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Harry Potter
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Harry Potter:
Harry was born July 31, 1980, to parents magicians. It remains an orphan at the age of 1 year, when Lord Voldemort killed his parents James and Lily Evans Potter, who sacrifice themselves to save his life. Because of the love of her mother, curse from Voldemort Harry's head bounces off (leaving a strange lightning-shaped scar) and destroying Voldemort himself. Little Harry is thus entrusted to uncles Petunia (Lily's sister) and Vernon Dursley, which did not welcome him with open arms treated him badly, denying him a happy childhood. Harry at the beginning does not understand what is happening around him: his hair, almost shaved, grow back during the night, to escape the tyranny of his cousin Dudley ends up on the roof of the school. The answer will come in its eleventh birthday: he's a magician, and, moreover, is the most famous magician of all times, because it is the only one who managed to survive with Lord Voldemort (as proven by the famous scar). During the journey to Hogwarts, he meets Ron Weasley, who became his first real friend, and Hermione Granger, another great friend of the boys (but it will come only when Ron and Harry saved her life). As for her private life, Harry has married Ginny Weasley, his great love from the sixth year of Hogwarts on, with whom he had three children: James Sirius (which gives the name of his father and his Godfather) who, as you can see, she inherited the character of the twin uncles: Fred (deceased) and George, Albus Severus said Al (which gives the names of two headmasters of Hogwarts), which is the only one with eyes Lily and inherits the character of Harry and Lily Luna (which gives the name of the mother and the friend Luna Lovegood) that resembles the character of the mother as eager to go to Hogwarts.

Hermione Jane Granger was born on September 19 in 1979 [1]. She has brown eyes and, in the first appearance, "bushy brown hair and rather large front teeth. " Many at the school made fun of his appearance, including, on one occasion, Professor Severus Snape. In the fourth episode of the saga is dealt a spell to make them grow out of his teeth, and let Madam Pomfrey bring them back to normal 'a bit more than necessary ", thus gaining a beautiful smile (the scene where Harry realizes it one discovers a fact never mentioned, that Hermione takes the braces is very studious, and can be authoritarian and at times overly fussy, is one of the most intelligent students of his year and among the best in the whole school . It is often teased for that too. Harry and Ron depend on her for school, since it is often corrects the two tasks, and his knowledge and common sense are always important results in overcoming the challenges they face.

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