana (Germany) - 24/05/2004 : I wanna go to England SO much,and if I´m lucky I´ll spend year 11 in two years there as an exchange student(but why is it so expensive?????).I think it must be a wonderful country,especially London.And about the get used to it if you live in Hamburg...*lol* Many greetings to Britain!!!!!!!!!!!
coline (france) - 24/05/2004 : i love england because the language, the food, all the things in england are very good !!!!!!!!!!!
Sen (Sénégal) - 01/06/2004 : J'adore l'Angleterre et la Grande-Bretagne parce que j'ai de la famille la-bas et je suis trop fan de l'angleterre
beda (ivory coast) - 01/06/2004 : i love your country
francisque laroche (canada) - 02/06/2004 : vous ne parlez de tourisme le pourcentage de tourisme vous devriez le mettre
Sinead (England) - 06/07/2004 : i love it here. it's a great place, and I just wish more people would come here from other countries and give it a chance! after all, some rain beats boiling weather...
Nickname (France) - 06/07/2004 : Britain has the best food. fish and chips rule!!!
Taalke (Germany) - 09/07/2004 : I have been in London this summer and I really love this town now! I wish I could get there just one more time...
Linda (Sweden) - 25/07/2004 : I think United Kingdom is the best place in the world. It is beautiful.
Lisa (Bruxelles) - 07/08/2004 : La Grande-Bretagne est superbe , il y a Londres , avec la tamise et Big Ben , l'écosse plus haut , avec ses paysages magnifiques et vastes , La G-B est géniale , ont y mange des choses parfois un peu bizzare mais souvent bonne ... J'y vais pour Noel , ca va être cool , la neige , les achats ... Bisous à tous ? oui ... Bye bye
Julia (Romania) - 20/08/2004 : I like the U.k I've got a lot of friends there and they are not just Children they are Adults too!! The country is very nice and Beatiful you can visit there a lot of Monuments and Museums!! It's great!! :)
FERNANDO (COLOMBIA) - 21/08/2004 : Necscito informacion acerca de el sistema de educacion de gran bretaña y algunas de las universidades de educad}cion superior gracias
ela (albania ) - 27/08/2004 : england, that's where i have been - not further; it is lovely - people are not as cold as they are thought; if you make a friend they are friends forever.
Zhugai' (China) - 03/09/2004 : A great nation indeed is that great britain, i want to see it someday for me
Kelu (Britain Itself) - 03/09/2004 : England, Never will i be more thankfull or blessed than having the right to call it my home.
Maria (Russia) - 03/09/2004 : My Boyfriend is from england and i love him XxX .. His country is so friendly and nice,
noémie (france) - 06/09/2004 : super cool
Kathy (Canada) - 09/09/2004 : J'aime ce pays parce que c'est vraiment cool là-bas. Il y a vraiment de beau paysage à découvrir.
Bernardi (France) - 09/09/2004 : Jadore l'Angleterre,vous etes genial vous les Anglais
Annick (Canada) - 15/09/2004 : J'ai visité UK à 2 reprises. Toujours aussi marvelous! J'adore ce pays. Gens sympa, beaucoup de trucs à visiter et voir. Wales, Scotland et England, À VOIR!! J'aime bien la température qui est parfois très changeante. Côté économie, les trucs audio sont plus coûteux là-bas mais bon c'est quand même un pays à voir et même s'y installer. Bien à Londres, petit point négatif qui m'a frappé à mon 2ième voyage, pas tous les commerçants aiment notre accent français (mauvaise expérience à une station de métro).
Annie ('America') - 16/09/2004 : Thats neat!!
joe (england) - 03/10/2004 : its just cool to see that all you guys love our country so much. i've lived here in london all my life and to my knowledge its the greatest place on earth, never mind the weather. anyways, british summers are great
david (america ) - 08/10/2004 : england and especialy scotland is a load of shil i hate the uk what a bunch of freeks think they are all the best and think they can take on america without us americans all the people in the uk would be GERMAN
dele (nigeria) - 16/10/2004 : i just like the contry and i want to be there. i want to work THERE,any type of work,something like casual work.
Lisha (China) - 18/10/2004 : Everything is cool in Britain. But the inner side of it is hot.
Hannah Norton (England) - 18/10/2004 : i think that David from America needs to shut up he is the freek. LIKE TOTALLY!! your the freek not us LIKE OH MY GOD!! get a life for gods sake at least we have a decent accent and not like you.
