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My name is I.P.Eshani. My School’s name is Balangoda Damahana Mahavid Maha Vidyala. I am in grade Six.
My Mother’s name is Mrs. G. pathmini. My father’s name is Mr. I. P. darmapala. My favorite color is pink. My favorite food is rice and curry. I am eleven years old. I can run. My future ambition is be a tearcher. I have no sisters and no brothers.
My village.
The name of village is Galahitigama which is situated to Balangoda town. It is a calm and clear village in Sri Lanka. There is a tea factory. At about five hundred peoples are live in my village. My village has large paddy field also. It is get more attractive to my village. It has one school. Many peoples are living with growing vegetables. I Like my village.
My pet
My pet is a Kitty. It is black and white color. It is very beautiful. Its favorite food is meeting. It likes to drink milk. It is run fast. It is play with me. It can catch the rat. It has a loan tail. I love my Pet.
My Country
My country’s name is Sri Lanka. It is a very small island in the Indian Ocean. But it is a very attractive country. There are very beautiful rivers, reservoirs,Mauntants and jungles. It has many rivers Mahaweli, Kaleni , Kalu and Walawe four rivers. Mahaweli is the longest river in my country.
My country’s president’s name is Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksha. There are nine provinces and twenty two districts in my country. Colonbo is the capital city of my country. The parliament is situated in Sri Jayawardanapura city.
My country’s grows Tea, Rubber and coconut.
Piduruthalagala is the highest mountain in my country.
I love my country.
Sinhala and Tamil new year festival.
The Sinhala and Tamil New Year is the national festival in Sri Lanka. The New Year is generally on the 13 or 14th of April every year. The Sinhalese and the Hindus celebrate it in different. When it has coming we buy new cloths, clean our houses etc… Firstly we look at the new moon as a traditional habit. There is an inauspicious time. At that time we go to the temples and get the benediction of the monk. After the inauspicious time come to the auspicious time. At that time we light the hearth, get the special meal and start the work for the New Year. We go to see folks and elders with full of hands gift and sweets.
As the children we have funny time and we enjoy in that time.
We receive new customs, toys, and sweets as the gifts. We play folk events in that time. It is a very pleasure time for us.

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