VÍtement en chocolat - collection 2006

Les Bluebell Girls du Lido - Patrice Chapon

Visitor's comments

Jessie Smith (Australia) - 19/06/2007 : This dress is TASTY!
pheobe (USA) - 04/10/2007 : its pretty dress, but i woulnd't wear it. it could melt and then ppl or animals would attack you for the chocolate. im serious.sorry
Krisan (France) - 04/10/2007 : this is and ugly stripper dress that only an idiot would where. P.S. it would melt on you
Pheobe (USA) - 04/10/2007 : krisan aka kirsty its not. its really pretty and not a stripper dress. go hug a chocolate dres
Krisan (France) - 04/10/2007 : I hope you get attacked phobe you idoit it is so ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pheobe (USA) - 04/10/2007 : i hope you run into a bus, its kind of pretty. its nice that they made it but it is kinda stripper.
Pheobe (USA) - 04/10/2007 : Kidding girl. =]
Krisan (France) - 04/10/2007 : I hope I didn't offended you dressmaker!!! But seriously is a little stripper like.
Pheobe (USA) - 04/10/2007 : I agree it's a good fashion dress, but for parties, not really.

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12th European Chocolate Show, Paris 2006
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