Hannah S (England) - 18/10/2004 : i think daid needs to visit endland before he takes the pee out of us your the freek LIKE TOTALLY!! thats all u lot ever say
CHRIS C (LONDON) - 18/10/2004 : david, britain will alway be number1 that will never change. ur all thick n our accent is 1 knows what the hell your saying when you talk, you make it up as you go along. america is full of werid people. LIKE TOTALLY........
superhumb (france) - 30/10/2004 : i love great bitain but i had a bad a bad experience there i think it's a good place
stéphanie (canada) - 30/10/2004 : un de mes rêve serait d'y aller, je sais que je vais y aller un jour c'est trop beau là-bas.
cindy (france) - 07/11/2004 : salut j'ai trouvee ce site genial, au college je devais faire un carnet de voyage sur la grande bretagne et j'ai reussie a trouvee toous ce que je voulais donc je tient a vous remercie!!! ps:regarder pas les fautes d'orthographe et encore merci
Federico (italia) - 29/11/2004 : hi my oncle and my aunt live in london and i will go there!!!wow!!!ciao zii!!!!ci vediamo il più presto poxibile!!!
sojung an (korea) - 01/12/2004 : Hi my name is sojung an. I'm like Britain. I am 13 years old. I live in Inchon, Korea.
anna (italy) - 06/12/2004 : last february i stayed two weeks in norwich, east england. it's a marvellous city, full of historic but also modern buldings, shops, locals and a big open-markt opened every day! i advise this city to everyone!! norwich rocks!
CharlieW (England, UK) - 08/12/2004 : Hey, it's nice to know lots of people like the UK so much! It seems quite boring to me, but that's just because I live here! J'adore la France aussi et je y suis alle deux fois! I hope you can all visit the UK sometime to see it for yourself!
rejeanne (england) - 13/12/2004 : manchester is the absolutely best place on earth...and i have lived in a few too many places...but the uk is the absolute high o' 'em all...go man untd!!!
paul (france) - 19/12/2004 : i love to live in england i think its so powerful for such a small island
David ((america)) - 29/12/2004 : Omg i think im soooo cool but wait im not.
Carmen (england) - 29/12/2004 : David, america is nice england is nice. So shut your ignorant mouth and dnt come bk on this site no1 likes u!!!!!!!!!!!
khalik pashton (Afghanistan) - 30/12/2004 : Its very nice country and nice people,specially country side,i really like,What ever i say for english people there is no word i mean they are soo nice,Thank you all ,But i am going to remind you please do travel to afghanistan city kandahar too,How ever the media created bad rule but i can promise that we will show the best friendship to you all and landscape and nice food cheap accommodation,so please travel ,,bye bye khalik pashton kandahar afghanistan.
Asako (jpn) - 07/01/2005 : we can get well nice choc in uk!!!!!yummm
sam ((UK)) - 11/01/2005 : I really love my country, and i think its important to realize all of the bad things about your country than vica verca. People! You must visit the south-west! its beautiful, and sunny quite often, it has some of the best surfing locations in england! The lake district, the highlands, the penines, york, oxford, bath, edinburgh, and london are all wiked too!
Ivana (Usa) - 12/01/2005 : I have never been out of the country of america but if I could go some place I would go to England it looks so cool.
Melissa (Canada) - 13/01/2005 : this contry ROCKZ hi ppl that are doing the GEO project in my class
Andy (Wales) - 26/01/2005 : This is the best country to live in. I have the wonderful mountainous scenery all around me, and i appreciate that. The people here are welcoming too.
Tom vercetti (tous les pays du monde) - 08/02/2005 : je voudrais entendre l'inmationnal
Stu (USA) - 14/02/2005 : I'm going to London for an internship next summer, it should be a blast. I get to see where the history comes from! till then i'll hold the fort down here in 'Bama. Roll Tide.
