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**CS+DS and other hot ppl!*

zac effron

o ya by the way zac effron is awesome 2 but hes not as hot as he is now in that picture
our absolutly, positivley, wonderful site!... a lot of people are working hard on maken this site hope u like

o ya dude


we're the crazy people that will do anything to meet them and... by the way we're their number one fans and stuff and so...well don't say u r because we love them so so so much...

ok ya ashley tisdale pretty awesome 2 and stuff

theres a rumor going around my brothers school that im going out w/ cole ha i luv it!!!
cole and dylan are sooooooo hot and we would do anything to meet them! ANYTHING!!!!!!!

my teacher says were not allowed 2 say sux or hot so we say "cole probably says 2 himself o it sux 2 be hot"
0MG! I can't believe that the sprouse bros are even real! they are sooooo hot it's not even kind!!!!

nice huh?


in this it 1 of 'em looks like my best friends boyfriend lol
omg just look at him!!!

1 word... wow!!!
omg just look at him!

#1 fan!! o ya thats me!!!!

ha ha

this one i think is just plain old amazing!!!! ha lol ( tru side)

dont' worry guys its just hay not a drug

i really think there the happeist ppl on earth


ok this is a nice picture...

have u ever heard the old thing ppl used 2 say that goes the best pictures are the most surprising ones... yea well for cole and dylan every picture of them is totally wicked

o this is Paul Butcher he plays Dustin on zoey101 i luv him hes so cute!

ok this may not be the best lots of pictures ever but they still rock my sox

this is taylor lautner he plays eliot mertough in cheaper by the dozen 2hes so cute


ricky ullman rox hes not as hot as taylor
yea well even though right now its not the end of our site the makers are 5 gurls that luv them 2 death so yea

Brad Pitt!

enough said!

the only thing i think of when i c this picture was hey sweet thang lol

( don't 4get 2 scroll over please )


dude hes hot lol

AKA orlando bloom

yea they r all of ours

ok ya i really totally wish i was her rite now but that every one loved me instead of hated me like every one hates her ( sry if u like her and stuff but i mean if u like cole to you really cant lik 'em both so ya pick one! )

dude thats like one of the best pictures i have of him don't u think so?

o ya
hey were all really totally syco people that will enter in every contest we know of that involves us meeting them and we enter in every1 a lot of times and stuff so dont even bother when we win well put it on here cuz we really wanna win u know so ya like i said dont even bother

hey our names r
emily lauren lauren lauren rosemary and crystal ( and ya there r 3 laurens)
were all 12 and all have a chance w/ cole

main maker of this site was emily cuz i added all of the glittermaker stuff and all of the pictures and stuff

i liked maken it and everything it was really cool and ill b maken another 1 w/ them 2 and itll have mainley posters and ill tell u guys if its it and stuff


just sayen... you don't even know how much ha lol

by the way plz e-mail me!!

i luv this darn site it totally rox

OMG hes so fine!!! ha lol im so totally not lien

WE DONT REALLY LIKE ALLYOSN STONER CUZ SHE WENT OUT W/ COLE!!! but they broke up b/c of the episode of TSL where dylan and alyson kissed and dylans just like omg shes such a good kisser and then cole said 2 alyson... lets just be friends! ( harsch huh? )

ok yea and stuff... if you have seen the movie bad news bears this is tanner!!

to me im nice lol ok well ya we all luv cole and dylan but cole is a lil bit better 2 us we all have the same amount of chance of going out with them and stuff and so one of us will be first and youll b last got it ( back off there all 4 us lol )( true side)

ya ok guyz this is our new guest book just e-mail me and say wat u wanna say and ill put it up here ( dont care wat u say)( nothen bad on our site )

1. from Mallory U.S.A-I love everything about this site. you guys r my r so everyone on the site. very good job you.

2. brandon U.S.A-this thing...i dont no its kinda weird because it talks about one person.

3. From Lauren (USA) : OMG HEY! lol its Lauren(one of the five involed in this site) and i LOVE Cole and Dylan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and all the otha guys in here

4.Hey there you sexy beasts! your site is pretty sweet! lots of nice (HOT)pics lol. umm some are actually a little ugly(tanner?) ok but the rest were awsome! lol richie now i see the picture in its real form. Your face looks a lot better in there tho. lol. ttyl ppl! Most likely at school!!!

Love all of ya!
5.From Calvin, 65 yrs (Switzerland) : sometimes cows will go moo Rite now i love all of you!

Thanx E-mail me!

REMEMBER!!!...-we want the truth!!!
but dont send us weird stuff!!

by the way we love it when you read our site and stuff so yakeep readen it and stuff ya

i wish cole would give me a rose!!

my other site w/ my bff kate is Alexis Bledel my idol

ok... i have my other site 2 **c+d sprouse and other hot people 2**

no link sry guys

E-mail me if u wanna steel pictures by the way i will know if u stole 'em right know i know of 1 person but its kk 4 them they rock

didja know?!



thank you soo much for visiting our site i like the pictures so if u want me 2 put more words or pictures on please c our forum and put it on thanx we love you all!


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