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the #1 best movie

This is a great movie so i recomend you try it
its called ''Back to the future'' it a funny
and Awesome movie! so if your looking for a
movie to watch rent or buy Back to the future

Back to the future
Have you wached it
if you have tell
me what you think
if not What is your
Favorite movie?

This is my Favorite picture of the
Main characters!!!

The cast of Back to the future

Marty Mcfly: Michal J fox
Doctor Emmett Brown: Christopher lloyed
Lorrine Bains: Lea Thompson
Goerge Mcfly: Crispen GloverJeffery Wessiman
Biff tannen: Thomas f Wilson
Jenifer Parker: Claudia WellsElizibeth Shu
Mr Strickland: James tolken

Cast reunion

Doctor Emmett Brown hanging from the hill vally clock tower

Biff tannen(thomas f Wilson) And George Mcfly(Crispen glover)
Vist backtalk for more information

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the #1 best movie (Cinema, TV)    -    Author : Milly - Australia

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