Angus (scotland) - 18/02/2005 : I love my country I think that everyone should learn about scotland because it is facinating subject and there is not near enough websites on it in my humble opinion i thnik there should be some more info. on scotland
Moon (America) - 18/02/2005 : Ha ha YEAH GO ANGUS!!!!! Scottlands rocks my skull!!!!!
paul (uk) - 06/03/2005 : scotland isnt a country BRITIAN is
SaNOuCH ! (Maroc) - 09/03/2005 : Sincèrement, j'admire The Country, j'admire The Weather, j'admire People who are living there, j'admire EVERYTHING THAT HAS A KIND OF RELATIONSHIP WITH ... SCOTLAND ! Depuis que j'ai lu l'Arrache-Coeur, de Boris Vian... c'est l'un des endroits que j'aime le plus au monde.
Lunar Princess (China) - 23/03/2005 : Love you,Great Britain.And I'd like to find someone who is living there ,and he\\she can write to me ,please?
Lily park (korea) - 29/03/2005 : I want you!! I need you!!¢½
Suzy (Wales! !) - 31/03/2005 : Hey every1! ! Is it raining newhere else? Dont get me wrong i luv wales but rain SUCS ! ! !
Ji-seon (S.Korea) - 01/04/2005 : England is my one of my favorite countries because I'm studying English Literature and Language. I'm touched by some British poetry, novels, and plays.
Linda (Germany) - 02/04/2005 : I have to write an article about the South West and all I have found about it is so beautifull and great. In summer I will visit London and I'm so happy about it I think it will be wonderfull
alex (uk) - 03/04/2005 : david , if americans are as clever as you say you should know that the uk was far from becoming german during WW2
ibou ndoye (senegal) - 06/04/2005 : je suis a la recherche dune correspondance avec une etudiante anglaise pour faire des echanges et me perfectionner a l anglais thank you
Amy (Taiwan) - 08/04/2005 : hi everyone^^' i am from Taiwan and i am 17 years old i just say hi in here
Amy (Taiwan) - 08/04/2005 : what's the weather about in UK?
Jenna (America) - 13/04/2005 : Hi, I think Britain's great! I'm thirteen. Love the accents and the history. Especially Tudor History.
JungHye (Korea) - 14/04/2005 : I love you ~
HunJun (Korea) - 16/04/2005 : Hmm.. I love Britain. I'm twelve. I wanted to go to Britain when i saw london bridge by picture. I want to get autograph from J.K rowlling.. I love Harry potter!! And I want to spend whole my summer vacation there!!! I want to visit there.!
Lilly (Germany) - 19/04/2005 : I never was in England and my english isn´t very good but this country has a very interresting history . I want to know more about the pepole who there live
VALERIE (CAMEROON) - 22/04/2005 : I do love great BRITIAN because itis recognise as a great country, and level of industrialisa is at the top in the world, infact it name is deserve.
jpc (uk) - 23/04/2005 : It's saint Georges day today the patron saint of England
Amy (Taiwan) - 24/04/2005 : OH YES~~~~~i love Britain
dori (albania) - 26/04/2005 : i like great britain and i want to go there but i dont have many
reeedwaan (morocco) - 30/04/2005 : hi everyone, i m looking for JACQUI WILKINSON from scotland. she is still a student i guess.we met during summer 2000 in Perugia/Italy and shared the same house.unfortunately we lost contact afterwards for unclear reasons.if anyone can help,i should be very grateful.
sitta (indonesia) - 09/05/2005 : Man i really like great britain,it will always be my dream country.And you know what,i really100x wanna go there even just for once,but someday i definitely will go there!!!just wait for me,ok!
basia (poland) - 21/05/2005 : How rivers are in Great Britain? I live i Czêstochowa, inPoland. I don't speak English, but I need this informations. Help me, please...
Damien (England) - 23/05/2005 : To David, we British think we r the best because we r the best. We wouldn't be German if it wasn't for u Americans apparently saving us from Hitler, we were doin fine ourselves until you americans came along with ur stupid ideas and the utterly useless Eisenhower. We had already crushed the Luftwaffe, the only thing americans are good at is eating copious amounts of burgers and having 80-inch weist lines.
Kajsa (Sweden) - 07/06/2005 : Torquay is a really beutiful town in the south of England. I spent about three weeks there last summer. It rained every day and it was cold but I had a great time :) We also visited some other towns but they were not that nice, they were typical brititsh ugly houses(sorry);) Your food is quite strange, crisps and a sandwich for lunch, crisps whit bacon flavour?! Anyway my hostmum cooked me some great food :) Btw Sweden is not cold in the summers as my hostfamily thought. They were really surpriced when we thought it was very cold and they were walking around in shorts :P
Yejin-Yang (Korea) - 07/07/2005 : I like Britain! I like Libera boys choir. their voices sound good ! I love Libera. I like Libera!!
