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My self
My name is madushan. I am ten years old. My village is mawela. It is near to Damahana. My school is Balangoda damahana Maha Vidyalaya.It is in Damahana village. I am in grade six. My fatherís name is Mr. M.R. jayarathna. My motherís name is Mrs. Malani. I have a sister. Her Name is Ayesha. I have two pets.One is a cat. The other is a parrot. They are very beautiful . I love them.
My village
My villages name is Mawela. It is situated near to Damahana. There is a temple. Itís called Mavela temple. My village is a small rural one. It has a range of paddy field in the middle of village. So my village is a very beautiful one. I like my village. There is a beautiful jungle in side of our village. There are some wild animal in the jungle. Our villagers are groveing Tea, coconut and faddy in my village. There are a range of mountains near to my village.

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