Virtual tour of the Chocolate Show of Evreux (France), March 2018
Chocolate works designed by great chocolatiers
pictures taken on March 10, 2018
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The Chocolate Show entrance

Halle des Expositions, Evreux

The official poster

The entrance

visitors' comments :

louise (France) - 2018-04-07 : J ai trop envie d en manger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kevin Karl Kalonje (Uganda) - 2018-06-04 : I wanna join u
Judith (Perú) - 2020-04-23 : El chocolate es uno de mis dulces preferidos. El mejor chocolate es el peruano, tiene varios premios.
Marcela (Colombia ) - 2020-05-26 : Me encanta el chocolate, es delicioso!!
Mona (France) - 2020-06-03 : Personne ne peux vivre sans chocolat, alors merci à ce salon du chocolat d'aider la vie à se developper! Soutenons le salon du chocolat, car le chocolat c'est la vie!!!

Stand 1: Chocolat Vranckoq (Belgian chocolate)

Chocolate eggs

visitors' comments :

shree (india) - 2020-12-24 : They look sooooo goood!!!

Stand 7: Chocolartiste (Chocolatier-Confectioner)

chocolat, candied fruits, chocolate spread

visitors' comments :

Stand 14: La Calche (catering chocolatier)

A very large stand

chocolate eggs and Works of art

A nice mountain of chocolate shoes

visitors' comments :

Jacques Bockel, chocolatier

Chocolate pencils

Chocolate eggs

visitors' comments :

louise (France) - 2018-04-07 : Je ve aller l bas tout de suite !!!!!!!!!!

Stand 19 : Les Ttes Choco

visitors' comments :

OmegaChoco (chocolaterie Berton)

Organic chocolate

visitors' comments :

Stand 26 : entre Bois et Vergers (jam & patisserie)

Homemade jams

visitors' comments :

Stand 31 : Le Matre Gourmet (nougats, chocolates, confectionery)

Nougat of Montelimar

visitors' comments :

Waffles (Belgian specialties)

Waffles from Lige

visitors' comments :

Stand 37: Les Dlices de Saint-Laurent

Biscuits & chocolate


Chocolate & fruit paste

visitors' comments :

Stand 38: Rody Chocolate

Chocolate plates

Mi-Cachocs (chocolate macaroons)

Nuts, coffee, pears, caramel

Mint, cherries, speculos, peanuts

Apple, cola, pistachio, chilli, pineapple

Salted butter, tea, strawberry, pear

Strawberry, cherry, raspberry, cappuccino

visitors' comments :

Stand 40: Pain d'pices et bouts de tissus

Artisanal products

visitors' comments :

Stand 41: Comptoir du Cacao


Fruit chocolate
from Africa, Oceania, South America


visitors' comments :

Stand 42: Aux Saveurs retrouves (Macarons)

visitors' comments :

Chocolat Lavenu

Chocolate objects

visitors' comments :

Stand 44: Petit Grandeur Chocolaterie

visitors' comments :

Stand du CFAIE (Centre de Formation d'Apprentis) de Val de Reuil

Chocolate art works

chocolate art works

visitors' comments :

Yeyun (Korea) - 2020-05-21 : My mouth is watering!!

view of entrance

general view


virtual tour of the Terroirs & Chocolate show, Evreux 2018
(c) Etudiants du Monde / Students of the World - 2018, March 10 (50 pictures)

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