LAUREN (AUSTRALIA) - 01/08/2005 : hey i used to live in scotland it was the best but there is no webbys on it come on ppl get wit the programe lol ny ways i don't really like england but scotland rox bubi xx
Chris (Cornwall) - 06/08/2005 : je prefere France comme jaime le cuisine, les gens sont avior passion pour vie et les paysage cest belle
christopherbennin (Ghana) - 13/08/2005 : Hi Britain very much I will like to be there one day Iam 13years old and i want you to knew much about Britain
hijsg2004 (korea) - 02/09/2005 : Hi myname is jang sung gon Im live in korea l like ENGLAND so much specially is BIG-BAN I LOVE YOU
Barry Mohed junior (Guinea Conakry) - 03/09/2005 : Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dear people of Great Britain this is an African national who's residing in the rep.of Guinea west Africa i love so much the country but my problem with the coutry is that i don't think the police are really doing all what is ton be done to distinguise between the muslim by faith and the muslim by names?if yes they should always be trial before excution it's nessessary for all mankind.i thank you guyz ofn britain.
Evil Skire (Czech Republic) - 14/09/2005 : This web is great.He helps me with english language at school!
HAil (USA) - 19/09/2005 : I'm Studing THE Uk right know!!! It is super cool!
Marie (Belgique) - 08/10/2005 : Hello my name is marie I'm 17. I've already been to england 2 time. it was so funny. your country is the best and london is a wonderful town, the country side too!!! kiss
kelly (england) - 03/11/2005 : if you are desperate to come to our country i wouldn worry it aint all that, you lucky peps who live in hot countries, you would hate it here you are lucky. rain, mud and arrogant people is all this country is made of! although i like the teams for our country they are good! eg- rugby, footie and the olimpics. the one thing i love bout england is the countryside n thats it so dont get your hopes up x x x x x x
Krista (Finland) - 05/11/2005 : Just loving Great Britain and The Beatles. I'd like to continue my studies in Great Britain, because I love English, red high buses, Tower Bridge, Big Ben and English people. You are so lucky when you can live in Great Britain. I wish you know that. Love.
EG (USA) - 24/11/2005 : I love British accents!
Missy (italy) - 24/11/2005 : uk-men are discusting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i like london alot
Crina (Romania) - 22/12/2005 : I like London very much..i`d like to visit it but i don`t have money. it`s a very interesting place...i love it very much..
Owen Roberts (UK) - 23/01/2006 : We used to be a great country; now we only think we are. We think we are a democracy, but once every 4 years we get to choose between two sets of scoundrels, and a third of us get ignored
Emma (Italia) - 24/01/2006 : Mi piace tanto l'Ingirltera. Mi piace anche touti i monumenti historice. Se quel qu'uno vorre mi parlare lascie un comentaro. Grazie tanto. Emma
MAXWA (somewhere over the rainbo) - 25/01/2006 : The U.K. took are freedom rebel and destroy your masters!!
Joy (France) - 28/01/2006 : J'adore ce pays car il est si riche en histoire et les paysages sont superbes!
Hug-a-tree (Europe) - 31/01/2006 : I like England. Lots of places to shop....I like where I live better though. I'm not saying where incase those Brits are thinking of invading every god given country again.
coralie (France) - 01/02/2006 : pour moi Londres est la plus belle ville au monde et c'est là bas que j'aimerais vivre pour la gentillesse de ses habitants et pour la beauté de la ville tout simplement
Lauren (UK) - 04/04/2006 : I've always lived in Britain and theres always stuff to do! we have the best TV soaps in the whole world lol!
jeff (America) - 07/04/2006 : I dont really care for england, i've been there america is far better. No offence....
Lily (Bangladesh) - 23/04/2006 : I really don't know how England is like, but I guss it's beautiful. From my eyesight my country is the best around the world!!!!!!! But although every country has contains it's own beauty. What if we don't have Naigra water fall or Amazan Jungel but there are some things we have more special than that!!!!!!!!!!!!
nean eric (cote d'ivoire) - 03/05/2006 : j'aime l'angleterre parceque , les habitants de l'angletrre st tres tendre avec les etrangers , et on peut aussi trouver facilement du boulot la ba c'est un pays tres organiser svp je souhaiterais que vous m'envoyer sur mon mail quel st les condition a rempli pour aller vivre un temps soit peu afin d'y profiter de voir ces belles villes je vous attend
Sanna (Finland) - 10/06/2006 : Great Britain is beautiful country.
