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Coming Sometime arond August or Early September

TCG in India!!! Coming Soon(july)

click hereto watch this boy "get down"

Go to my other site about school survival by searching

These converse will have every body jealous!!

Happy New Year 2008 BaBY

Good job rihanna you won your first grammy ++++you have your babi chris brown to share it with! good 4 u gurl

visit my other site..Ned's Declassified Tips for School

You'll never be unprepared for school!!!

Then you can take time to visit
Today's Hottest Stars
OMG there's gonna be a Cheetah Girls 3
Without Raven!


This is so cute

If You Like Hannah Montanna....
Click Here}To Go Play Games

Anyhoo hey guys HSM3 coming soon!
filming begins jan.2008
If you like this site email me!!!

Your a mean one, Mr.Grinch your hearts an empty spine...

My Lip Golss is POPPIn

I made this at

It's really fun!!

Ciara the Evolution

My FAV movie so far- This Christmas

DREAMGIRLS with eddie murphy; beyonce; and oscar winning jamie fox and jennifer hudson

BABY Sista sooo cute

Everyone says i looke like her

Take a moment please.....

Hilary ~~she has been bad talking the following~

Miley Cyrus~Lindsay Lohan~and many more (i 4got da rest)


DAY 26 (B@bi)

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