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Thematic clubs

This area is designed for kid, teens, students and teachers. But, we notice that most of our users are 10 to 15 years-old, particularly in fan clubs.
A club is a simplified forum in which messages are published in chronological order. Althrough some people use them for live talk, this is not a chat room, and published messages can stay inside for several days or several months (varies according to the number of messages).
Notice to bad-minded people
For security reasons, all messages are registered together with the authors' IP address. For each published message, then, we can (if necessary) find the precise author's identity from his IP address and date / time of his message.
Club titles
For security reasons - particularly to avoid being detected by some "bad-minded" search engines (it exists!) - some specific words (e.g.: webcam) cannot be used, and some others are automatically hidden (e.g.: boy, girl, kid...). And we will delete all club titles that may attract bad-minded people.
Club content (messages)
Each club is assigned to (at least) 1 moderator (manager). But in some cases, moderators may not be fully vigilant. So we have put in place an automated moderating system that deletes messages that contain unsuitable words. However,we cannot assure you the system is infaillible, and we cannot assure that very sensitive people will never be shocked by some of the messages.
We also have our Club Supervisor (Lee) who checks every club for Bad Minded Messages. So for more information, you can contact him.
We strongly recommend you don't include your address or phone number into your messages. Also, we recommend you don't include your e-mail address, because it would be collected very quickly by bad-minded people (risk = spam).
On the internet, you cannot easily verify the real identity and origin of people that publish messages. (e.g.: a bad-minded adult may try to pass himself off as a kid). So you must be vigilant and never give your address or phone number if you are not sure to know the real identity of your penpal.
We strongly recommend you NEVER reply to a message that offers a job, money or an invitation, because it's ALWAYS a swindle.

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