Rachel (Brazil) - 18/06/2006 : I've never been there but i wish someday i can go! I think that London is too beautiful!
clara (europe) - 18/06/2006 : I LOVE YOU BRITAIN!
Miguel (Luxembourg) - 22/06/2006 : Miguel (Luxembourg) - 22/06/2006: Great Britain is a cool country. I have been there twice. It's a country, where the culture is strongly kept and I like this mentality of being proud about the own culture. But, I find British people should be more open-minded with other cultures. THEY DON'T KNOW A LOT ABOUT OTHER COUNTRIES! Luxembourg is for them an exterrestrial word! They don't know if it's a country or a region! It's scarring!
li na (china) - 29/06/2006 : Well, Britain is a country you wanna come when you heard, a country you wanna leave when you come... it's all because the awful rain and arrogant people!!!!!!
mirko (Croatia) - 04/07/2006 : I agree with li na, In global speaking, British are very distance and cold people. As it is their weather.
steve (China) - 14/07/2006 : I am a boy . I want to make frienf with you
Kate (China) - 15/07/2006 : I can't speak English well,but I will work hard.I want to travel to England,I think it's really a beautiful country. I want to make friends with someone who can speak English well.I like reading,drawing,sleeping,watching TV and eating ice cream. I'm a quiet girl.I think I'm good at math and Chinese
aziz (cote d' ivoire) - 17/07/2006 : j aime se pays parceque c est dans ce pays que je y vivre car il est different des autres vous pourez causer avec moi sur
Marie (France) - 01/08/2006 : J'adore l'Angleterre et l'Ecosse: ce sont deux pays que je voudrais tant visiter! Tant l'Angleterre pour le parlement, Big Ben, et plein d'autres choses encore, que l'Ecosse pour ses paysages sublimes! Je trouve que ces deux pays sont vraiment des pays très intéressants et c'est vraiment une chose que j'aimerai faire plus tard (peut-être faire ma dernière année d'études à Londres ou à Oxford, par exemple!Ou tout simplement les visiter une fois que j'aurai un job en France et que je pourrai prendre des vacances!). Je pense que c'est dû à ça, cette motivation pour l'Anglais (je regarde des filsm en Anglais! Faut être fou? Non! Passionné... pas vraiment la même chose!lol mais me demandez pas la même hose avec l'Allemand!)
shaunna (england) - 09/08/2006 : england is a fab, there r so many places 2 visit. Football is gr8 2 watch esp. all the fit footballers lol- David Beckham, Steven Gerrard etc and our tv soaps are some of the best, theres Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale etc. i dnt no y people moan so much about the weather, yh its cold in the winter (nov-mar) but this summer (start of may?) it has been quite warm tho some rain showers, but people need 2 stop being sooo stereotypical coz it doesn't rain every day here honestly! xx
eun-woo Lee (Korea) - 17/08/2006 : I'm proud Korean. I like england , I want to travel for england and meet Beckham. last, I want to make friends with someone who can speak English very well. because I want to lean about english
Your Northwestern Kin (Canada) - 25/08/2006 : Britain is a marvelous place which is home to the finest steak and kidney pies!
Alexandra (Canada) - 25/08/2006 : London England, the most fashionable place on this side of oblivion.
Lise (France) - 06/10/2006 : I love this country, I had a workplacement in Bournemouth in May-June !!! I order you to visit the JURASSIC COAST (near Bournemouth, Exceter...), it's the most beautiful place in the world !
laura (england) - 08/10/2006 : england is great people just assume that it is boring its not u can go to laods of places and have laods of fun
Asare Benjamin (GT Britain) - 25/10/2006 : My email Address is let me have contact with this my best friend I was told he was in uk army.
Baukje (Netherlands) - 25/10/2006 : Hi there! I like GB too, never been there but have read many things about it;) Now I have to make a story for school, about the economy of Great-Britain, it's pretty hard:) Once I'm going to visit the country!
blob (united kingdom) - 01/11/2006 : england rocks
blob (england) - 02/11/2006 : i love you
NOEL (south korea) - 15/12/2006 : GOD SAVE OASIS lol
Lia (Greece) - 15/01/2007 : Hi!I like verry much Great Britain!I will came to London,i will meet my love!
