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Warrior cats rule

Hey well, welcome to my website. This is the Warrior Cat Fan website where you can just check out the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Here you will find inormation about Warriors: The new Phohecy, Warriors, and the Magna Collection. Have fun and, make sure you Warrior fans leave an opinion in my guest book! Make sure you obay the Warrior Code!

The first book is Warriors Into the wild. Bluestar is in control at this time and there was a new prophecy. Fire Alone Will Save Our Clan. A new kittypet is found, named Rusty. The cat was one of the most miraculus cat BlueStar has ever saw until he groomed himself. Read more in Warriors: Into The Wild.
Recomened reading! I enjoy this book so I hope you do too!

The first book of Warriors: The New Phrohecy:Midnight is about how Brambleclaw gets a message from StarClan along with cats from other clans. Squirelpaw follows him and gets in trouble with her mentor. Read more in Warriors: the New Phrohecy: Midnight!
Recomened Reading! Very interesting part of the series. I read this part first!
Warriors (Magna) Graystripe gets kidnapped by twolegs, tring to rescue his clan mates. Then he meets a cat called Millie. Read more in Warriors: the warriors refuge!
Warriors (Magna) The story of Scrouge. It all starts when Scrouge was a baby. His name was Tiny. Tiny's sister and brother didn't like to play with him. When they go outside Tiny sneaks out a hole in the fence. Then he meet Tigerstar. Tigerstar ripped off Tiny's collar. Read more in Warriors: Scrouge's Story!
Well that is it for now! See you! Leave a message for me! Oh and also, StarClan is watching over you!

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