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This is Miley Cyrus her real name is Destiny Hope Cyrus her dad calls her Miley because she is always smiley.
I think she is really good as a singer and actress.
Her dad is country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

This is one of my favourite actresses she is called Hilary Duff. I think she is really pretty. She is a really good singer and a really good actress.

Looks like Vanessa and Ashley both share a friend. I hope they don't fight over Miley, we think all of them should be best friends. And guess what they all are.

Look who's hagin out. It's Miley Cyrus and Vanessa Anne Hudgens. They look like the best of friends don't they.


This is Ashley Tisdale she is another of my favourite actresses. She plays Maddie in the Suite Life of zack and Cody and she plays Sharpay in High School Musical.

This is a picture of the Cheetah Girls, they are a girl band and they have made two movies Cheetah Girls 1&2.

This is the cast of High School Musical the best film eva. have u seen it.

This is another one of my favourite shows, it is about two twins living in a hotel.

This is one of the girls who is in Phil of the Future and she is with her sister in this picture.

This is one of my favourite programmes on Disney Channel, it is called Phil of the Future. It is about this family who have come from the future and all the things they get up to.

Adam Lamberg plays Gordo in the show.

This is a programme called Lizzie McGuire it has Hilary Duff in it. She was working with a lot of people in the show.

This is the film that Haylie and Hilary starred in together.

This is Hilary Duff's sister Haylie.

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