Lisa (england) - 18/01/2007 : Great britan Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ashley (Germany) - 20/01/2007 : hey, I love London !!! It's a nice place !When you want to cantact me, here is my adresse : bye and have a nice day =)
Gareth (Scotland) - 24/01/2007 : Hi, Everyone come and visit Scotland its Brillant!!! Come and visit its a wonderful place to live and be happy!
Princeess (Canada) - 08/02/2007 : I always wanted to go to Englaand
mats (great britian ) - 20/02/2007 : i thik great britan is da best
cathy (england) - 04/03/2007 : hello, hola, bonjour living in england is great because of the food and countryside scenery! but the bad thing is that it rains too much! it is now!
Khostrow (Australia) - 06/03/2007 : cold there??? i wouldnt know
shannon (uk) - 17/03/2007 : i have lived in England since i was born
Roosa (Finland) - 20/03/2007 : aww.. I really want go there! ;>
will (USA) - 23/03/2007 : england is not cool!!
Tommo (United Kingdom) - 31/03/2007 : The U.K is a great country. The people, lanscape, architecture is all great. I am proud to say i am British...
big ben (german) - 13/04/2007 : oh its butiful great britain is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mfg big ben
Mostafa (Morocco) - 15/04/2007 : I hope to visit UK one day.
Star (North Amarica) - 19/04/2007 : I'm doing a report on Great Britain and it seems like a cool place to vist.
laia (catalonia, spain) - 21/04/2007 : i love England!!! i want travel to it, is very beautiful!
Emma (Germany) - 25/04/2007 : Hi,I love England(london)and i think London is a very nice place to make a holiday.Since i was 6 years old,i have always dreamed to go to England,because im a very huge fan of London (England),And i like the Tower Bridge,and the Big ben.And Englany is a interesting country.And i hope to find friends from England.Big kiss from Germany.Bye Emma xx
Simone (italy) - 07/05/2007 : To live in grate britain could be a good thinks but as the people tells the temperature isn't very warm.however I love italy we're the best in the world
Yana (Russia) - 08/05/2007 : Great Britain is the most wonderful, beautiful and ecxiting place in the world! Cool country!
jess (Great britain) - 16/05/2007 : I live great britain, I i must say i think it Rox!!!!
evans (wales) - 25/05/2007 : wales just rules!!!!!!!!!!
Paula (UK) - 15/06/2007 : Been here for 3 years now and I can't wait to leave! It sucks here, towns are awful, weather is grey cold and rainy all year round, all houses look the same and are horrible, they have the worst health system I have ever seen... and don't get me started on the food and the bloody pride of the English people thinking their country is the best in the world!!
laura (eng) - 19/06/2007 : hey paula i think u better shut ur mouth about britain coz if ye dont god knows whats coming to ye, b hatch xxx
wesam (libya) - 19/06/2007 : im frind from libya i want go to city of colorado tell me how that?
mesy (italy) - 22/07/2007 : HELLO!
giuliana (italia) - 24/07/2007 : l'inghilterra è belloxima anke se nn ci sn mai andata l'ho studiata e spero di andarci 1 giorno
fruitbutt (u.s.) - 26/07/2007 : how'bout them jazz????
nomi (malaysia) - 21/08/2007 : I'm only have 2 wait 4 3 years, then i plan to live in england!!!!!
Lee Thomas (UK) - 30/08/2007 : Hello. Im Lee The Clubs Supervisor.Well I Just Like To Say, GB Is A Nice Place, But I would rather live somewhere else.
Tiia (Finland) - 19/09/2007 : Why is that, Lee?
