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!!School Tips(with a few of my pointers)!!!(based on Ned's Declassified..) new tips added!!

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Tips
Tips for the first day of school!
Tip #1. Get a cool hairdo 2 weeks before school reopens.
Tip #2. Do it to avoid a last minute hairjob(you may be given a nickname for head)
Tip #3. Remember,September is still summer,so wear clothes that are suitable for hot
Tip #4. AVOID HEAVY COATS(don't wear fluffy coats)or you may end up like Cookie-a
Tip #5. For classes, use your electives to stay together with your best friends.
Tip #6. No class is ever full,all you have to do is get teacher approval.Be ready with a
good speech.
Tip #7. Be ready for surprises, DON'T PANIC.
Tip #8. And again,don't wear the fluffy coat!

Tips to Lockers!
Tip #1. Always keep your locker clean. It might attract unwanted guests(eg: weasels).
Tip #2. Since you'll be seeing them for the rest of the year, try making friends with your
locker neighbours.
Tip #3. If you're unsatisfied with your locker, you can always advertise for a locker
exchange.(try to get a locker away from Timmy Toot Toot).

How to make it on time to a class

Tip #1. Sit closest to the door for a fast getaway.You'll also avoid the post-bell door
Tip #2. Preset your first two lockers numbers so you can open your locker with the
classic one turn.
Tip #3. You could also try the fast walk(you'll look pretty stupid but it'll save you
valuable time)UNless you're up against a Sweeney.
School clubs

1 .Join a club to hang with friends.
2 .Be careful when you choose a club(avoid anything with the word 'Missy'
3 .If you don't like a club, quit and join another.
4 .You'll never know whether a club is nice or not till you try!
5 .If you don't like any of the clubs at your school, start your own club.
New semesters

1 .Make a to do list(new semester resolutions)on things you wanna do better.
2 .Try doing the stuff on the to do list ASAP.You'll feel good when you accomplish
3 .Try NOT to cross out stuff on your list like Ned,(he crossed out actually read homework assignments and do better in Science)( he has a point,I know)
Choosing electives

1 .If you're good at an elective, take it!
2 .Don't EVER let teasing stop you from pursuing an elective.
3 .Remember, you're sure to do great with a good teacher(like Mr.Monroe)
Tips for music class(tips by Aris) open to other types of music
2.keep trying until you find the right instrument

please do not steal this blog idea.
Pep Rallies (WOO!)

1 .Give out Peppy awards like Best Spirit award and others like that.
2 .Plan fun student-teacher games.
3 .Give away donated prizes for half-shots.
4 .Try getting together with other team captains who are making speeches for ideas for your speech.
Assistant/Vice Principles

1 .Tell the truth no matter how much it hurts.They'll love the honesty and make your punishment lighter.
2 .Vice Principals don't believe liars even when they're telling the truth for once.
How to survive Mondays

1 .Wear your favourite outfits on Mondays.

2 .Make Monday favourite lunch day.

3 .Plan something special on Mondays to look forward to(coconut head made Monday movie day)
Asking someone out

1 .Prepare before asking someone out, cause you might get the freeze.(freeze while or before asking the person out)
2 .You can always use a friend to ask the person you're interested in whether they want to go out with you.
3 .If that doesn't work, always use the direct approach.
4. Be ready for rejection, in case that person says NO.

1 .You can't(so don't)ignore math, it's everywhere.
2 .When you come across something difficult, be positive and tell yourself you can do it.
3 .If you don't understand a math question, ask your teacher questions straight away, don't wait.
4 .Start a study group(share the work/math evenly).
5 .Math is important(especially when you're trying to catch a weasel)
6 .Remember,without math, we are cavemen eating mud.

1 .Check out your school website to see what's for lunch.
2 .If it's something you don't like,(like pork butt)bring your own food from home.
3 .If you don't like the lunch packed for you, trade it!
4 .The rush happens when there's something nice for lunch, so go early to avoid it!
5 .Get in line for your friends who couldn't avoid the rush.
6 .No food? Make a pot-luck meal with your friends.

1 .Take neat, easy to read notes.
2 .Always write down what your teacher says, underline it if your teacher repeats it.
3 .Copy your notes in a second notebook, in case your first notebook gets lost so you can always refer to it
Upper classmen

1 .Don't get in the way of the 8th grade privillage.(forgive me if I spelt that wrongly)
2 .Try your best not to walk alone in dangerous places.Walk wih friends.
3 .Beware of upper polk traditions,and try not to break them.
Video Projects

1 .Keep your video short, time is limited.

2 .Get a jump start, start early.

3 .Quickly erase any embarassing shots(or you'll regret it for life)

4 .Always click the protector tabs on the tape to save your project.
Gross biology dissection

1 .Don't make fun of the squeemish(I'm not sure if I spelt that right either)kids cause you'll be next.

2 .Ask your teacher if you could do virtual dissection instead of the real thing(It's available online)

3 .If you really don't wanna do it, a note from your parent will get you out of it.

Tip #371 AYT
1. Ask your teacher about tutor options.

Tip #371 ANT
2. Don't be afraid to ask for a new tutor.

Tip #317 BEWR
3. Beware of tutors who do the work for you. They mean well, but you won't learn a thing.

Tip #370 DOR
1. Don't overeact to one failure.

Tip #370 TSD
2. If you're failing, try something different.

Tip # 370 STF
3. See your guidence counsellor and stop the failing.
Science Fair

1. You can find good experiments online.
2. Save time and money by using stuff around your house.
3. To avoid malfunctions, there's no need to be super ambitious because our science teachers only want to see us use the science method.

Tip#1- Keep a schedule, if you have to read a novel, calculate how many pages per day you have to read. 8-10 pages a day sounds alot less scary than a 220 page novel. :D
Tip#800 Kts- Online quick-notes can be very helpful, but they're no substitute for the real thing. There's no sense reading a book, if you don't understand it.
Tip#002.sbc- Start a book club, getting together with friends will help motivate you and make reading fun.

Tip# 370.GKP
Principals are the boss. So get to know your principal.
Tip# 371.TSSp
See the principal for teacher, student and school problems

Tip# 305.INWI
It's silly to look up to popular kids cause they're just like us.(maybe only better looking)
Tip# 305. YPIYT10
If you're not popular in THE top 10, chances are, you're popular in YOUR top 10!
Stressin' Out

Don't let the 'stress vision'(visions of bad stuff that you get when you're stressed)get the best of you, cos things are never as bad as they seem
If you think you might be over scheduled, lighten up and schedule some goof-off time.
Grades are in important in school, but be careful not to miss out on the important things in life.
&1tU>School Records

Tip # 364.PRFU
Don't forget, your permanent record follows you to high school

Tip # 364.DGT
When you do good things, good things can happen to you.

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