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Frequently Asked Questions

I am a new club manager, but I didn't get my password. Why ???
Probably because you made a mistake when you entered your e-mail address !
In the case of a new club, it will be automatically deleted after 2 days. Then, you will be able to re-create the same club. In the case of an already existing club, you can try to contact the actual managers ; maybe they will accept to give you the password !...
The password of my club doesn't work. Why ???
You probably mistake a figure for a letter. Do not mistake figures like 0, 1 for letters like o, i, l.
Why am I responsible for only 21 days ? What will happen after this 21-day period ?
That's just in the case you don't take care of your club... In that case, your club will be considered deserted, and any visitor will be able to become the new manager. In the case nobody is interested in your club, it will be automatically deleted.
So if you want to keep your club, please do not forget to enter your password regularly, in the "club manager keeper" area (left bottom page).
I have created a new club, and I would like to stay the only club manager. Is this possible ?
Yes it is. You only have to enter your password (at least) every 21 days in the "club manager keeper" area (left bottom page). This will prove that you are still there and that you still take care of your club.
I am a club manager. What are my responsibilities ?
You are in charge of the safety (or "cleanness") of your club. So if you abusive (bad-minded) messages (insults, racism, sex, webcams...) or even personal phone numbers, you have to remove them. You can also, if needed, delete all the club ("delete this club" button, in the right bottom page).
My club contains a bad-minded message. How can I remove it ?
Click on the little trashcan in the left side of the message. Then, you will have to enter the password to confirm.
If you need to delete a large number of messages that belong to the same people, the easiest way is to enter his name or number in the club manager area (right bottom page), then enter the password and click on Ok.
I am manager of a club, but I don't want to keep this responsibility. What must I do ?
You can give the passsword to someone else or just left your club... Then, any visitor will be able to register as the new manager after a few days.
I have just discovered a club including several abusive messages (insults, sex, racism...), and I would really like to remove them, or even delete the club, but I don't know the password. What can I do ?
Please, contact the manager(s) using the "email" button in the bottom page. If needed, you can also contact the webmaster (bottom page too).

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