Lolita (madrid) - 10/10/2007 : I LOVE LONDON (i have a T-Shirt)But i dont to move there
moi (kebec) - 03/11/2007 : vive l'écosse!!!!!!!!!
karoleen (france) - 09/11/2007 : I love england and LONDON it's a very beautiful city
Angie (United Kingdom) - 13/11/2007 : Hi all:)
Keely (U.S.) - 14/11/2007 : i want to visit there on day.....
frankie (France) - 15/11/2007 : hi!just a lil msg 4 say how i love UK and english men r really handsome!!!angie i like football^^
Ségolène (France) - 20/11/2007 : Je suis française et j'adore ce pays, mais j'aimerais améliorer mon anglais parce que je pense qu'il n'est pas terrible. Je vous embrasse,et j'espère que vous me contacterez à mon adresse e-mail: Voilà xxxxxxx
Lee (Uk) - 21/11/2007 : I Love the UK, its An Amazing Place to be! :D
frankie (France) - 25/11/2007 : Its again me! I love Uk!!And Daniel Radcliffe too(lol)
grace (england) - 06/12/2007 : i live there so i think it's the best place there is!!!!!!!!!!!!!love it!!!!!!!!
evan.sunday (Nigeria) - 12/12/2007 : United Kingdom,is where i like and wish to live henceforth, because she a Kingdom
Matt (POLAND) - 09/01/2008 : Hi all. I've got a question. Maybe one of you has got a presentation (power point) about tourism in Great Britan. If yes please send it on may e I'll be grateful.
Marie-Elsa (FRANCE) - 20/01/2008 : J'adore Londres, I like, I love londonI LIKE THE CHOCOLAT MUFFINS IN British museum... hummmI visit London often, I go in London in February also...perhaps we shall meet us??? on oxfor street or picadilly??? or St James ParkI like the English !!! they are fun ...marie-elsa
Ana (Sao Paolo - Brazil) - 26/01/2008 : I have been in England 2 years ago and I loved it! It's a beautiful country with gentle people, good museans, good restaurants and everything else. And London is my favorite city of the world. England is AMAZING!!!
eva (france) - 26/01/2008 : I've been in london for 4 months, it's really great! there is a lot of hings to do even if the food is trange!! but i have fun and it's the main thing! but... i want to meet english young people!!!!!!!i have a lot of french, german or italian friends, but not english! can you help me to find a way to meet them please?!!
saffron (greast britain) - 10/02/2008 : hi i love america i've been 6 times and it is sooo cool
Butch (America) - 13/02/2008 : i am british, but i moved to america 9 years ago. i love both places very much!!
Brooke (America) - 17/02/2008 : Well David the British people should not be hated. The are nice and you're lucky that they exist. Without them you wouldn't be able to watch the televison. I love the U.K.
Dexter (China) - 26/02/2008 : I love UK
marie (algerie) - 08/03/2008 : Ce pays est très beau et sa langue lui donne beaucoup de charme pour moi ça serait extraordinaire de pouvoir y aller alors si vous avez cette chance,n'hésitez pas une seconde et n'oubliez pas l'écosse!
flo (france) - 15/04/2008 : I love England and I dream to go to
Subin (Korea) - 02/05/2008 : I love England
Maya (France) - 03/05/2015 : I lové England and I like speak English
Lou (France) - 13/06/2015 : This country is like garden because all the part of this country is look like different. It is an original country and I love him!!!! Thank you to all the English to makes every day this beautiful country!!!!
Caitlin (australia) - 14/06/2015 : My whole family is from either Switzerland or the United Kingdom. I was born in Australia and have lived here all my life. I love Australia, but when i am in the uk, i feel like i am home.
Sarah (Great Britain) - 12/08/2015 : Hi, I am 11. I love Great Britain because of its eagerness to help other countries. I have grown up here, and even if I do leave to go abroad in the future, I will always come back for chilly holidays.
Ricardo (Canada) - 30/10/2015 : The reason that I really looking forward to London is because my love is there. Even the future is hard, no one can promise that. But without that person, I can't even imagining how to face my life.
Célia (France ) - 07/01/2016 : This country is amazing, the atmosphere is totally differents people looks welcoming, and they are polite, streets are clean, parks & houses are soo nice i'm in love with Englaand
Danika (Great Britain) - 07/02/2016 : I absolutely love Great Britain. I am particularly passionate about the history of my country. :)
Sarah (Great Britain) - 14/02/2016 : I'm not fond of great britain but it is my home so I like it here. I want to move to different coun tries but for now england is my home
marine (france) - 17/04/2016 : England is a fabulous country, i'm specially crazy about scotland. ;) The atmosphere looks like a sherlock holmes movie really love of United Kingdom
Cloé (France) - 08/05/2016 : I really like this country, especially I love Canterbury, a beautiful town. The house are amazing, the streets clean and the people polite.

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