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Courtney (United States) - 08/02/2004 : this website is sooo cool... I would come here every time I have a S.S report...
Emily ( United States) - 15/04/2004 : My family is from Croatia. I love this site because I miss it.
Robert (Australia) - 02/06/2004 : This website is out of date, it needs to be updated for the sake of stupid people. the most recent croatian census states that serbs compromise 4.7 percent of the population rather than 12. if someone is seeking correct information they should head to this website, the site is detailed, comprehensive and up to date.
Drumchick (Slovenia) - 07/06/2004 : I like it and am going there every summer and you are right- it's grate!
elvir (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - 13/09/2004 : I like Croatia it is beautiful country I use to lieve in Zagreb two years and most important the people are very polite
ANDREA (CROATIA) - 17/09/2004 : I live in Croatia! Belive me- Croatia is a beautiful country. I ´m 13 years old. I want to makes friends with oll you! by!
() - 30/10/2004 :
Emir (France) - 17/12/2004 : Croatia is indeed beautiful! Mr Robert from australia said, there is only 4.7% Serbs left in this country by now. He is right. The reason for this is that Croatia extermined or forced to leave, the country, 500 000 (five hundred thousant) of it's native habitants that belong to a minority called Serbs. Stil today there is no-one in Croatia to recognise this crime. Actually croatians are rather proud of it as Nazis were proud exterminating Jewish
Jelena (Croatia) - 28/02/2005 : Hey, I'm from Croatia and I can tell you that it is very beautiful country!!!
sadek (algeria) - 06/03/2005 : hello all i am sadek frm algeria .i want to visit croatia !i think its too beautifull toristic contry and i want have somme frends from croatia too .i drea about this country .all what should i say taht on day will visit this country !i guess its verry fnny peacefull cuntr where we could spend somme days there .my email is above i hope you wl email me!i wait for you and wellcome t algeria your scond country too!bye an see you later.
katarina (croatia) - 16/03/2005 : I am from Croatia but at the moment I am attending university at US. My country is the most beautiful country in the whole world!!!!We survived terrible war caused by Serbs and their psycho EX-president and now we are ready to move on, Emir should really educate himself better before talking about Croatian people because Serbs did so many crimes that no country in the world can compete with them and it is rather unfortunate that somebody so young like him has such twisted views about Croatian people that he doesn't know nothing about.Luv you all...this page is great!!!
Hailee (Croatia) - 07/04/2005 : Croatia was a very exiting country to learn about!!
Hailee (United States) - 13/04/2005 : I live in the U.S. but Im learning abhout Croatia its so cool...
Amy (Taiwan) - 24/04/2005 : i want to know more about Croatia! because there has a handsome man playing piano good,his name is Maksim!!!!! now he is famous in Taiwan!!
Kayode Crown Oshinbote (Nigeria) - 27/05/2005 : I am from Nigeria, I have been following event in Croatia. Croatia is indeed beautifull. I wish to come to Croatia for site seeing and to learn more about Croatia.
lalu (united states) - 09/06/2005 : you need to put the crime rate on this web site
Ivan (Croatia ) - 13/06/2005 : H, I am croatian and i love to introduce people which wanna visit croatia and help tham about informations what thay may need.
Historian (France) - 13/06/2005 : Croatia is tourist most desireable destination by Lonely planet and really beatiful country! Croatian country and nation is very old. Look at shape of Croatia its like banana! Croatia doesnt have her middle.Its because Bosna and Herzegovina is also part of Croatia and croatian are very peacefull nation. Croatian are so peacefull nation that it didnt preserve their own territory (Bosna and Herzegoivina)!
toni20 (croatia) - 01/07/2005 : hi,i live in Split,Croatia,and I just wanna say that my homeland is indeed the prettiest country on this planet.I'm proud to be Croat...p.s.hello 2 all of the Irish people,u are the best
Bosnian (BiH) - 20/09/2005 : Historian lies or doesn't know geography, Bosnia is not part of Croatia, Bosnia is independent country and croatia's neighbour. You can see it in every Europe or World atlas.
Florence (England) - 10/10/2005 : hi im English and iv never been to croatia but i have seen pictures of it and it looks sooooo beautiful and i would love to go there some day because egland isnt
grace (ireland) - 21/10/2005 : croatia is sooooooo hot i been there this summer with my family there was a war there in 1991 to 1995. we saw a old hotel called libertas i was broken and old and grass growing out of it and i saw black marks from the bomb.but that was last yr when i saw it but this year we went back and they knocked it down thank god!!!!!!!!i say we will go back in a few years
Majid (Oman) - 08/11/2005 : it is really lovely country.
Iva (Croatia) - 25/01/2006 : Hi! I'm from Croatia and I live in the most beautiful country on the world! I'm so proud because my country has many excelent results in sports and because of our friendly people. Here are many people who write things about Croatia but they don't know anything about my country. They write silliness!
Croatian Girl (Croatia) - 07/02/2006 : PROUD TO BE CROAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
sara (united states) - 28/04/2006 : heyyyyy!!!!!! I have croatia as my country for my country report...blahhhhh i hate reports. but croatia seems pretty cool and its a really pretty place so im glad that i got this country. I love the site cuz it gives alota info which is gret great great for my ------sara----
Micheline (France) - 22/08/2006 : la Croatie est un très beau pays, merveilleux paysages, quinze jours de vacances dans ce beau pays = trop court, j'y retournerais certainement seul reproche les croates ne sont pas encore assez ouverts au tourisme et dans certaines régions pas sympa
Christine Urick (USA) - 05/11/2006 : My husband's Paternal Grandparents were immigrants from Croatia. Now his grandson - Terrance (8yrs old) is doing a report for school for World History Day. The Urick (Jurisic)Family hometown was Banka Selnica and His wife's (Lomos) home town was Cerovac...I would love to find pictures for this area.
Pero (Australia) - 31/03/2007 : Sup guys my names Pero just doin some homework on Croatian Made made attractions :)! if u have any u know about could u name it or put down a website that tells sumthing about it thanx guys :)!!! and btw .. my whole family comes from the Island of Zubovic's near Zadar!! :) anyway if u could leave a coment it be great thanx alot guys :)!!!!!:):)
dario (united states) - 18/07/2007 : thank you all i havent been there since i was 3 now im 14 i wanna go there so badly.
Renata (Croatia) - 26/08/2007 : Belive me, Croatia is awesome,beutiful,amaizing!!!If you can come to Croatia!!!
Renata (Croatia) - 26/08/2007 : I think Croatia is the best(it is)but i like England too...
Saige (U.S) - 28/10/2007 : I would very much like to visit Croatia. It looks so beautiful! It is to hot here in California!
Nicolas (Belgique) - 06/12/2007 : I love Croatia ! It's a beautiful country, with maybe the nicest beaches of Europe, my grand mother comes from there.I can speak a little bit Croatian but I learn yet ! If you can a little bit learn me, add me on msn ^^ Thks
Ivan (Croatia) - 07/05/2008 : Croatia is my country and it's very beautiful.If you need some informations I will help you gladly.
Ivana (Croatia) - 15/07/2015 : I am from Croatia and I work in tourism. People are so happy when they come here. Our nature and history can take your breath away and you will always remember your visit to Croatia.I'm so happy to live here.
tia.I'm so happy to live here.
Isac (Swe) - 04/10/2015 : Hey!We are travelling to croatia in februari and we are going to travel with allot of camras. I think we will visit dubrovnik. Is it someone here that can help me find some good things to do there. I like sport and i love diving! Is that posible there? /Isac
Lera (Ukraine) - 31/05/2016 : I saw some photos from Croatia and I really like it

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