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Hey! I love Mew Mew Power so much that I cant even tell you! I begged my mom for a Ebay acount so I can buy Mew Mew Power stuff! She broke down the 1,000 time I asked her. I think I should be doing my math homework instead of blogging about this great anime, but math can wait. I need 40 more problems..This is going to be a long night. Anyway Let Me start you off with the cool pepole in Mew Mew Power!

Zoey is what they use as the english name. Ichigo is what they use for the Japan way. Ichigo is japanese for "strawberry." She is in love with her boyfriend, Mark/Masha. She is the leader and has the DNA of a cat mixed in her body! What a handfull! Oh and she is like my favriote out of everyone!

Meet Corina! She's a rich sarcastic hipster who totally thinks Renee/Zakuro is amazing! Corinas name in Japan is Mint. She has the DNA of a bird. Tweet, Tweet! Her main hobby is proably dancing as a ballerina. On stage in front of hundreds of pepole.

Ladies and gentle men, please give a warm wellcome to Bridget! She is very quiet at times, but has a loving fun girl inside of her wanting to break free! 3 girls named Becky, Becky, and Becky love to make Bridget their servent. But soon Bridget stands up to the three evil clones. In Japan they call her Lettuce, I have no idea why the creator wanted to name all her charthers after food... She also has DNA of a fish in her.

This is one hyper little girl! Kiki! Can you guess what they call her in japan? Pudding! Another food named girl. OK, this girl is a total clown! Her main hobby is doing circus tricks in the park and waiting for her viewers to tip her. HA-HA! She has the DNA of a monkey, perfect for a wild child. Did I tell you she also likes an allien named Tart?

Renee is her name. She is a model, who is a lone wolf. Speaking of wolf, her DNA is mixed with a wolf. Through out the anime she learns that its better to have a team, and a couple of friends. Zakuro is her name in Japan. My friend Skye loves Renee! She has a million pictures of her as I do of Zoey!

Meet Berry who is only in the hit comic books. They didnt include her in the TV show, but oh well. Berry has her DNA mixed with 2 animals a bunny and a cat! 2 of my friends like Berry wich is a bumer for me and cause I made a fan club and for everyone to be a charcther and maybe do a silly cosplay. but they started arguing about who wants to be berry! So anyway berry is only included in A LA MODE. wich is 2 books. I have read all the books and watched all the episodes. You can watch them on youtube. Berry's love life includes her nebighorhood friend, Tasuko.

Meet the guys! The first guy is Mark/Masha, he's really into the enviroment...and Zoey! Little does he know that he also has 2 completley diffrent pepole living in his body!
#2 is Elliot/Ryou. He can be a total pain in the but sometimes at the end he's really a nice guy! He is the leader of the Mew project and the owner of Cafe Mew Mew. He falls for Zoey but ends up loving the sweet hearted girl Bridget! Mark/Masha on top.

Elliot/Ryou, on top.
Meet the alliens! Dren/Kisshu, Pie, and Tart. They invade earth to make it their home and to destroy the human race. How sweet. I am a huge fan of Dren for some reason. dont ask why. Well Dren falls for zoey, but zoey likes mark, but mark thinks that zoey doesnt like her in the third comic book, and tart loves kiki but has no idea, and pudding loves tart but only says their friends. elliot falls for zoey, but ends up liking bridget who used to like this guy in college, but he had a crush on the librain who used to be his classmate.Am i forgetting anything?? Oh and Zoeys dad goes weirdo when he see's mark and zoey together... Overprotective much? As you can see alot of love in this anime.

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